Undertale Books for My Girls

At first my daughters were so fond of FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) Youtube videos. They would watch tons of videos all day without getting tired of it. They would come to me and talk about this game but of course I could not relate because I am not familiar with it nor do I care to watch the videos with them. So when they speak to me, I would just hear and nod as if I understand them.

Later on, when they have watched all of the video episodes of the game they moved on to another game called “Undertale”. They know all the characters in this game just like FNAF. They are so into it that they pretend and play like one of their fave characters of the game.

My first born would accuse her little sister that she has a crush on Sans… geezzz really girl? Anyway, one time my first born came to me and asked if I could buy her at least one Undertale book. I tried looking on Amazon briefly and told her that I’m gonna do it later and that if she can ask her dada to buy her one at a local book store. They went but could not find it there so he went online and bought more than what she asked for. Spoiled girl, she got four books!

Well, it’s good though since it’s summer and to get this kid to read. There is no excuse she wouldn’t read it since she is a big fanatic of the game!

 photo undertale_zpsmlhan9zr.jpg

For the Gamer in Our House

These are the video games that my children received on Christmas. We just upgraded our PS3 to PS4 and so the husband had to buy them new games too. I hope the children won’t read this because they somehow still believe that Santa dropped off all the presents last night.

But anyway, Call of Duty game is something my first born could play and finish the entire game in no time for she likes to play a lot if I let her. She had an older version of this game and guess what? She finished the entire thing. Currently she is trying out the Plants VS Zombies, so far she is liking it and not letting her sister play with her. Nice, not nice!

 photo games_zpsiazisfvv.jpg

My Best in Flappy Bird Game

I am one of those who got hooked with Flappy Bird game on my android phone. I have been playing with it for days now although I only play this game when I have a free time or when the world around me is quiet for it requires serious attention if you aim to get your new best score.

Those who play the same game can relate. For those who do not, try playing it and I warn you, it is highly addicting. What is the difference between Flappy Bird and Angry Birds game? Flappy Bird is you are the one who gets mad when the bird hits the obstacles or pipes while the latter, it is the birds that get mad when they are being hurled at the pigs, hehe.

Anyway, here is my current best score. For a day, I was stuck to 73 then went up to 115 and last night, I went up to as far as 138 before smashing my little bird down. I thought I could not reach 100 but oh boy, I made it to 138 so far. I did not expect that, really!

 photo 72_zpse5647dac.jpg
 photo 138_zps3949ea10.jpg

New Flappy Bird Game

Great! Whoever created this game called, Flappy Bird has a brilliant mind for it got me hooked. Probably not just me but more and more people are playing this game too. Trending on Facebook right now is this game although not very many on my Facebook list discover how addictive this game can be. One of the best mobile apps I downloaded ever!

I just started playing it last night and yes, I like this game. My best so far is 14, cheers! Lol to that. What I love about this game is that it requires proper calculation as to when and how many taps you need to do in order to keep the bird safe and not hit those poles. One wrong move can screw up everything, it also takes a lot of patience and proper timing in order to go as far as 14 and so on.

I heard some people have reached 157 already. They are just amazing so to speak. As for me, I will not rush and will only do it when I have time to spare. Anyway, it’s just a game, it’s always there and not gonna go away.

 photo flap_zps4e7764dd.jpg

Having a Blast with Hangar 9 Hobby Planes and Toys

If you have some spare time at your disposal— every day or week— and you’re tired of regular pastimes like watching television or playing computer games, then you can try taking up a new hobby that is not only fulfilling, but also intellectual in nature. Having a new hobby is an entertaining way of spending your time, and it can also be a great stress-buster!

If you like working with your hands and you have a fondness for remote control or model airplanes, then you can try out hangar 9 models. When it comes to hobby planes or helicopters, different people have different preferences; some may prefer to have RTF (Ready To Fly) ones, while others may prefer to get an ARF (Almost Ready To Fly) one and assemble the same to make them RTF. The good news is that Hangar 9 offers both these types of remote controlled gas-powered, glow-powered or electric powered planes. The brand is very popular amongst those who have a hobby of collecting or making model airplanes.

One of the top reasons as to why people choose to have Hangar 9 models is because the brand is known for its reliable quality and stable control surfaces. Therefore, the brand’s entire range of models is extremely impressive and worthy of their price tags. There are lots of fun things you can do with model airplanes, helicopters, cars or guns. You can build an enviable collection of these products and show them off to your friends and family members (if you’re into these toys) or you can use these as a means of making money. There are lots of people out there who would be willing to own a rare or special model airplane and in exchange they would be willing to pay hefty sums.

Another really fun thing that you can do with your toy planes and models is to purchase an ARF model from a hobby shop. If you aren’t interested in a large airplane then you can get the smaller versions. You can then make them your own by assembling them and making them capable of flying. One would experience immense joy when the end product soars in the sky because you have made them with your own hands! If you are just starting off with the hobby of creating and assembling remote control planes then you should opt for the models recommended for beginners. Not only are these easy to assemble, but they also cost less as opposed to professional models.

If you find that you have a deeply-rooted passion for hobby planes then you can conduct some research online to find clubs in your areas whose members share the same passion as you. You can join the club in order to pick up new tips from fellow hobby plane builders, to learn new skills and also to make new friends. When you get involved in the hobby of building and collecting airplanes and model toys, you will be learning a lot from it and in the process you will also have immense fun and amusement!

Stuck at Level 147 on Candy Crush for Over a Month Now

I know a lot of people know Candy Crush game on Facebook is quite addicting. You try to play it twice or thrice then you are hook to it, that is guaranteed. I have been playing this game for a while now and I am on level 147 already. But this level is so hard to play. I have been stuck at this level for over a month now and I am not giving up.

I just have to keep playing for fun and kill my time while on the internet and go with the flow. If I get lucky, I will be able to proceed to the next level like most players did. I know I am not the only one having a hard time getting through this level, right? Sometimes I can’t help but be mad because I make it to one last jelly left but then I am out of lives, arrggsss…

 photo 7cca37cd-9730-490b-975f-1d56c1484098_zpsfc17661e.jpg

Movie Quotes About the Odds

Each one of us has his or her favorite movie and from it, we remember some of the best quotes that we would like to apply in our daily life. Some quotes are intense enough that we often use to hit someone if we don’t like them. But, as I say, we do have our own favorite quotes to live by. Here are a few movie quotes about gambling odds. Please click on the link if you are familiar in any of these or if you have watched some of the featured movies in the article and see if you can remember the quotes in there.

Most people who love to gamble or play the casino are surely familiar with all the movies mentioned in the article. Head on to the article guys and please enjoy the list of top then quotes about odds, chance, probability and gambling. Rest assured you will learn something from it and certainly entertaining.

I am not familiar with 9 movies but Casino Royale is. For me, a gamble is losing and winning but if ever I gamble and I win the first time, I would walk out the place and spend the money on things that are necessary and do not gamble again for I know for sure I will lose again.

Word Guessing Game I am Addicted to…

I love games that could keep my brain thinking. One of the many games I am currently playing in my mobile phone is this word guessing game where I am given 4 pictures that give me clues to solve the mystery word in the box below them. It is quite entertaining and I tell you, addicting too.

This game is what keeping me awake all night since I started playing it resulting to drowsiness and moody at times during the day for I feel like I am not getting enough sleep lately because of this. I am on the fourth album I believe and the farther I go, the harder the words get. Well, there are some pretty easy ones but the more you play the game and have done a lot of guessing, your mind gets tired and confused that even the simplest answer you cannot do it. What I do is take a screen shot of the pictures and share it to Facebook so my friends can help me guess the word in order to level up.

Photos below are from the actual games I’ve played. I got stuck for a few nights of each of the game. Fortunately though, some people in my Facebook helped me solve the game and I moved on to the next pictures.

 photo 909210_10151826268794517_528728402_n_zps77a0fa0f.jpg
…. there are so many possible answers for this one but it just doesn’t accept all of the words I tried to enter… the answer for this is MATCH…

 photo 908270_10151826780699517_169432716_n_zps021605ff.jpg
….. answe is FAIR

 photo 907142_10151825088344517_256579614_n_zps709e5234.jpg
….. and this is the most difficult I have played so far… the word is longer… its answer is CAMPAIGN

Stuck in Level 86 on Candy Crush

 photo candy_zps7d1818ce.png

Candy Crush could be one of the most addicting games on Facebook. Once you try playing it, you can never stop until you finish one episode, then the next one. I am one of those that whenever I get the chance to be online, rest assured the very first thing I would open is Candy Crush in the hope that I could level up and get over with level 86.

I am stuck in level 86 for more than two weeks now and it sucks big time, lol. Few of my friends who passed by me knowing that I played ahead of them. I know this is not a race but wouldn’t it be good if I can keep up with the other players? Somehow I find this level difficult because jellies are hard to remove and only 35 moves available. If I want to add more, I have to wait for friends to send me extra moves or buy more. Sometimes I get really serious of the game that I get mad when there is only one jelly left need to be removed and I am out of move. Isn’t that just annoying?

Good places to travel with casinos – Atlantic City

For a country that boasts so many excellent casino destinations, it is difficult to understand why the US still outlaws the online casinos such as www.luckynuggetcasino.com. One can only imagine that it is to protect the revenues of the real ones. One of the most exciting casino destinations in the US is Atlantic City in New Jersey.

 Atlantic City is by American standards quite small with an indigenous population of fewer than 50,000. A boom town in the early part of the twentieth century, it suffered a serious decline following the Second World War. Once a popular tourist destination, the city lost out to places such as the Bahamas and Miami Beach and many of the once crowded hotels closed down and many were demolished.

 Then in 1976 legalised gambling came to town and everything changed. Many new casinos were built and today Atlantic City, though still the second cousin to Las Vegas, is considered to be the east coast gambling capital. There are now thirteen casinos, the largest of which is Borgata on the Marina which has around 2,800 hotel rooms and was built in 2003, and the newest is the Revel in Uptown Atlantic City which was opened in 2012 and has 1,400 hotel rooms.

Naturally there is more to Atlantic City than its casinos. Its shopping areas are legendary and they can be found both in and around the actual casinos. One of the more spectacular is an underwater themed shopping centre near Caesars called Pier Shops. This four level shopping mall is located on the Million Dollar Pier and nearly all of the shops are very up market specialising in luxury goods. There are also many fine restaurants and bars. Tanger outlets on the famous boardwalk and the Tropicana Quarter with its forty stores are also well worth a visit. Sadly Atlantic City suffered a considerable amount of damage from hurricane Sandy, particularly to the Boardwalk, but don’t let that put you off. The casinos and restaurants escaped damage, and the boardwalk is being rebuilt.