Hidden Sugars – Where They Hide and Why They Are Bad for You

Added sugars are terrible for you and that’s a fact that a lot of people already know but what most people do not know is that they hide in plain side. So you may be thinking, “not my business, I don’t eat cake”, “I stick to one teaspoon of sugar a day so I should be alright”, “I have stopped eating ice cream so this post does not apply to me”, you couldn’t be more wrong.

You need not stuff yourself full of cakes or ice cream to consume excess added sugars. Look around you, they are everywhere; in your BBQ sauce, your yogurts, energy bars …those demons are out to ruin you.  According to the American Heart Association, men are supposed to keep their added sugar intake to under 37.5 grams while women keep theirs’ under 25 grams. However, when we take a closer look at all the foods we consume daily, you would be shocked to realize how much sugar we consume on a daily basis.

The AHA are worried about our sugar consumption rate and they should be rightly so because those demons overload your liver thereby causing severe damage to the liver. When you eat too much sugar, it causes what the doctors or nutritionists like to call “classic metabolic dysfunction”. This is a scenario where the individual starts to gain weight, while experiencing high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar. These can see you booking a room at the hospital pretty fast.

The good news is, we know where those slick little fellas are hiding, thanks to this awesome infographic we ran into. Check it out here!

 photo foods-containing-hidden-sugar_zpsgpffasuf.png

Ask Your Dentist about Teeth Stain Removal

The first impression any of us can make is with our smile. Our smile is the first thing anyone will see or know about us. When you think of the impact a first impression can make, it makes sense to take care of your teeth. It is common for people to have stains on their teeth for various reasons. If you want to have the stains removed, simply do a search on the Internet for dentists that do teeth stain removal in Pembroke Pines, FL. Most dentists can help you with this. In fact, if you have a dentist that you see regularly, you may want to ask your dentist if he or she can help you with that.

The Importance of White Teeth

It may seem silly to some that white teeth are so important, but the reality is it can affect many aspects of life. For example, when going for a job interview, it is critical that you make a good first impression. The way that impression is made is usually through the smile. If a smile contains stained teeth and a missing tooth or two, it does not make a good first impression. Having good, white teeth makes one appear more attractive and intelligent.  White teeth also say something about the way people take care of themselves. Although there can be numerous reasons why someone has stained or missing teeth, no one seems to look that far. For better or worse, as a society, we tend to make a judgment of someone based on their smile.

How to Keep Your Teeth White

If you are a smoker, it is going to be impossible to keep your teeth white without regular visits to the dentist for teeth stain removal in Pembroke Pines.  If you are a non-smoker, then it may be easier to maintain white teeth with over-the-counter teeth whitening products and an occasional teeth whitening from your dentist. Nothing will substitute for regular brushing. Many people brush only at night or only in the morning. However, those that regularly brush at least twice a day will find they maintain healthier teeth. They will also find they have whiter teeth for longer.

Food: The Key Ingredient To Building Lean Mass

You can lift weights for ten hours a day, every day, and never see a single abdominal muscle or hair on your shoulders if you do not get proper nutrition. After all, a workout is nothing more than stretching out your muscles like an accordion. Since they must be re-filled with new muscle matter to get mass instead of deflating, new muscle cells must be created after every workout. Here are the best foods and supplements you can eat to build lean muscle and improve strength.


The building block of all animal tissue, whether it is a human brain or a slab of delicious barbecue pork, is protein. While a person who does not work their muscles may need only forty to fifty grams of protein per day (the equivalent of about a single can of tuna), anyone looking to increase muscle mass needs to get triple that amount. A good rule of thumb for protein intake is a single gram of protein per day for every pound that you weigh. Since the meat of chickens and turkeys has much less fat than red meat, poultry is one of the best sources for lean protein. Fish also supply valuable protein without adding much fat or excess calories. Vegetarians can consume Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, and peanut butter whenever they are trying to increase their protein intake. Vegans may have difficulty getting enough protein, but can do it by eating lots of legumes, like lentils, and nuts, in addition to tofu as a substitute for meat. If you do not eat meats or vegetables getting enough protein can be next to impossible.

Complex Carbohydrates

The reaction to the word “carbohydrate” is negative since fad diets like Atkins have convinced people to ditch carbs to lose weight. To build muscle, however, you need a lot of carbs to fuel the conversion of protein into muscle cells. However, simple carbs like white bread will only end up as fat around your midsection. Get complex carbs instead of simple carbs by choosing whole grains, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, or corn meal. These take longer for the body to digest, meaning that energy is released over the longer duration instead of quickly; energy that is released quickly but not used ends up stored as fat.

Vitamins And Minerals

Professional body builders and athletes take supplements to increase testosterone and boost their performance. They also take basic multi-vitamins in order to help their body function better. While a multi-vitamin supplement can help, the foods that provide these vitamins are usually high in protein or a good source of complex carbs as well. Fruits like bananas and oranges provide you with Vitamin C as well as potassium, while green leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach are good sources of iron and fiber. Though these vitamins are less important to building muscle mass than protein or carbs, they help you feel more positive about your workout so that you push harder on each rep. And isn’t that the point in the end?

Sample Daily Menu

  • Breakfast: shake with fruits, Greek yogurt, milk. Oatmeal with sliced fruit. Two hard-boiled eggs.
  • Morning snack: cottage cheese.
  • Lunch: chicken breast baked with lemon and garlic on bed of lentils, with avocado and carrot sticks.
  • Afternoon snack: apple slices with peanut butter.
  • Dinner: salmon sauteed with chickpeas, served with couscous and steamed broccoli.
  • Dessert: frozen yogurt.
About the author:

Matt Holt loves to work with professional teams and also coaches his daughter’s soccer team.

Spirometry Testing

When taking diagnosis people with lung concerns, it is important to take it accurately and precisely through spirometry testing and use well-known devices to ensure correct diagnosis or results. It is good to use those trusted devices from well-known companies or manufacturers who have good history of their products. A common tool to use this testing used is a spirometers. It measures the air entering and leaving the lungs. Most spirometers are handheld and feature direct-to-printer, built-in printer, and PC-based functionality to analyze results. In addition, peak-flow meters can monitor airway obstruction and breath exhalation.

Is Smoking Threatening Your Health?

The answer to my title is off-course a big Yes. However with the innovation brought in the smoking industry and the launch of electronic cigarette, the risk has been really depreciated.

 Smoking is an addiction and addicted people find it hard to quit it. They fight in themselves and undergo high level of stress during the process of quitting smoking. Thanks to the advancement in the smoking industry and the launch of e-cigarette, now smoking needs not to threaten your health. There are many industries and manufacturers who are producing electronic cigarettes and the starter kits. The competitions among the producer have helped in trimming down the cost and consumers are getting very affordable range of pricing.

 We all know that smoking is undisputed most deadly and addictive of all the other habit. And there has been lot many deaths due to these bad habits; on the other hand environments too are adversely affected. The people in the close proximity of the smokers too are affected by the habit. Smoking stains clothes, teeth, mouth and ultimately seeps into the entire fabrics that come in the contact of the smokers. We understand that the smoking is hard to quit and hence aware you with the best possible solution i.e. e-cigarettes.

 Why Yes to E-cigarettes

E-Cigarettes are safer option because it does not contain any of 4000+ cancer causing chemicals. Traditional cigarette has more than 4000+ chemical that can lead to cancer. Some of these include Carbon monoxide, Tar, and tobacco. Electronic version of the same contains atomizer vaporizes propylene glycol and a minor dose of nicotine. You will not need to initiate it just enjoy the taste of resembling conventional cigarette. As there is no harmful gas liberated, one can use e-cigarette even outside. Neither you will offend the law nor will you harm people around.

 And one of the fact for you, switching to e-cigarette means you are going to minimize 50% of your smoking expenses. This means that you are not only helping yourself in terms of health but financially too.

 Start With E-cigarette Kit

Now, after reading the content if you have made up your mind to start with e-cigarette starter kit. To get the best e-cigarette starter kit go through theelectronic cigarette starter kit reviews available on internet. Just make sure that the reviews are real. The starter kit comes up with rechargeable batteries, atomizers and carrier making it portable. Let’s sum up with the benefits of e-cigarette.

  • E-cigarette does not cause second hand smoking so no health risks and side effects.
  • It is a best alternate to smoking because it is safe smoking
  • There is no fire hazard
  • Proves Affordable in long run
  • Allowed publically as no real smoke is librated
  • One can quit smoking with its help
  • No oral problem like bad breathes and stained teeth
  • Easy to carry, use and maintain
  • Variety of flavor and strengths available

Now, after knowing the benefits of e-cigarette don’t let the traditional smoking robs your health and vitality. If you’re one among millions who is finding impossible to get through a single day without a cigarette, consider today’s safer option known as E-Cigarettes.  Go for www.smokehall.com and buy the one that convinced you the most.

ParentGiving Has It All

I remember what my husband once told me when I was still in the Philippines that everything you need in the US is available and you can find it either in stores and online. He is absolutely right because even the most impossible thing I didn’t know is available and was able to buy it for myself.

In the U.S too, everything is easy and has all the conveniences people can ever experience. One best example for this is for elderly people who have problems with mobility and spend most of their time lying in the bed. Those who can stand up and move his or her body a bit, there is commode over the toilet they can use.

ParentGiving.com online store has everything a nursing home or individuals that need commodes. They even have 3-in-1 Commodes. These types of commodes are able to function as bedside toilets, toilet safety frames and have raised seats so the patient came more easily sit down and stand up, toilets also feature padded arms that drop beneath seat levels for easy lateral transfer. Their bariatric models can be easily folded for mobility and support up to 650 pounds. Please click on the links and see them for yourself.

What is a commode toilet by the way? A commode toilet is especially made for the elderly or invalid with a chair-like frame that is either portable or enhances the ease of use for home toilets.


It’s Genetic

My husband has psoriasis. I believe he told me it is genetic and he got it from his father. He is having a psoriasis treatment but I don’t understand why it doesn’t go away. Sometimes you won’t see a thing on his skin but other times, they are just unbelievably so obvious that you would notice they are there. They grow all over his body even on his chin. I just hope that our two girls won’t inherit this kind of flaw because it would be awful to see girls with psoriasis.

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The Reason Behind It

Each male taking testosterone booster has one reason why. If you plan of buying it, please read the testosterone booster reviews on the internet first before wasting your money on the wrong products. There are effective and best testosterone supplements available on the market today that should support muscle gains, increased strength and enhance your sexual performance, but too many people are wasting their time on low quality testosterone boosters.

BestTestosteroneSupplements.com provides an in-depth analysis of the best testosterone boosters on the market so you can choose one that’s truly going to make a difference in your life.

Skin Care Products from L’Occitane

I am not a high maintenance person. I am so simple that I don’t wear make up when I go out the house. It is because I don’t see the need for it. People love me for my simplicity and wearing my natural beauty. I can only live with just an eye pencil, lipstick, hand and body lotion and facial moisturizer.

Hand and body lotion as well as facial moisturizer are the only two skin care products I apply onto my skin to keep it from drying. If I skip a day without them, I will be itching all over, skin gets very dry and I tend to scratch it hard enough until it bleeds.

While most women if not all, they do have different or tons of beauty regimen in order to maintain their beauty. I don’t blame them, they just want to stay beautiful, young-looking and have supple skin all orthe time. There are those that are so meticulous as to what specific brand they are going to use on their skin especially when it comes to their face. Of course, we all need to be careful what to put on our face because it is the first thing that other people would see when they see us. Having fine lines on the forehead or near the eyes can be covered or lessen the lines by using anti wrinkle cream from L’Occitane. Check out their products and browse their different products for your different skin needs. Face care, fragrance, hair care, bath and body and for men’s are available.

She Should Be Flattered

There is an acquaintance in my Facebook list ranting on her FB wall tonight about how she is annoyed being called “tiny” with co-workers. I commented to her post about how sexy it is for a woman to be thin and that she should be flattered with the name she called for. If only she knows a lot of people out there are trying hard to lose weight, some even try the 7 day slimming pill just so they can shed off some pounds. That acquaintance of mine doesn’t realize that her co-workers might be jealous of her built, she can eat all foods in the world and not worrying about gaining weight. That’s a gift you know?