Fishing is to Kill Time in the Country

I was amazed how some people who live in the country are so laid-back and just finding ways to kill their time. The day we arrived in Avery for a short weekend getaway, one of our friend’s neighbors gone fishing to his bigger pond. I asked the friend why he bothers fishing and releasing the fish when he caught one, he said that he does not allow for the fish to be eaten. There are not too many of them in the pond yet, that’s why.

So, back to this neighbor of his, he just go fishing in his property to kill time. You know, when in the country the hours seem longer and you just have to find something to do to entertain yourself.

Fishing is just one of the many entertainments my children can do when in Avery. It is therapeutic at the same time fulfilling when we catch a fish. It also allows them to appreciate nature, breathe that fresh air and feel the cool temperature on our skin.

 photo fishing_zps72meeq6o.jpg

Vail Summer Vacation

Everybody is so excited about the most loved season of the year, Summer. This is the time of year when family usually take a vacation as far as they can go, people who work hard and take days off just so they can unwind and relax and be with their family. Summer, oh Summer.

There is only one thing we think about Summer, soaking in the pool or at the beach. Whichever the people decide to do as long as it can make them happy so be it. If you haven’t decided where to go this Summer yet, you may choose to go to
vail summer vacation. This place is perfect for the entire family to do hiking,biking or just enjoying the beauty of nature. If you think this interests you, please visit the link here and it should direct you to the site’s awesome vacation packages and services pages.

I am just one lucky gal to be where I want to be right now. I am in the Philippines right now and yes it is Summer here and I honestly is feeling the heat. Despite of that, I am still enjoying here with family. The kids are having so much fun playing with other kids and my little siblings. What more can I ask for?

Rental Homes in Fayetteville, NC

I have this impression about North Carolina’s beautiful long sandy beaches and a pleasant place to live. If I were given a chance to go on vacation within the United States, North Carolina will be on top of the list. I heard so much about it and therefore, I want to visit the place myself. There are so many rental homes in fayetteville nc available so staying there for a while would not be a problem.

How about you guys, where would you go if you were to go on a vacation? Would you choose to go to the beach where you can soak your body in the sea water or get sun tanning?

Myrtle Beach And Waterpark

It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes! I’m just singing and while I do that, I am thinking of nothing else but Myrtle Beach. You know when we speak of Myrtle Beach, the very first thing we think about is long sandy beaches, right? Do you know water parks are also available at Myrtle Beach? Well, it is great! You have two options, either you go to the seawater and enjoy the crashing waves or swim in the big blue pool. Whichever you choose, I hope you make the most of your vacation.

Someone in this dark little corner here is imagining she can be on the beach right now …and that would be me! It is awful. We don’t have a pool in our backyard and the drive to the beach from where we live is five hours away. Where else can I go but in our tub, laugh out loud!

Everybody Deserves To Have A Vacation

Have you spent so much time working and not having a time to relax and go on a vacation? Why not take a week or two and bring the whole family somewhere they love? How about going to Florida and enjoy the sun and the long white sandy beaches? You can search for OrlandoVacation Homes while you are yet to decide whether you are going to do it sooner or months from now. Anyway, staying at vacation could save you some money instead of staying at hotels where you are charged at everyday rates.

Vacation In Mexico

I heard one of my online buddies she and her husband are going for a week-long vacation to Chiapas, Mexico. Coincidence at it was, I was looking at the Best Hotel at Tapachula, Chiapas, MEXICO that is when she popped up on my yahoo messenger and asked me about a hotel to stay at the same place in Mexico since they are going to have their vacation 3 weeks from now. Oh yeah, I then told her to visit their site to find the best hotel in that place. I’m going to ask her again if she was able to book a hotel room for two so they’ll be good to go.

Definitely Bisdak

Jadyn is definitely bisdak. American babies don’t normally do this, my girl does. Eating with bare hands or dipping them in a vinegar and sauce is simply one of the Filipino traits. She sees the difference eating between using a spoon and bare hands. I can see how she loved it, I can tell by the way she looked in the pictures below. And yes, many of you agree that eating bare hands can make the foods taste better, finger licking good afterwards!

The Mango

I got a chance to get to the river at my grandma’s place during our latest trip to her place just this weekend. This is the big ancient mango tree that my late grandpa was taking care of for many years. When he died last February of 2010, I dreamed about this place. That time I didn’t know he was already gone and I dreamed this mango tree has a small island or space of land underneath it where beautiful hybrid tea roses in red color were planted. I thought that was odd of a dream like that. And then when I woke up in the morning I received a bad news about grandpa being gone.

Been A While

I must have been busy because of the gap of the time period I posted something in this blog. Too many things to do that is why and besides I am pregnant, I feel kind of lazy especially during the mornings and afternoons. Internet is the last thing to do in my mind. All I want to do is get the errands done, lay in bed all day long if possible and take care of my big Princess.
If there are no opportunities, I wouldn’t bother updating or writing something in my blogs which is very unusual for me to do. Back in the US, I wouldn’t let my blogs go dormant for days. Anyways, I can’t wait to go back where my husband is. I miss him so very much and I am getting tired of this rainy and humid weather here. I got two and a half weeks to go and I will be home in a lonely and quiet environment.


I am lucky I am having my “pangala or paglilihi” here in the Philippines where I can just eat all the foods I want to eat. I also have my mother that don’t hesitate to cook me the food I want to eat right away just like at this moment. I told her earlier I wanna eat some “bihon or vermecilli” noodles but we don’t have it anymore since she gave it all to my brother’s wife but she insisted she is going to cook me some. The house smells of her fried garlic and other ingredients that makes a delectable bihon. It makes me more hungry than ever. So yum is the smell. I can’t wait to get my butt up here and eat the bihon as soon as it is done.