The Ferberization Method – Here’s How it Works

Getting home with your first baby can be incredibly exciting. You’ve baby proofed the house and picked out the perfect stroller. Then, after a few sleepless nights you realize that you need a plan for getting the baby to sleep.

The Ferber Method or Ferberization is a training exercise invented by Dr Robert Ferber, which encourages your little one to cry himself to sleep. Please be assured that this is in no way as terrible as it sounds. There are a number of misconceptions about this training which are mostly unfounded as parents have embraced this strategy for decades.

It’s understandable that most new parents would have fears of allowing their babies cry for long periods of time but rest assured that your baby is on a learning curve and is perfectly safe.

Before embarking on this training, ensure you seek the advice of your baby’s doctor to be certain that your baby’s respiratory system is in top condition. This exercise for most babies involves crying, and some babies cry a bit more than others.

During Ferberization, you are allowed to check in on your little one at intervals without any physical comforting.Make sure your baby is well fed, is wearing comfortable clothing and is in a safe environment before commencing training. A baby with a full tummy would sleep much better.

The time durations to let your baby “cry it out” should range from 3 to 5 minutes with a 5 minute increase each night. But it is not meant to be rigid so you are allowed to alter the time intervals to suit your baby. This training could last for a few days or even up to weeks, depending on the temperament of your little one.

If your baby is still resistant to the training after several weeks then take a break for awhile before starting again. Practise makes perfect so be ready to give up some personal sleep time to help your baby during this learning phase.

For more information on Ferberization, here’s an infographic to help you understand it better:


Hidden Sugars – Where They Hide and Why They Are Bad for You

Added sugars are terrible for you and that’s a fact that a lot of people already know but what most people do not know is that they hide in plain side. So you may be thinking, “not my business, I don’t eat cake”, “I stick to one teaspoon of sugar a day so I should be alright”, “I have stopped eating ice cream so this post does not apply to me”, you couldn’t be more wrong.

You need not stuff yourself full of cakes or ice cream to consume excess added sugars. Look around you, they are everywhere; in your BBQ sauce, your yogurts, energy bars …those demons are out to ruin you.  According to the American Heart Association, men are supposed to keep their added sugar intake to under 37.5 grams while women keep theirs’ under 25 grams. However, when we take a closer look at all the foods we consume daily, you would be shocked to realize how much sugar we consume on a daily basis.

The AHA are worried about our sugar consumption rate and they should be rightly so because those demons overload your liver thereby causing severe damage to the liver. When you eat too much sugar, it causes what the doctors or nutritionists like to call “classic metabolic dysfunction”. This is a scenario where the individual starts to gain weight, while experiencing high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar. These can see you booking a room at the hospital pretty fast.

The good news is, we know where those slick little fellas are hiding, thanks to this awesome infographic we ran into. Check it out here!

 photo foods-containing-hidden-sugar_zpsgpffasuf.png

Equipment Necessities When Fishing in Texas

Fishing in Texas is a lot of fun, but you’re only going to get the most out of it if you have the right equipment. The fishing environment in Texas requires you to use specific types of gear, so you need to pack the right stuff before your next fishing adventure. Here are some tips.

How to Choose a Fishing Rod

The best fishing rods state the lure weight rating, length, line recommendation and action listing, giving you an idea of how to use it. Those for saltwater fishing rods are classified as medium heavy, medium or medium light. For most Texas fishing, any of the three medium types will help you catch trout, redfish and other fish.

Baitcast Gear

Baitcast reels are very effective for Texas fishing, in particular, catching bass. These are also suitable for aggressive fish and notable for their accuracy. One drawback with these reels is the backlash, so practice first before tackling any large fish.

Spinning Reels and Rods

These are also widely used by freshwater and saltwater anglers in Texas. These are ideal for beginners because they can handle different lure weights. There is no backlash with spinning rods, and the learning curve is short. Some anglers prefer baitcast over spinning cast while others like it the other way, it’s up to you.

Lures and Baits

If you want to go with live baits, worms are your best option. They’re easy to get and attract a lot of different fish. You can also try shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans to lure the bigger fish. If you’re going after large fish, any small fish will also serve as good bait. This is probably the easiest option and one that’s tried and tested by anglers everywhere.

As for artificial lures, these are the best options:

  • Plastics: they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and simulate stuff fish consume.
  • Plugs: they’re known to attract fish along the Texas coast.
  • Top waters: you should bring a few of these to catch flounder, reds, and trout.

Other artificial lures that you may want to try are tied jigs, buck tail jigs, swimbaits, corky lures, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Crankbaits are particularly effective when it comes to luring bass.

Extra Lines

Sooner or later your fishing line is going to break, so bring along a few extra lines. When it comes to fishing lines, get the most durable you can afford.


Stack up on hooks of different sizes and shapes. The J-hook is the most common, but there are others available. Hook sizes range from 32 (the smallest) to 19/0. Make sure you use the right hook size for the fish you’re going after. You’ll also want to have a few bobbers, sinkers and needle nose pliers to remove the hooks.


Last but not the least, don’t forget to bring a first aid kit. It’s unlikely you’re going to suffer any serious injury, but it’s better to be safe. And if you’re having trouble finding a good spot, don’t hesitate to ask the locals as they’ll be happy to help.

5 Important Decisions To Make Once You’re Pregnant

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It’s a beautiful feeling to finally hold your baby in your arms after nine long months. It is a feeling that cannot be adequately put into words – It’s just awesome.

There is so much to get done from day one and your probably on the edge of freaking out, you’ve got a thousand questions running through your mind, but generally, a lot of mothers like you want to make sure the journey is a smooth one and their babies come out safe and healthy.

So here are 3 important tips to keep in mind as you get ready for your baby’s arrival.

Tip #1

Do remember to make a prenatal appointment – Usually, the first appointment is set up around the 8th week of pregnancy. You will want to go to that appointment with enough information about your medical history; this is so the doctor can plan for any complications that may occur during the pregnancy.

Tip #2

Quit alcohol, smoking and ease up on the caffeine – These substances can harm the development of your baby. While you’re at it, remember to make a list of medications you are currently on and relay this information to a doctor. The doctor will let you know which ones are safe for your baby.

Tip #3

Enroll in a childbirth education class

Tip #4

Stay away from all forms of strenuous activities and contact sports.

Tip #5

Eat well! Pregnant women require additional nutrients daily as the baby relies on its mother to survive; to help you out, here’s a useful infographic on nutrition for pregnant women.

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

Pregnant? Here

A Few Things to Understand About an Uncontested Divorce in Texas

You and your spouse can file for an uncontested divorce in the state of Texas. This can save both time and money, but you must first understand the answer to the question what is an uncontested divorce texas. The following is a quick explanation, and a few things you need to know about this procedure.

Not everyone qualifies
Obviously, neither one of you should be contesting property dispersion or other assets you may share. However, if you have real estate in both of your names or a shared retirement account, you won’t qualify for an uncontested divorce. Neither can you be going through a bankruptcy. Neither can you and your spouse have any minor children. Other than this, everything must be agreed upon in advance. The state of Texas also has residency requirements for divorce. Both you and your spouse must have resided in the state of Texas for at least six months. In addition, both of you must have lived in the county that you file for divorce in for at least three months.

There are certain required forms that must be filled out in order to be granted a divorce. Some of these forms are necessary wherever in Texas you reside, but there are forms that are specific to the county that you live in. There are websites that you can find these forms, and then download them for printing. You can also get these forms at your local court house. This latter option is often a good idea because you are assured of getting the necessary forms for your county.

Getting assistance
Even when a couple agrees on everything ahead of time, there is still the issue of filling out the paperwork properly, and then filing the forms properly. Although the process is simple to an attorney, it can be a bit intimidating for the non-lawyer. There are a few things you can do for assistance in the process. There are para-legals that can provide you with help. They are not attorneys, and can not provide you with any legal advice, but they do understand how to fill out the paperwork and can be valuable during an uncontested divorce.

A do-it-yourself uncontested divorce is not for everybody, but if you and your spouse are on good speaking terms and are able to agree on everything, it may be a good path to take. You will save a lot of money, and the process will go quickly.

Kiosks for your Sales Needs

A good company is always looking for fresh and new ways to get their product out to people. This is especially true when it comes to the food and drink industry. The restaurant industry has so many variables. One of the biggest variables is the way the cost can rise and fall at the change of the hat. Also, the real estate situation in a given market can affect the success of a restaurant or coffee shop as well.

Have you ever considered a retail kiosk for your sales needs? You may be surprised at how effective that they can be. They can help your company reduce cost and increase profits. They are also sure not to make you waste money by paying rent in an area where you aren’t going to get enough traffic to sustain your business. Here are 4 great reasons to consider a mall kiosk for your sales needs.

1. Streamlined experience – The purchasing experience is very favorable for customers when you use a kiosk. This is because it is automated and consistent. Because of this, it is easy to use. When something is easy to use people are much more likely to use it. It’s as simple as that.

2. Widened base – Because the kiosk will hopefully located in a high traffic area a lot of new customers will come across and get to try your product. The more people that come into contact with your product, the more people will be likely to buy your product. Because kiosk are small and portable, it is easy to relocate them and adjust them to meet both your needs and the needs of your customers.

3. Cost – The cost to open up and operate a mall kiosk is much cheaper than opening a traditional store front. This means that is getting your product in front of more customers and also keeping your costs much lower than they would have been. There is no better feeling as a business owner than increased profits with lowered costs.

4. Efficiency – Kiosks are consistent and reliable. They are also very efficient. Those that use them see almost no wasted money in their day to operations.

If you are looking into getting some mall kiosks for your coffee stand or food company you should look into All Star Carts. All Star Carts is one of the premier companies for providing kiosk and food cart services to businesses looking to increase their profits and stabilize their bottom line.

How to Create Nifty Ringtones by Grabbing Music from Movies

Have you ever been watching a movie and wished that you could save part of the soundtrack that really sounded amazing? What if you could take that and use it to create a ringtone for your mobile phone?

Although it may sound as though doing all of that would be a bit complicated, it really doesn’t have to be. With software such as Movavi Video Converter you can easily extract the audio from any movie and then save it in a format that is suitable for your mobile phone so that you can use it as a ringtone.

To extract the audio from a movie with Movavi Video Converter just takes a few simple steps:

  1. Add the movie that you want to convert by clicking ‘Add Video’ if it is in a video file, or ‘Add DVD’ if it is on a DVD.
  2. Select the video from the list and set the beginning and end of the music that you want to extract by moving the markers that are right under the ‘Preview’ window.
  3. Open up the ‘Convert to’ list and scroll down until you find the audio formats. Choose the one that applies to your mobile phone (normally MP3).
  4. Check the ‘Destination’ field to make sure the music will be saved in the right folder.
  5. Click ‘Convert’ to extract the music from your movie.

When you’re done, the part of the audio from the movie will be saved as an audio file in the destination folder that you specified. From there you can transfer it over to your mobile phone and set it as your ringtone.

It would be worth your while to also give the other features of Movavi Video Converter a spin to see what it is capable of. It can help you to convert and optimize your videos, convert movies to itunes, trim out unwanted segments of video, create animated GIFs, rotate the orientation of videos, improve the video quality, and much more.

For most of your day-to-day media needs, Movavi Video Converter will quite capably help you out. Whether you need to make sure your videos are compatible for other platforms, or you simply like to extract music samples from some of your other movies is up to you, and in fact you may even find that there are other possibilities you may want to pursue.

 photo 4_zpszodumbvc.png

Enjoying the Family Planning Process

If you are trying to plan a family, then you may become overwhelmed after a few months of unsuccessful attempts. Trying to conceive a child can be a frustrating process, but there are plenty of ways you can make it more enjoyable. Instead of becoming stressed and overwhelmed, focus on the experience of creating a child with your partner. This is a special time in your life, and your positive outlook will make a dramatic impact on your communication with your partner.

Be Spontaneous
While planning and timing are important parts of conceiving a child, try to stay somewhat spontaneous. Think of new ideas to bring romance into your relationship. You and your partner may enjoy a weekend getaway or a romantic evening dinner. You may need to schedule specific times to attempt planning a family, but you can also have fun during the process. Try to plan surprises for each other.

Keep Records
If you have trouble conceiving, then your doctor may want to review your schedule to help you plan the best times to attempt conception. Keep records of important dates and have them ready at your appointments with your doctor. Fertility specialists may be able to offer guidance that will let you know when the best time to try to conceive is. Taking a pregnancy test, such as a hcg combo pregnancy test, can provide results that keep you updated.

Maintain Open Communication
One of the most important things throughout the process of trying to conceive a child is to maintain communication with your partner. Focus on continuing to grow your relationship while you work toward growing your family. Offer support and encouragement to each other. Enjoy the special moments that you have with each other, and resist the urge to argue with each other if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Working with your partner and your doctor can help you successfully plan your family. As long as you are able to keep a positive attitude, then your relationship with your partner will grow stronger throughout the attempts to conceive a child together.

Renting a Photo Booth for Your Bash

If you are looking for a unique and fun way for your guests to have a good time and enjoy your party, a photo booth rental in Utah can liven up any event that you are throwing.

It’s Picture Perfect

When hosting or throwing a bash, your number one goal is to make sure that all of your guests are entertained and having a blast. Some parties can get very boring, especially if there is nothing to do or if the entertainment seems old and dull. If you are a bold and adventurous person and you have friends that live life just the way you do, rent a photo booth for your next big event. Your family and friends will be amazed at how much fun they will have, and it will keep everyone entertained and in a good mood for hours.

Please Say Cheese

A photo booth rental can be placed in any area of your party. It may be a good way for guests to mingle and get to know one another at the beginning of your bash, so the front entrance is a good spot. Guests can climb into the booth, pull the curtain, and make as many funny and crazy faces as they can imagine. At the end of the session, they will have the chance to look at and keep a copy of their pictures. You can also have a set of funny smiling faces that you know. Messages can also be written on the back of the pictures so that you can place a name with a face or feel giddy while reading a wonderful note from someone that you care about. This is a great piece of equipment to have at a wedding reception or at a birthday party. Your guests can take time to pose and smile just how they want to. Most rentals are quite affordable and everyone will have a great time using it.

A Bright Flash

Before you hire a band or singer for your next large event, think about a photo booth rental in Utah. This will entertain you and your guests for hours and everyone can have fun while snapping silly and memorable photos for you.

Appliance Repair Steps for Beginners

In your home or apartment, you have several appliances that save you a lot of time and work every day. We don’t notice them until they break down and we have to do without for a time, but before this happens, it is wise to have an idea what to do with your appliances to avoid damages, make minor repairs, or what to do in an appliance emergency. Even with all of these steps, it is wise to have a local shop that does appliance repair in Sterling Heights that you trust.


The number one key to keeping your appliances working smoothly is doing regular maintenance. What this maintenance is varies greatly from appliance to appliance and even from brand to brand. You can check the manual that came with any appliance, but if you are like most people who throw out the manuals that just gather dust, looking up the model number on the brand website can be a great place to start. If you have just purchased a home and have several maintenance questions, then calling a repair company can be a good resource of information. Some companies will offer a service to send a representative out to show you the specifics on each of the appliances you have questions.


Even with good maintenance on your appliances, time and wear will likely make any appliance need repairs. Depending on the scale of repair needed, you can look up instructions and attempt to fix it yourself, but be very deliberate and logical about these home fix repairs. If things do not go as planned, you may need to describe to a repairman what you have done and the result. Having a repairman resource can be helpful to get replacement parts as well, and save you a lot of research and work.


Emergencies strike appliances fairly infrequently, but when they do, it can be a very stressful event. This does not always mean a broken sink disposal spewing garbage back into the air; sometimes it can be as simple as a refrigerator blowing a fuse before you are about to leave for the weekend or you notice a bubble in the floor in your kitchen growing in front of the dishwasher. These are a few cases when calling in an emergency repairman will pay off. If you maintain your appliances and repair them when minor fixes are needed, you will greatly reduce the amount of emergency appliance situations you must stress over. Taking a few moments to find your own local shop for appliance repair in Sterling Heights will greatly pay off.