Outdoor Fun in the Country

I can see the big difference between living in the country and the city. In the city, we mainly stay indoor when there is no school. Children refuse to play outside. While in the country, in our friend’s place, he’s got this 56 acres land in Avery, my children has got all the wide open space where they can walk, hunt for little bugs, go fishing in his ponds and or have fun swinging on a tree branch like the one pictured below.

There was almost no time for electronics, I tell you. Maybe when we move out to the country, our lifestyle will drastically change but it is for the better I believe. Children will be happier, communicating with nature and most of all getting a lot of fun just by exploring their surrounding. Looking forward to that, if not soon but later.

 photo tree_zpso6j7z2pd.jpg

For the Gamer in Our House

These are the video games that my children received on Christmas. We just upgraded our PS3 to PS4 and so the husband had to buy them new games too. I hope the children won’t read this because they somehow still believe that Santa dropped off all the presents last night.

But anyway, Call of Duty game is something my first born could play and finish the entire game in no time for she likes to play a lot if I let her. She had an older version of this game and guess what? She finished the entire thing. Currently she is trying out the Plants VS Zombies, so far she is liking it and not letting her sister play with her. Nice, not nice!

 photo games_zpsiazisfvv.jpg

Side by Side with Mr. Google Maps

It’s not everyday we see this car in our daily drive. When we see one, for sure we are amazed and we probably think the same saying, ” so this is the guy responsible for taking pictures of our streets and our area for us to be able to search and see our street view and anywhere in the world” on Google Maps.

I saw this Google Maps car one day on Alta Mesa Boulevard. Gladly enough, he was next to me so I captured a pretty good pictures of him before the traffic light turned green. I didn’t care if he saw me or not. All I could care about I was not letting him drive off without me taking pictures of the car.

This was the second time I saw a Google service car, the first one was maybe two years ago driving on our street. He was driving on a 30 mph that day and who would have thought he was at work that time. He was taking pictures/moving pictures of our street at that time and was pretty sure of this because, I remember the husband just finished mowing the yard that day, it was summer and the crape myrtles were blooming. When I searched our home address on Google, exact the same picture was available for viewing when I did.

 photo googlemaps_zpsiqf3a026.jpg
 photo googlemaps1_zpsc50wyo3w.jpg

5 Seconds of Summer Graphic Tee for my Sister

My sister who is only fifteen and is an avid fan of 5 Seconds of Summer Aussie boy band got so excited upon showing her this graphic tee I bought online only for her. I am glad I saw this online on my favorite clothing store for over 70% off. It was free shipping so I did not think twice buying this tee. Perfect for that little girl in the Philippines who would be proud wearing the name of her favorite boy band.

Although she will not receive it any sooner but once it’s in my hands, it will surely get to her when the time is right.

I understand her infatuation deeply for I was once infatuated with different boy bands in the 90’s. They were my inspiration back then and somehow gave colors to my boring high school days. Anyways, anything that has 5SOS print on it, my sister loves to have it!

Your wish is my command there, if only big sissy don’t love you, I wouldn’t care to provide your wants.

 photo 5sosshirt_zpsqtuph5g7.png

Share Your Awesome Clicks With Snapfish

Photography is my hobby & passion. My dad has gifted me a Canon DLSR camera on my 15th birthday & I was very excited. I was stuck to my camera in my leisure time & have huge collection of photos that were clicked on several occasions. I wanted to save these photographs somewhere so that I never lose my sweet memories. My friend suggested checking snapfish.com; I have read & heard positive reviews about its online photo service. I signed up on the site & was quite overwhelmed with its photo sharing & storage facilities, photo editing tools, customization technique, wide range of creative products & its quality.

It offers photo albums, cards, calendars, prints, photo gifts like mugs, key chain, posters, photo canvas, collage, cases & covers, stationery & many more. It also has photo gifts based on various themes; I have ordered Disney Princess photo books for my daughter Sarah by using a discount coupon from Frugaa.com. Checkout Frugaa for more offers & deals.

I upload photos captured by me, and share it on Snapfish, where innumerous people visit everyday, including famous journalists and photographers. They go through my photos and leave various comments, opinions and views on them, allowing me to learn everyday about my progress and my drawbacks on photography. I also grab the opportunity to share my photos on famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, My Space or even Blogger, with the help of Snapfish. And since Snapfish does not have any limits on the number of photos you upload or store, I personally have uncountable number of photos in my profile.

The best part about Snapfish is that whatever number of photos you want to upload, everything is free of charge. Probably that gives me another reason to install it in my android phone. Now I keep searching for the best photograph on the website and try to learn the various techniques of photography.

One thing is for sure, Snapfish has personally helped me in developing my skills in photography and has encouraged me to show my photographs to the world. I, therefore, personally want to thank Snapfish for the help and encouragement.

My Favorite Photo on a Canvas Print

Another big rectangular box arrived in our front door this afternoon and it was from my favorite canvas print store, Easy Canvas Prints. I couldn’t be any happier because my favorite picture  on a canvas print is here. Now I can look at it anytime I want. I just need it to be hanged on our hallway wall so when I pass by there I see our two smiling faces.

It was nasty here in our place, icy, wet and cold and I didn’t worry about my canvas being damaged since they shipped it covered with thick carton and inside, it is taped on to the carton to keep it in place, aside from that, they also wrap it in a clear plastic wrap. That gives me a peace of mind for I know the company will make sure I get a perfect condition canvas print.

 photo 1454311_10152413579269517_1263354688_n_zps7c87e1e4.jpg

 photo 1472264_10152413585534517_1674314186_n_zps6b77cf81.jpg
… beautifully tucked at the back…
 photo 1461978_10152413587554517_1753534742_n_zps5e4147e4.jpg
… this is me and my second born taken last summer. I chose this because of the beautiful smiles we had in this shot, truly worth keeping. Thanks Easy Print Canvas Prints for giving life to my photo.

Right now the company offers 25% of all canvas plus free standard shipping! Since Christmas is coming, you can give a canvas gift to the special people in your heart. By doing so, you surely touch their hearts with your warm thoughts by printing their memories in a canvas. For more information, promotions, giveaways, new products and more, follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook Page.

Walgreens: 20 FREE 5×7 Holiday Cards ($16.99 Value!)


For a limited time, you can score a 20 FREE 5×7 Photo Collage ($16.99 Value!) + FREE Store Pickup when you login or sign up, upload your photos then add it to your cart, enter code their Facebook Page at checkout, select free in-store pickup for any future date and complete the checkout process. Hurry! Code expires 12/7/13.

 photo 163ed9e9-2fdb-4145-95cd-dfbabcba86f3_zpsbe4ef6e3.jpg

I Got My 25 Free Prints at Walgreens

I love free but not government handouts, I mean free by using coupon codes. I belong to two couponing groups on Facebook and the members love sharing online coupons and couponing scenarios so other people can save on groceries, baby care, personal care and other stuff.

I also subscribed to pharmacies and other websites like Shutterfly, pampers and Huggies because they sometimes give out free photo prints to be redeemed online. What I did for this 25 free prints is, I ordered them at Walgreens last weekend and entered the code 25FREEPRINTS on their site and chose store pick so I didn’t have to pay for the shipping. How awesome? This is not the first time I availed free prints, I have had 4 or 5 photo books that are free as well as 8×10 size pictures from those mentioned sites above.

I love it when there is a promo for free photo prints because I need a lot of them to send to my family in the Philippines.

 photo 1379190_10152275218334517_1719377389_n_zpsd8fefde7.jpg

My Free Photobook from Shutterfly

A bright orange envelope is coming our way. In it is my free photobook from Shutterfly sponsored by Pampers. This is not the first time I availed the free photobook, it is my fifth, I believe. How awesome is that? Photo books can be expensive depending on what kind of book cover you want.

Getting at least so many of these photo books is just a deal. Saves me money. I am sure it is not the last, there will be more coming in the future which I will be glad to get. I just have to pay for the shipping though which I don’t really mind.

Paper Artist Android App

This is a paper sketch of my baby Megan that my girls are doing on my phone. I thought this app was so cool for it gives everyone a chance to be an artist even if they are not, even kids as young as 23 months can do it. Amazing what a technology can do these days. I did not even know the app called Paper Artist was installed on my phone and that my girls have been having fun sketching their own photos.

Cool photo, isn’t it? If you haven’t discovered this free app, might as well get your phone and go to Google Play and download it. Also read the description below so you will be more encouraged to get it and become the artist you are using different styles and art that the app offers.

 photo 1069081_10152049323869517_959262940_n_zpsfbc62b06.jpg

Paper Artist turns anyone into an Artist that creates amazing Art work on different styles of paper. Turn any normal looking photo into Paper Art with Paper Artist. Different styles of Paper which includes Clean white Paper, Colored Paper, Washed out Paper, Dirty Paper, Used Paper patterns are available to make your art more appealing.

Paper Artist take any Photo from Gallery, new Photo from Camera or your photo or a friends Photo from Facebook and turn it into Paper Art. Don’t toss out Paper Art anymore. Create awesome looking paper Art with Paper Artist. Amaze your friends with by being a Sketch Guru and creating your art on Paper of different styles like drawn on a artists Sketch Pad.