Filipino Christmas Songs to Remember How We Celebrate Christmas in the Philippines

In past Christmases I avoided listening to Filipino Christmas songs for I know how they would affect me emotionally. They make me homesick and there is no cure to that except buying a ticket and visit home. While I may not have a problem for tickets but I just can’t do it in December, my kids are in school and I wouldn’t be happy leaving them while I enjoy my days in the Philippines. They like it there too and want to bring them with me, only not in December though.

Anyway, I am braving myself to listen to these songs these days, as expected it touched me and how I wish I could be with my little siblings this Christmas. While the songs touch me emotionally, at the same time they bring back lots of memories of my life while growing up poor. These songs used to be played over many times on radio stations when I was a child, they sure are soothing and relaxing to listen to.

One of the memories I have when I was  a child, I really believed that Santa was real and that he would come in our house one night. So, I hung my white sock outside the window and hopeful it will be loaded with sweet goodies when I wake up in the morning. But to my dismay, it was EMPTY! Like it was untouched in the same place exactly where I hung it that night. I was so disappointed and from then on, I did not ever wish to have a gift or someone would really give me something nice ever again.

Instead, I become a giver to my family and some relatives years later after I got married to my husband. It sure feels nice to give and see those children’s faces when I handed them candies/chocolates. Looking forward to going home next summer and see my little brother and sister again and hopefully visit my cousins in the province to hand out candies.

So Disappointed with Pandora

I am an avid Pandora listener although I am not a paid member but I do listen to them almost everyday during my workout. I thought they were cool but to my dismay, just like Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook are so disappointing and I am totally turned off at these people’s brainless’ thinking.

How about doing some investigations you guys before recognizing these thugs killed by police before you send your sympathy to them? Alright, there maybe some few bad apples in the police force but heck, those innocent ones are being killed by notorious, long criminal records thugs! The recent black killed by police, how about digging more real information as to why he was killed?

Use your resources to hire your own investigators so you would know if they are worth your praise? That black thug you are sympathizing with robbed a store earlier before he was killed and the police was looking for him, then the police found him, did not comply with his commands and got shot. Now it’s the police’s fault he was killed?

Just venting my frustration of Pandora as well as Mark. Mark is supposed to be a smart guy yet here is, twisted liberal person! I hope in your life, you don’t need to call the police for help ever!

 photo pandora_zpsx4tkylmh.jpg

Hosting is Getting Expensive

I couldn’t be more grateful and happier of my current hosting. Since I subscribed with them three years ago, I have not had any problem with the service, well, except for some minor flaws in the past but that was immediately taken care of.

I have been blogging since 2008 up to this day but back then, I had free hosting. The domains cost was so cheap since I have had good income with my blogs. But I recently renewed my hosting and it cost me a whooping $155.88. Unlike three years ago, there were four of us shared the hosting so it was cheaper, until the three bloggers quit and the expense is all mine to keep these blogs running. And to make it worse, I don’t make money from my blogs anymore. If there are any, it will be like $45 a month.

Hosting and domain renewals sure cost money nowadays. It is almost disappointing that blogging is no longer reliable source of income for stay home moms like me. Things have changed over the years due to Google’s penalization to business who choose to have their site advertised on blogs.

With all that being said, I am having second thoughts whether to keep my blogs that have been on the internet since 2008 and continue to pay for costly domain and hosting renewals or just slowly kill them when the expiration dates are nearing? I have my first born’s blog that I started since she was only a few months in my belly, she is now 8 years old and the thought of killing her blog and make it dormant forever pains me so much. Arggsss…

Anyway, I have a year to think about it. I just hope that my small income from a blogging website is able to cover the expenses, otherwise, I may have to make a decision that will hurt me forever.


Robin Williams’ Death

Just when you thought a popular comedian and a good actor who entertained thousands from all over the world as well as the soldiers overseas was funny and happy person only you found out that news broke out all over the internet due to apparent suicide, just sent a big shock to everybody to those who love him, know him and fans of him.

I saw one of the hashtags shared by someone on Facebook yesterday of Robin’s words saying, “the saddest part of life is to end with people who make you feel alone”. How awful huh? He was known to give good laughs to people but no one knew he needed it himself and he kept it inside. Depression kills. No matter how successful people are in terms of career, financially and etc.

From the country where I came from, you wouldn’t hear suicides too often because, even though Filipinos are poor, they somehow find a way to entertain themselves. Besides, we have families, friends, peers who we can talk to with problems. You would see they always wear that smile on their faces despite of the financial crisis they face everyday. Something that I don’t see here in America.

People are busy with their work everyday that they forget how to enjoy life. Other reasons people are depressed are; they isolated or cut off from their own family, they do most of their interaction through social networks, no real face-to-face talk with their friends. Professionals, popular actors/actresses/models or not, people from all walks of life commit suicide simply because they are depressed. Where is the justice there?

People who suffer depression would go to a therapist and then be prescribed  antidepressant drugs that don’t cure the illness, they are just temporary relief  of the symptoms! Drugs make people dependent on them and make them worse!

Anyway, may you rest in peace, Robin!

                                                               (…. photo not mine… courtesy by Photobucket)

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Remembering 9/11

Today, let’s take a moment and say a little prayer to those who died during a September 11,2001 terrorist attack. They are remembered and shall never be forgotten. God Bless those family of brave firefighters, working-people and civilians’ families and all that was involved in that horrifying event.


I was still in the Philippines, unmarried yet dreaming of someday living in the USA when 9/11 happened, one morning I woke up and the first thing I saw all over the news was the video of the twin towers so smokey and the panicking crowd on the ground.

Where were you during the attack?

911 pictures photo: 911 neverforgotten.jpg
…. graphics not mine, I don’t own it. Courtesy by Photobucket.
911 pictures photo: 911 60225ppn91xdmhp.jpg


The Bachelorette Finale – Des Chose Chris

I never shed so much tears watching my favorite reality love show than Desiree’s on The Bachelorette Finale last Monday. Hers was the most dramatic ever and lots of crying and tears in the last episode. Her choosing Chris over Drew is like choosing the best man for me too because Chris was my bet since I started watching her love quest.

Chris has always been on her side, true to himself, sincere, very handsome and geezzz I can never run out of adjectives for him. It is very rare when the Bachelorette or Bachelor pick my bet on the show but this time, I was more than happy that finally, the man I like was the one chosen of the Bachelorette. How cool was that? I wish them long relationship and that they are going to be married just like Jason and Moley, Ashley and JP.

Des, almost gave Chris a heart attack when she stopped him when he was about to get down on his knees to say something honest to him. And Chris probably thought that he was going to be sent home and not the one to pop the question.

Here are a few sweet moments of my favorite people, Des and Chris during the proposal. I thought it was magical and sincere. How about you, readers? Do you follow this show too? If so, who was your pick?

 photo finale_zpsf075ee11.jpg

Watching Movie to End Our Night

What could be a better way to end a family’s night but watch a good movie? That is how we usually end our night, all four  of us sitting together in the t.v room and watch a movie. Children usually pay attention to movies suitable for their age and once they start playing, they would not want them to be stopped.

And what could I ask for more if I have a great family to watch movies with? Life is good, life is awesome when you have gorgeous family with you everyday. Thankful to God me more than ever!

 photo 975492_10151953764479517_2105410836_n_zpsa9c569ee.jpg

My Horoscope Today

“You may discover that you have special teaching skills or an opportunity to go back to school may manifest today. You may encounter people who have medical problems you have some experience with. Don’t be afraid to share what you have learned. You could be helpful.”

How I wish I could go back to school. It has been seven years since I last went to school and God knows how much I wanted to go back and study again. I wish to be able to get a course that will land me in a medical job someday in order to have a stable income for my family. This time it’s for real since the future of my family depends on the job I am going to get once I finish school. But who knows when will that is going to happen?  For now I want to focus on taking care of my kids and wait for the right time.


My Late Birthday Gift Has Arrived


This is what I am so excited about since Black Friday. I got a free shipping for it that is why the store I bought it from used the cheapest shipping possible in order to save but heck, it felt forever to get this gadget to arrive. I have been so patient not to use the gift card that my husband gave me on my birthday last June simply because I knew I could get something awesome for myself during Black Friday sale and yes, this has been on my mind for so long… I finally got it, it arrived this afternoon at long last! I couldn’t be more happier and excited.

An iPod touch is all what I wanted with no monthly contract, not a new phone or something but only this one.  I bought it for a little below 200 bucks with free shipping plus a $50 gift card from Best Buy. The main reason I wanted it is to store my thousand songs in it and not having any trouble syncing more songs in the future and possibly play games in it…

Who needs an upgraded cellphone anyway if I am on the computer a lot? I blog a lot, I breathe, I eat, I relax on my computer so it will be useless if I get a phone with wifi in it and I have to pay for monthly service and data plan. Practicality is what I am always thinking because we are just a one-income family and I don’t want to put too much burden on my husband’s shoulders, louy pud!

False Love

The Bachelorette/The Bachelor is one of the shows I look forward to watching every Monday night. Because reality shows is what I prefer watching rather than sci-fi movies but seems like such shows like The Bachelorette is hard to believe anymore. It is a show where good-looking men and women are shown on t.v and compete to win the bachelorette/bachelor’s love in the end. I have watched several seasons since I have known this show and even until now but I feel stupid myself for keep  on watching it while I am so aware that it is such a waste of time.

Why do I think it’s a waste of time? Because how many episodes have passed already and only very few couples have succeeded after cameras were off and they lived their own life? I only know two couples so far that are happily married, even so the success of finding love in this reality show is very slim. The positive outcome outnumbered the failed and unhappy separations of “so-called” in love and engaged couples. “False love” as my husband label it.

I couldn’t agree with him more. Most of the people involved in this show couldn’t handle reality and when reality set in, voila! They pressured themselves to fall in love with somebody they barely know real quick for the sake of the show and when it is over, the relationship is done too. How unfortunate of them.

I guess one of the purposes why the television continue doing this despite of the facts that the success rates of couples stay in their relationship only 10% is for television ratings and that’s it.

Sorry about the posting today, I just feel like writing what I am really thinking or my own opinion of the show although I love it very much. Reality is, this show is just any other shows that once it is over it is worth nothing or not worth remembering.