High Price Slow Internet Connection

We live too far out from the town proper, the price we pay for being out here is that our internet connection sucks! It is slow, sometimes it will take me five to ten minutes to open a website with limited gb. We are allocated only 50 gb per month and paying twice the price than what we are paying for in Fort Worth.

In the city, we pay $70 per month on unlimited 100 mbps internet service. You see there is a big change there when we decided to live out here. Although the place itself is quiet, peaceful and nice, guess, we just have to put up with slow internet service then.

I can best describe it the same as the third world country like the Philippines, I have gone home several times in the past and I wasn’t happy with how behind they are in terms of technology. Out here in the country though is understandable why it is slow. It is very expensive to get that superb connection for just a few families out here, so for now, that is what we’re getting. Pablo, from exede who provided us the service told us that in three or four months, we should have an increase of our gb to 150 once the company is able to establish a satellite from above. We shall see if it is true or if it is gonna happen.

Blogs’ Popularity Caused it to be Shutdown by Ixwebhosting

I am a blogger of over 7 years. And all those years of doing what I love most, I learned a lot of things in order for my blog to be searched and become popular on the internet. One of the things I do seriously is driving traffic to all my blogs. But I didn’t know gaining a lot of traffic would cause my blogs to be shutdown in my former web hosting provider, IX WEBHOSTING. Such a crap thing to say but that is the reason why I couldn’t gain access to all my blogs 12 days ago.

I paid for a locked in price good for three years from them but then I feel like I am being kicked out from their company simply because my blogs created heavy cpu usage. I was in a shared cpu and according to them, they needed to shut them down to avoid  other users to be affected.

Heck, is it my fault if I got a lot of traffic in my blogs? Isn’t that someone’s goal when putting up a website, is to drive traffic to their site to gain sales and profits? I am a blogger and I only earn very little with my blogs and they want me to upgrade to cloud hosting service which is very expensive, $99.99 a month. For them to shut down my blogs so easy, I feel very upset and disappointed with IXWEBHOSTING. Huh, such a brilliant idea to suck money from people!

I still have my account with them and a 2015 web hosting contract but guess, I am closing my account soon! I am a real customer here, who is UNHAPPY and disgusted with IXWEBHOSTING! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IXWEBHOSTING to other people. Trust me, you will only waste your money on them.

Slow Internet Connection

Our internet connection has been acting up since this morning. There were times in the middle of my blogging I couldn’t publish my entry because it just suddenly got disconnected. This afternoon, there was really no signal in my computer so I got up and turned off the router for a few seconds. It went fine for a couple of minutes then I logged out the computer. It was my husband’s time to get up from a nap and he too had a connection problem. He then asked me if I have problems with internet too and I said yes, I have been dealing with slow and often get disconnected from the internet from time to time.

Gosh I got tons of sites need to visit tonight. It would be shameful of me not to reciprocate their clicks on my site but how can I do that if my connection right sucks? It cannot even load my pages properly, how slow can it get when I open more complicated sites later? Charter Communications, hear me!


Love Quotes For Tattoos

Singles or divorced now have options as to how are they going to meet friends or date through online dating. Many have joined these free online services in the hope of finding that perfect friend, mate or just companionship. Sites also offer different services to their members, I know a certain site that even offers love quotes for tattoos. What ever reasons people join dating sites or do online dating, it is up to them how are they going to nourish the friendship or relationship they build with the opposite sex. Internet truly creates a wonder to our life because you can do anything on the internet.

If you are a man or a woman and are looking for a good online dating, please click on the link provided here and create your profile. Upload your photos and fill up the forms they have for you and enter as much information as you can in order to attract other members and be encouraged to send you an email. Let the friendship begins! When you have your profile set up, start browsing for people that might be of good match to your preferences. Good online dating is a great way to meet new friends, new faces and new people to date with all over the globe. Try the service now and good luck to finding your mate in the future.

How To Respond To Trash Talking In Fantasy Football

Guest post written by Vickie Tyson

What is so exciting about fantasy football? Is it when one of your players scores a touchdown? Is it when you beat your best friend in a head-to-head match-up? Is it feeling like you had the best draft in the entire league? Maybe it’s pulling off an amazing trade that will help your team cruise to victory. Another possibility is collecting the championship money and trophy at the end of the year party. Whatever the case may be, from the second you set your league up on hughes internet, the trash talking will begin. How do you deal with it? Should you be unresponsive? Should you talk back?
No clear cut answer really exists. It will all depend on your personality. Do what you’re comfortable with. The worst thing you can do is force your silence, or worse yet, force your trash talking. The latter will just make you look and feel like an idiot. If you’re the creative type yet not much of a talker, a good idea is to find funny videos that will in a way make fun of your opponent. A lot of people get a kick out of this approach. It’s also a lot of fun looking for the videos. One thing to keep in mind, though, it seems to be that the people who say the least often win the most.

Yahoo Turned 15 Years

I didn’t know that Yahoo existed on the internet for 15 years long now. I didn’t know it until I saw my Deden having fun changing my yahoo avatar’s appearance. I was wondering what she was doing in my computer with all the sweet small smiles on her face at the same time keeping herself busy by clicking and clicking on to something. I looked at my computer screen and there it was, my avatar was already wearing a purple top with balloon in hand saying HAPPY 15TH Y!

I was first introduced to yahoo when I started my freshman day at AMA 10 years ago. Yahoo was the only site that was popular before, almost all the kids in our school were all yahoo users and I couldn’t remember there were any other sites more popular than YAHOO! Long live YAHOO and congrats on your 15th Birthday!

I Really Should Do It

I just converted my two blogs into its own domain. Now I got 6 active blogs and only one of them has remained in blogspot which is a free hosting offered by blogger. I even moved my baby’s blog into its own domain now formerly www.jadynb.blogspot.com and now it is www.sugarplumbebe.com. Getting a domain is easy as 1,2,3. All you got to do is buy it from a company that offers domain as well as buy a hosting of your own. Either which you can find it anywhere, just search online. Anyhow, before doing so you have to read the web hosting reviews so you can make sure which one to choose that gives you satisfaction.

I know I should have done it a long time ago. I have written in my previous entries that I want to get a hosting for my blogs but until now nothing happened. It won’t be too hard for me though since I know where to go and I have know few websites that offer really good hosting service. Do you need one for yourself too? Just click on the provided hyper text above and it will redirect you to the company’s website.

seo copywriting

Have you thought of putting up your own business? What kind of business are you going to take if ever you have decided to become your own boss? Whatever it is, I hope you will achieve what you aim for so you will be successful in the field you choose. I know for a fact that getting into business is like taking all the risks at stake including your money. Some will become successful, others fail but despite of that, there are people who are willing to gamble.With all these being said, after you have finally decided what products you are going to sell, the next step to do is promoting it and letting your targeted customers know that you are up for business and that you need to expose what you have through the use of marketing or advertising. This is what seo copywriting is for. When you sell your products or services online, words are your most effective tool since internet is now commonly used to promote ones products or company. Making your site searchable and easily recognized by internet users.

A company that will make it happen is called www.globerunnerseo.com, they are making words work for You. This company provides you SEO copywriting services. Their team is composed of professional copywriters that know how to create the keyword count you need and the well-written copy you want.

free web directories

Maintaining all five blogs I own is getting difficult for me. Some paid blogging sites require for certain number of traffic each day for you to be qualified for their opportunities. I got four blogs that accept paid posts and two of them have to have traffic everyday. I am always a busy mom so I only visit other blogs during my spare time which is not enough because only very few of them return my visit.Hence, I do it for the sake of having opportunities so I can make money. Thanks to free web directories that I came across while doing my blog hopping today as this gives me hope to gain more traffic to my blogs. This enables me to submit my blogs to 20 SEO friendly web directories. It helps me build instant link popularity, having my blogs indexed by search engines and most of all start getting traffic faster than other SEO site.