No Filipino Christmas Songs For Me

As much as I’d like to listen to Philippine Christmas Carols, I am trying very hard not to hear or listen to any of it although it will take my spirit to how my country celebrates Christmas. I am avoiding it because it makes me homesick, it makes my mind go crazy. When homesickness kicks in, I know I wouldn’t be happy because the only cure for it is costly.  Going home, that is!

I do listen to Christmas songs here or even in my car going to and from home and work but it’s the American version that I choose to hear. They don’t stir my emotion, instead they cheer me up and makes look forward to Christmas, the American way. Children will decorate cookies on Christmas eve and opening of presents early morning on Christmas day. That has been our tradition since Jadyn was two or three years old. Hoping that it will continue in the years to come so they will have a memory of how the Sanborns celebrate Christmas and they will pass it on to their kids someday.


Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Everyone knows what a good guitar pickup is when they’ve been using it for a long while. One can only say what’s the best if it does more than what he or she expected to create a good music. To find which best acoustic guitar pickup for you, I would suggest you’ll look around, browse different websites and see if you can compare prices and or get a great deal especially around this time of the year when almost all online stores are giving massive discounts on everything.

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I am anxious for Friday to come. That is the only time I can get off work early and go to Apple store and pick up that very thing I bought on my own sweat and labor. It is something some people already have and is not new to others.

It’s something that I would be proud carrying/using because I know that the money I paid for it did not come free. Two weeks of working in hard labor is how much this thing cost me. So I must be proud that for the first time I am able to afford my “want” and not obliging my husband to by me this gadget.

Friday can’t come fast enough…

Snare Drums for Sale in Good Condition

Anybody who is in the marching band or any performing band looking for a good used condition snare drums, I would recommend to check out Guitar Center vintage ludwig drums. Prices from different sellers vary. Als right now, the entire website is having a count down to Black Friday sale which means that there are deals in every department.

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A Few Things to Understand About an Uncontested Divorce in Texas

You and your spouse can file for an uncontested divorce in the state of Texas. This can save both time and money, but you must first understand the answer to the question what is an uncontested divorce texas. The following is a quick explanation, and a few things you need to know about this procedure.

Not everyone qualifies
Obviously, neither one of you should be contesting property dispersion or other assets you may share. However, if you have real estate in both of your names or a shared retirement account, you won’t qualify for an uncontested divorce. Neither can you be going through a bankruptcy. Neither can you and your spouse have any minor children. Other than this, everything must be agreed upon in advance. The state of Texas also has residency requirements for divorce. Both you and your spouse must have resided in the state of Texas for at least six months. In addition, both of you must have lived in the county that you file for divorce in for at least three months.

There are certain required forms that must be filled out in order to be granted a divorce. Some of these forms are necessary wherever in Texas you reside, but there are forms that are specific to the county that you live in. There are websites that you can find these forms, and then download them for printing. You can also get these forms at your local court house. This latter option is often a good idea because you are assured of getting the necessary forms for your county.

Getting assistance
Even when a couple agrees on everything ahead of time, there is still the issue of filling out the paperwork properly, and then filing the forms properly. Although the process is simple to an attorney, it can be a bit intimidating for the non-lawyer. There are a few things you can do for assistance in the process. There are para-legals that can provide you with help. They are not attorneys, and can not provide you with any legal advice, but they do understand how to fill out the paperwork and can be valuable during an uncontested divorce.

A do-it-yourself uncontested divorce is not for everybody, but if you and your spouse are on good speaking terms and are able to agree on everything, it may be a good path to take. You will save a lot of money, and the process will go quickly.

Glenn Rhee is Dead in Season 7, Daughter is not Happy

We are way behind with The Walking Dead. We only watch it on Netflix for we don’t have cable or satellite subscriptions. Right now, we are in Season 6 and a lot of bloody scenes are already seen but nothing like Glenn being dead just like some of the spoilers in my Facebook list have said. They are up-to-date when it comes to watching episodes of this show and so when there are big scenes or exciting, emotional happenings in each episode, they’ll be screaming for it on Facebook and that is how I know that the Korean sweetie is dead.

My 8-year old daughter’s favorite character in Walking Dead is Glenn Rhee or Steven Yeun. And she is not happy to know that she won’t be able to see Glenn much longer when we start the next season. Of all the characters, why would they terminate Glenn so early?

 photo glenn_zpstsimmn2y.jpg

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The Highest Swag Bucks Points I Earned Through Searches

Today looks like my lucky day for earning points on Swagbucks. I did my usual searches and voila! I did not expect it to be this high. This is the highest points I have ever earned since I started doing Swagbucks. Wow, I love it. It is still early here as of writing this post yet, I am past my daily goal.

As you know, SB enables you to do a lot of activities in order to earn points. Later on, when you accumulate enough points, you can then withdraw it be turned into monetary unit. I often wait until all my points reach to 50000 which is equivalent to $50. It usually takes me two months to reach to that points or depending how hard I work each day. But anyway, whenever I am on my computer, I will just play the videos and do some other things, little did I know, my points are accumulating.

If you want to start earning points on Swagbucks, please register here, start working your way by navigating through the page.

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Professional Studio Experience

In everything we do, we put so much effort into it especially if this is something we really want to do and make a career. Same goes with music, if you are a musician, you got to have that talent, skill and most of all the right instrument to get you going. With that being said, the best instrument need not be brand new or expensive. One of these is firewire audio interface

The Focusrite Saffire FireWire Audio Interface fuses state-of-the-art hardware with highly integrated software to take audio interfacing one giant step closer to the professional studio experience with onboard DSP and 24-bit/192kHz processing.

Why President Rodrigo Duterte has 91% Support of Filipinos! A Must-Read

Sad to know that people in other countries condemn our new Philippine President because they only believe what the bias media is reported while in fact, they have little to no knowledge of what is really going on in our home country, the Philippines.

They go out there, holding placards calling Duterte as a “mass murderer” while they simply haven’t set foot on the Philippine soil and witness how drugs are destroying lives of Filipinos. Here you go people, I DARE YOU TO READ THIS RANDOM SCENARIO posted on Facebook so you can get an idea what our beloved President has done to our country in just a short period of his presidency!

Here’s a random scenario from abroad.

American talks to his Filipino friend: Hey Felicia. I’m sorry to hear about what’s going on in your country right now. Hope your family is okay.
Pinay: Why what’s wrong?
Kano: Haven’t you read the news? There’s been a lot of killings going on. The elected President is running the country with his reign of terror. They say he is a mass murderer and he is committing genocide.
Pinay: Oh, you mean the killings? Those are legitimate police operations. Those were criminals and drug peddlers killed because they resisted arrest. Wow! Genocide? That’s like killing 6 million in a holocaust. That’s just too much. Don’t believe that. My family has never been better. In fact, this is the happiest they’ve been since the new President took office.
Kano: Really? Why so?
Pinay: Yeah. Because change has come. Just barely two months and he’s done so much. Did you know that we already have 911 emergency response? 600,000 drug addicts and peddlers voluntarily surrendered for rehabilitation. More than 10 mining firms closed down because of illegal operations. They’re making the country self-sufficient in producing rice. Stranded OFWs were rescued in Saudi Arabia. The railway transit is being repaired and is much more efficient now. The President goes after the drug lords and corrupt politicians. The government is engaging with peace talks with the rebels. They’re hunting down the terrorist group down south. Crime has gone down 49%. It’s so much safer to walk the streets now.
Kano: Wow! For real? I haven’t read those in the news.
Pinay: Yes. Because media outlets here only report the negative ones. Most media corporations in the Philippines are owned by oligarchs. That’s why they try to bring down the President because they are scared of him.
Kano: Thanks for telling me this. No wonder Filipinos always have good things to say about your new President.
Pinay: That’s right. For the first time in my life, I’ve seen a President that we can really trust. He has the approval of 91% of the Filipinos. Oh, and by the way. Don’t believe that it’s chaotic in the Philippines. We will be hosting the next Miss Universe and you can go and visit.
Kano: That would be lovely!
The point is. No matter how they destroy Duterte in the international community, there will always be a Filipino who will defend him and tell the truth.


Labor Day Sale Stars Now, View Website

If there is anything on your mind right now that you need to buy, now is a good time for it especially for musical instruments because, woodwind and brasswind’s Labor Day sale starts now, view website. Check out their Labor Day woodwind specials for over 30% off or 15% off their website. Plenty of stuff look at you don’t want to miss. Anything are you in search of like trombones, saxophones, flutes, clarinets, trumpets and a whole lot more are available on their site.

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