I Got My Girls Hooked Into Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga is now in our household. It is an old movie way back when I was still new here in the US. Me and my friends watched the first movie and we all liked it, since then we looked forward when the new movie came out until we all finished all four. This was back before we had children, this brings back a lot of memories in our early years here in Texas.

Fast forward five years later or more, Twilight first movie became available on Netflix. I told my girls how nice this movie is and I want them to watch it, they had no interest at first but played it in front of them anyway. Little did I know, they got hooked with it and they felt disappointed knowing the second release isn’t available on Netflix yet so, I bought them the entire collection from Amazon!

Now that we have this, we all enjoy it and watch a movie each Saturday night. The set includes the Complete Saga and is worth ten hours of watching all the blu ray and digital features that’s in it.

These girls are lucky. During those times when I was addicted to this Saga, I did not even think of buying myself the dvds.



High Price Slow Internet Connection

We live too far out from the town proper, the price we pay for being out here is that our internet connection sucks! It is slow, sometimes it will take me five to ten minutes to open a website with limited gb. We are allocated only 50 gb per month and paying twice the price than what we are paying for in Fort Worth.

In the city, we pay $70 per month on unlimited 100 mbps internet service. You see there is a big change there when we decided to live out here. Although the place itself is quiet, peaceful and nice, guess, we just have to put up with slow internet service then.

I can best describe it the same as the third world country like the Philippines, I have gone home several times in the past and I wasn’t happy with how behind they are in terms of technology. Out here in the country though is understandable why it is slow. It is very expensive to get that superb connection for just a few families out here, so for now, that is what we’re getting. Pablo, from exede who provided us the service told us that in three or four months, we should have an increase of our gb to 150 once the company is able to establish a satellite from above. We shall see if it is true or if it is gonna happen.

I Can Type 74 Words Per Minute

For the first time, I had my first test tever at how fast I can type. I am on the computer a lot all day doing surfing the internet and most of all typing/blogging. Computer has been a part of my life for over a decade now and yes, I learned my typing skill during my chatting days.

I thought, I should type fast so that I don’t waste my time spending a couple pesos for an hour use of the computer/internet time at a cafe. My firstborn once told me that I type really fast which I agree. Doing this entry right now is so easy, all I do is come up with the words to type and put them into words here without the need to look at the keys on my laptop.

So, my typing speed resulted to 74 words per minute. The normal speed a person can type is 40-47 words per minute and I exceeded that. Weehaw. I honestly find typing to be an easy job, the problem is, the words are hard to come up especially when I blog and my brain is not cooperating.

Are you curious how fast can you type? Copy the link below and paste it on your browser.

 photo type_zps610525c6.png

My New Walking Companion, a Digital Pocket Pedometer from Ozeri

Here is a new item I received from an awesome company called Ozeri to review for an exchange of my honest opinion about the product. It is with pleasure letting my readers know what I am about to say with my new walking companion, an Ozeri 4x3motionTM Digital Pocket Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology which I have used twice already. I am very pleased with it, actually.

It came in a nicely packaged box. It also came with a user’s manual and a free neck strap. This is the first digital pocket pedometer I own and boy I am pleased with how this little thing works. I never had any idea how many steps did I make every time I go out there and do my walking exercises and not to mention the calorie I burn whenever I do that. But with the help of this high-tech pocket pedometer, I can now keep track how many steps I have taken and the calories I burned.

I should say, it is a must-have item for everybody for it encourages us to do more exercise and most of all enjoy the outdoors. I am not a runner myself but I sure do appreciate this thing and for me it is very helpful to me so that I can keep a record of the work I’ve done.

If you are looking to buying a pedometer of this kind, you can check it out at Amazon. Currently sells for $15.95 and eligible for PRIME members free shipping.

Ozeri digital pocket pedometer is easy to set up and use. Once you are ready to go out and run or walk, hang it in your neck and it starts counting your steps as soon as it detects your movement. It also is very smart for it goes to sleep when you put it down or when there are no movements detected or it stops recording steps when you stop.

Please check out Ozeri.com for more awesome digital products you might like. Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of lifestyle digital products for the modern home.

 photo step_zps6b4a0c34.jpg
…… here’s a record of my steps until I am done and the date I did this morning.

 photo step1_zps1c70160b.jpg
… photo above is the total number of calories burned. Not a significant number but I strive to do my walking exercise as often as I can in order to be fit and to feel good.
 photo step2_zpsb78ee49e.jpg

… it was so beautiful that the temperature/weather motivated me to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Thanks to my companion my secondborn and our cute dog for walking with me too.

The Best Movie

My girls especially the second born have watched the Frozen movie for the nth times now. She loves it that much, just like everybody else. In fact, she wants to be called “Princess Anna” and her big sister as “Princess Elsa”. For a couple of weeks before it was available on DVD, it got me intrigued as to how nice this movie was because everybody on my Facebook list are posting videos of their children or talked about it so much.

I pre-ordered my copy on DVD since December and waited for it for almost two months. At long last, it is here and it gives my kids real entertainment, the best movie Disney ever made, I should say! It is worth the price and it is worth keeping. I am glad I bought this for us because we can watch it over and over until we get tired of it. Not to mention, it has got song lines that are very addictive. Once you hear them once or twice, you can’t help but sing along with it.

I am planning of purchasing the songs from itunes so that I don’t need to play the movie to hear the song. My girls will be delighted to just listen to it and not necessarily sit down to watch the movie at the same time listening to the beautiful song, “Let It Go”.

We skipped watching it on theater because we are living a frugal life, we were not willing to spend that much money on movies that we all know we can own and watch it at the comfort of our own home.

 photo frozen_zpsb2d9a208.jpg

The Easiest to Use Digital Blood Pressure Monitor by Ozeri

I couldn’t be more thankful after receiving a package that I did not expect to come too soon. When I opened the box, an Ozeri digital blood pressure monitor greeted me. Right now, it is available for purchase on Amazon for $42.95, that’s 52% savings there. Free shipping too if you are a Prime member.

It is my first time to own a thing like this that is very useful yet it is easy to operate and get started. It came with a sturdy and strong plastic case to ensure safety from harsh handling during shipment. It also came with two triple A batteries and a user manual with 5-year warranty. I honestly love love this thing because of the ease of use and won’t take you long to get your BP.

 photo ozeri3_zpsffba3fd3.jpg

 photo ozeri_zps176d94a7.jpg

My mother is suffering a high blood pressure right now and is having a hard time monitoring her BP, she has to go to a health center in order to find someone to take her BP for her. It would be awesome if she can use this high tech product from Ozeri so that she can take her BP anytime, anywhere she wants to. Needless to say, she is going to love it as much as I do because aside from ease of use, she can just follow the voice command once she turns the device on. It tells her the proper positioning of the wrist in order to take the right pressure. Aside from that, there is a simple graphic illustration on the wrist band that for sure she can see and follow.
 photo ozeri1_zps74d4fb72.jpg

Photo below is an actual snap of my current blood pressure. It didn’t take long for the device to take it. As you can see, I have a normal blood pressure thankfully. It also shows the time I took the test too so when needed, I can just jot down the time and the number it gave me. I can honestly say endless good things about this product!

 photo ozeri2_zpsa632bb67.jpg

Disclaimer: I did not receive a compensation reviewing this product, instead Ozeri sent me this free digital blood pressure monitor in exchange of my honest opinion about the product!

Dressing Up My Gadgets

I’ve been meaning to post this entry for a long time but heck, I got too hooked with couponing that it eats all my time. I’ve organized my coupons for tomorrow’s last minute haul in CVS so I now have the time to update my dormant blogs. Poor blogs!

Since I started couponing, I make sure every time I buy something I use coupons on them, to save money, obviously! Anyway, I’d like to show off my beautiful phone and ipod cases that I bought for less. I know buying cases for our toys can be chokingly pricey, that of course, if a person has money to spend so much on a little plastic thing for her cellphone then she won’t mind paying.

Spare me, I’m practical and living  a frugal life. First photo below are two cases for my phone which I bought online from Pink by Victoria Secret. A whopping $27 plus if I were to buy them full price. I bought two cases when they offered 2 secret reward cards two weeks ago and so I took advantage of the deal, paid over $23 for them including shipping. I don’t know how much are the two cards yet, if they are worth $10 each, then I will be fine with it. They should cover the cases’ expense.

So these Pink cases were on clearance for $7.99. Not very sturdy cases but they look pretty, also I needed new ones for the one I had I used for over a year. New phone case for a change doesn’t hurt, you know? I love the zebra case (reminds me of a friend online who is into animal prints, you know who you are!) and the other one I have not tried putting it on but it looks fine to me.

The big Superman tablet case is good for 10 inches tablet which we don’t have but I bought it for it was on clearance for only 99 cents at Best Buy. I plan of buying my little brother a tablet anyway, so I bought it ahead of time. Also the second photo below is from Best Buy, a Disney Princess ipod case that was also on clearance for how much? Can you guess? The original price was $27.99 and got it for only $2.99. Imagine how much I saved on that day when I saw these items?

You see, you don’t have to spend so much money on things you want only if you are patient and willing to look for unexpected deals anytime, anywhere.

 photo cases_zps62d702d4.jpg
 photo ipod_zps0d378ea5.jpg

My Best in Flappy Bird Game

I am one of those who got hooked with Flappy Bird game on my android phone. I have been playing with it for days now although I only play this game when I have a free time or when the world around me is quiet for it requires serious attention if you aim to get your new best score.

Those who play the same game can relate. For those who do not, try playing it and I warn you, it is highly addicting. What is the difference between Flappy Bird and Angry Birds game? Flappy Bird is you are the one who gets mad when the bird hits the obstacles or pipes while the latter, it is the birds that get mad when they are being hurled at the pigs, hehe.

Anyway, here is my current best score. For a day, I was stuck to 73 then went up to 115 and last night, I went up to as far as 138 before smashing my little bird down. I thought I could not reach 100 but oh boy, I made it to 138 so far. I did not expect that, really!

 photo 72_zpse5647dac.jpg
 photo 138_zps3949ea10.jpg

New Flappy Bird Game

Great! Whoever created this game called, Flappy Bird has a brilliant mind for it got me hooked. Probably not just me but more and more people are playing this game too. Trending on Facebook right now is this game although not very many on my Facebook list discover how addictive this game can be. One of the best mobile apps I downloaded ever!

I just started playing it last night and yes, I like this game. My best so far is 14, cheers! Lol to that. What I love about this game is that it requires proper calculation as to when and how many taps you need to do in order to keep the bird safe and not hit those poles. One wrong move can screw up everything, it also takes a lot of patience and proper timing in order to go as far as 14 and so on.

I heard some people have reached 157 already. They are just amazing so to speak. As for me, I will not rush and will only do it when I have time to spare. Anyway, it’s just a game, it’s always there and not gonna go away.

 photo flap_zps4e7764dd.jpg

Facebook Turns 10 Today

The most popular social networking site created by Mark Zuckerberg turns 10 years today! Hoorah to that!! I am glad I am one avid Facebooker and for that I am very thankful for this giant network for I was able to capture moments of my family and share them with the ones I love/like.

I am excited for what’s new in another ten years. For sure there will be a lot of exciting things that we can do on Facebook. Read a bit of what Mark Zuckerberg said on his Facebook wall below.

“Today, only one-third of the world’s population has access to the internet. In the next decade, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to connect the other two-thirds.

Today, social networks are mostly about sharing moments. In the next decade, they’ll also help you answer questions and solve complex problems.”

Thanks Mark for an amazing talent and intelligence you have for the whole world.