Equipment Necessities When Fishing in Texas

Fishing in Texas is a lot of fun, but you’re only going to get the most out of it if you have the right equipment. The fishing environment in Texas requires you to use specific types of gear, so you need to pack the right stuff before your next fishing adventure. Here are some tips.

How to Choose a Fishing Rod

The best fishing rods state the lure weight rating, length, line recommendation and action listing, giving you an idea of how to use it. Those for saltwater fishing rods are classified as medium heavy, medium or medium light. For most Texas fishing, any of the three medium types will help you catch trout, redfish and other fish.

Baitcast Gear

Baitcast reels are very effective for Texas fishing, in particular, catching bass. These are also suitable for aggressive fish and notable for their accuracy. One drawback with these reels is the backlash, so practice first before tackling any large fish.

Spinning Reels and Rods

These are also widely used by freshwater and saltwater anglers in Texas. These are ideal for beginners because they can handle different lure weights. There is no backlash with spinning rods, and the learning curve is short. Some anglers prefer baitcast over spinning cast while others like it the other way, it’s up to you.

Lures and Baits

If you want to go with live baits, worms are your best option. They’re easy to get and attract a lot of different fish. You can also try shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans to lure the bigger fish. If you’re going after large fish, any small fish will also serve as good bait. This is probably the easiest option and one that’s tried and tested by anglers everywhere.

As for artificial lures, these are the best options:

  • Plastics: they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and simulate stuff fish consume.
  • Plugs: they’re known to attract fish along the Texas coast.
  • Top waters: you should bring a few of these to catch flounder, reds, and trout.

Other artificial lures that you may want to try are tied jigs, buck tail jigs, swimbaits, corky lures, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Crankbaits are particularly effective when it comes to luring bass.

Extra Lines

Sooner or later your fishing line is going to break, so bring along a few extra lines. When it comes to fishing lines, get the most durable you can afford.


Stack up on hooks of different sizes and shapes. The J-hook is the most common, but there are others available. Hook sizes range from 32 (the smallest) to 19/0. Make sure you use the right hook size for the fish you’re going after. You’ll also want to have a few bobbers, sinkers and needle nose pliers to remove the hooks.


Last but not the least, don’t forget to bring a first aid kit. It’s unlikely you’re going to suffer any serious injury, but it’s better to be safe. And if you’re having trouble finding a good spot, don’t hesitate to ask the locals as they’ll be happy to help.

5 Important Decisions To Make Once You’re Pregnant

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It’s a beautiful feeling to finally hold your baby in your arms after nine long months. It is a feeling that cannot be adequately put into words – It’s just awesome.

There is so much to get done from day one and your probably on the edge of freaking out, you’ve got a thousand questions running through your mind, but generally, a lot of mothers like you want to make sure the journey is a smooth one and their babies come out safe and healthy.

So here are 3 important tips to keep in mind as you get ready for your baby’s arrival.

Tip #1

Do remember to make a prenatal appointment – Usually, the first appointment is set up around the 8th week of pregnancy. You will want to go to that appointment with enough information about your medical history; this is so the doctor can plan for any complications that may occur during the pregnancy.

Tip #2

Quit alcohol, smoking and ease up on the caffeine – These substances can harm the development of your baby. While you’re at it, remember to make a list of medications you are currently on and relay this information to a doctor. The doctor will let you know which ones are safe for your baby.

Tip #3

Enroll in a childbirth education class

Tip #4

Stay away from all forms of strenuous activities and contact sports.

Tip #5

Eat well! Pregnant women require additional nutrients daily as the baby relies on its mother to survive; to help you out, here’s a useful infographic on nutrition for pregnant women.

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Vintage Weighing Scale with Free Fortune Reading

My memory is still good that I still remember this vintage weighing scale with free fortune reading when you insert coins in it. I was in my elementary years if I’m not mistaken when I tried using this machine. It was my first and last try and never did I see this being out or displayed anywhere else in the Philippines.

During that time, I did not care much how much I weighed. I was more into knowing what my fortune was gonna be.

And one time on my first born’s birthday, I did not expect it to see in a an old skating rink called Silver Wheel in White Settlement, I understood why the Skating Rink has this machine, because their business have been around since the 50’s, the building is not appealing from the outside, inside smells like old and the skating shoes are also vintage. My daughter asked me what it was and so I explained it to her and that this machine is very old. It kind of brought a smile on my face because of the memory I had with it when I was little.

 photo vintage1_zpsylue6fur.jpg

 photo vintage1_zpsylue6fur.jpg

DJ Controller

The DDJ-SX2 is one of the industry’s first controllers or what they call pioneer controller to give DJs dedicated control of the new Serato Flip functions within Serato DJ. Serato Flip is an expansion pack for Serato DJ that gives DJs the power to record and re-play hot cue sequences on the fly. For just under $1000, you’ll get yourself this light-weight, durable and versatile dj controller plus a free 2-day standard ground shipping. Also has 5 star reviews.

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Download Guitar Center App

Almost all people around the globe nowadays use different gadgets, one of which that is very common is the cellphone. One cannot live without it, I must admit for I am one of those who constantly flipping and touching the screen of my cellphone.

With that being said, everything nowadays is easy right at our fingertips, whether it be watching movies, playing games, playing music, connecting with friends from afar and most of all visiting your favorite website on your mobile. Just download the app and you’re good to go. If you love shopping at guitar center, please download guitar center app here.

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For the Gamer in Our House

These are the video games that my children received on Christmas. We just upgraded our PS3 to PS4 and so the husband had to buy them new games too. I hope the children won’t read this because they somehow still believe that Santa dropped off all the presents last night.

But anyway, Call of Duty game is something my first born could play and finish the entire game in no time for she likes to play a lot if I let her. She had an older version of this game and guess what? She finished the entire thing. Currently she is trying out the Plants VS Zombies, so far she is liking it and not letting her sister play with her. Nice, not nice!

 photo games_zpsiazisfvv.jpg

No Filipino Christmas Songs For Me

As much as I’d like to listen to Philippine Christmas Carols, I am trying very hard not to hear or listen to any of it although it will take my spirit to how my country celebrates Christmas. I am avoiding it because it makes me homesick, it makes my mind go crazy. When homesickness kicks in, I know I wouldn’t be happy because the only cure for it is costly.  Going home, that is!

I do listen to Christmas songs here or even in my car going to and from home and work but it’s the American version that I choose to hear. They don’t stir my emotion, instead they cheer me up and makes look forward to Christmas, the American way. Children will decorate cookies on Christmas eve and opening of presents early morning on Christmas day. That has been our tradition since Jadyn was two or three years old. Hoping that it will continue in the years to come so they will have a memory of how the Sanborns celebrate Christmas and they will pass it on to their kids someday.


Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Everyone knows what a good guitar pickup is when they’ve been using it for a long while. One can only say what’s the best if it does more than what he or she expected to create a good music. To find which best acoustic guitar pickup for you, I would suggest you’ll look around, browse different websites and see if you can compare prices and or get a great deal especially around this time of the year when almost all online stores are giving massive discounts on everything.

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I am anxious for Friday to come. That is the only time I can get off work early and go to Apple store and pick up that very thing I bought on my own sweat and labor. It is something some people already have and is not new to others.

It’s something that I would be proud carrying/using because I know that the money I paid for it did not come free. Two weeks of working in hard labor is how much this thing cost me. So I must be proud that for the first time I am able to afford my “want” and not obliging my husband to by me this gadget.

Friday can’t come fast enough…

Snare Drums for Sale in Good Condition

Anybody who is in the marching band or any performing band looking for a good used condition snare drums, I would recommend to check out Guitar Center vintage ludwig drums. Prices from different sellers vary. Als right now, the entire website is having a count down to Black Friday sale which means that there are deals in every department.

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