Crochet Braids for a New Look

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Wigs have become popular in the entertainment and showbiz industry simply because artists can choose their look every performance they do. Imagine if you don’t have many options of wigs and all you have is wear the same boring hairstyle you currently have?

With divatress, you have thousands of wigs and hair care products to choose from. One of the best you can look at are
crochet braids. So many styles to look at from teeny curl, weezy curl and so many to mention. Length sizes vary with corresponding prices as well.

Not only people who appear on tv and concerts are so into wigs but also common people nowadays opted to wear wigs. Why? Women want to look their best going to work, mothers who are out for a group date with other mothers, students who want to feel confident in their presentation at school or those that go to night event and want to stand out in the dance floor.

Gladly companies like divatress exists to cater women’s needs for wigs. If you are looking for one and don’t know which style or color you should get, I would suggest to visit them on the link provided above and start searching according to category, featured items, clearance or on the top menu to narrow your search. Enjoy and be glad you find this awesome site for wigs.


5 Seconds of Summer Graphic Tee for my Sister

My sister who is only fifteen and is an avid fan of 5 Seconds of Summer Aussie boy band got so excited upon showing her this graphic tee I bought online only for her. I am glad I saw this online on my favorite clothing store for over 70% off. It was free shipping so I did not think twice buying this tee. Perfect for that little girl in the Philippines who would be proud wearing the name of her favorite boy band.

Although she will not receive it any sooner but once it’s in my hands, it will surely get to her when the time is right.

I understand her infatuation deeply for I was once infatuated with different boy bands in the 90’s. They were my inspiration back then and somehow gave colors to my boring high school days. Anyways, anything that has 5SOS print on it, my sister loves to have it!

Your wish is my command there, if only big sissy don’t love you, I wouldn’t care to provide your wants.

 photo 5sosshirt_zpsqtuph5g7.png

I Love Anything Western

It is when I arrived in Texas over nine years ago that I learned and appreciate anything Western whether it be boots, home decor, furniture, country music, clothing/outfit and etc. I wish we live in a Western part of the country so I will be heavily influenced by the people living in it. Somehow I would like to pretend I am one of those tough cowgirls complete with all Western clothing and accessories.

There is a stock show in Fort Worth that runs Jan-Feb 15 every year where people can come and experience a great stock show, shop and just hang out with other people. Events like this I am interested to come and dress up with my cowboy boots, jeans, a hat and of course a shirt.

With that said, I wish I can buy a new pair of cowboy boots like the one I am eyeing on at Eli Western Wear Women’s Cowboy Boots website. I already own two pairs but you know, a women can never have enough pairs of shoes, much more a boot. I got all sand-like and red/brown boot colors, a pink color for my third wouldn’t be bad just like the one in the picture below lifted from the link above.

 photo pink_zpsnanxwiik.jpg

Freebies from Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret

Love, love, love freebies! Who doesn’t? I grabbed my free travel size body lotion from Bath and Body Works a week ago and a free mini cheekster from my favorite beauty store, Victoria’s Secret. I don’t have chevron prints clothing but at least I got one underwear in chevron hehe.

It is beneficial to like stores’ Facebook Pages because you’ll get to be notified first in your wall whenever they have freebies or promotions for their loyal customers. As for Victoria’s Secret, they send coupons/freebies in the mailbox maybe one each month. Do not hesitate to give out your e-mail address once you redeem your free from them because that is how they track your purchases, if you don’t give it to them then you probably miss out some of the good stuff they are sending out to you! Just a tip from a not so savvy shopper here!

 photo 1415817_10152306840219517_1346517588_n_zpsffac8594.jpg

What’s New Out There: Fashion Inventions, Patents and Ideas

When we heard about the Google Glass or the completely solar-powered car, the transparent TV set or multifunctional credit card, we tended to think that was it, what more could tech inventors can come up with that we don’t already have? There are tons of useful, everyday – use gadgets out there for everybody, strange and very niche devices that found their area of customers too, thousands of phone apps that will someday raise the dead – considering how fast and in almost impossible ways they develop, so again…

What can be new out there?

Progress in technology doesn’t necessarily mean new, never seen before inventions, but also improvements to what we already benefit from. Think about the electronic cigarette for a second. Ten years ago, it was a strange device that released vapors instead of smoke and looked almost like a real cigarette. Did manufacturers invent a new and completely different PV? No, but they constantly improved on the models, added new features to them, changed bits and pieces and came up with brilliant additional ideas. The blu electronic cigarette charges using USB technology and the company provides its customers with a social feature that helps them find other brand users in their proximity, as their social pack emits recognizing signals when another similar pack is around. The e – cigs look almost the same, but technology evolved and is still running big steps to the next achievement. Currently, there are five patent portfolios offered by ICAP which wait for their buyers.

Tech and fashion – not their first date

 Some companies didn’t fall asleep the day they considered they offered everything they could to their customers, but rather had an energy drink and thought about their clients’ needs from all angles and perspectives. Take the iPod Shuffle and think about all the means of free-carrying it around. At some point, somebody found that is quite uncomfortable having it on you in certain situations. What happened? There, now you have the iShirt to hold your Shuffle onto. But tech and fashion go well hand in hand and this is not only about wearing a vest with sensors that allow you to play videogames while massaging your partner. We are talking about self – cleanable clothes (China is giving this idea a thought), self – perfuming business suits (a Korean idea), the anti – flatulence underwear (from Colorado with love) and other tech and fashion combinations that are surprising, to say the least. Nanotechnology seems to be the key – factor when it comes to develop new and new items and if you thought that the air-conditioned shirt was awesome, think about not having to waste water, money and time by washing clothes again.

 photo httptexas-sweetiecom_zpscbe1c3aa.jpg

What’s in store for the next generation?

This is a question with a multiverse of possible answers. When the 3D printer reached the headlines, humanity thought it was saved: now we can print food, household objects, resurrect history and save lives by being able to print viable transplant organs. But MIT is already talking about 4D printing and some scientists are heavily working on teleportation, so chances are in ten years from now, we could live longer (if not become immortal), drive flying cars or just push the “engage” button to go to work. And if we’re still talking about fashion and ideas, how long before big labels and fashion designers come up with the never-iron materials, self color-changing cloths (according to the event we want to dress up for), self-cleaning coats and hats that cast chilly shadow all around our bodies when the sun is too hot outside?

Fancy Dress Theme Ideas For Kids

Kids love to dress up, whether it is donning their parent’s clothes to feel more grown up or wearing the outfits of their favourite superheroes. With inexpensive costumes available in a myriad designs it is possible for your son or daughter to find the perfect fancy dress costume for everyday wear. Another popular use for these costumes, though, is to help create the perfect theme for a birthday party or other children’s event.

A child’s fancy dress party doesn’t have to be restricted just to the children either. Parents and older friends and family can get involved by dressing up according to the theme of the event while entertainment, food, and decorations can all be themed in the same way. Kids have an incredible level of imagination and this makes their fancy dress parties some of the most exciting and unique that you can plan.

The most important guest is, of course, the birthday boy or girl. Consider what they really love to do, which TV programs they love, and which games they enjoy playing most. Maybe your daughter loves Angry Birds or your son enjoys Ben 10. Why not theme the party around one of these ideas? Your son or daughter will be able to choose an outfit that they will really love to wear and they will see their favourite characters come to life.

Some fancy dress themes can be considered unisex. For example, animal parties mean that guests can wear animal costumes and because there’s such a good selection of costumes in this niche it means that it won’t matter whether a guest is a boy or a girl – they will be able to find a suitable outfit to wear for the occasion. Some other similarly unisex themes include decades like the 50s and 60s or Christmas.

When planning a character specific event do consider that not many boys will want to dress as Princesses or Tinkerbell and not all girls are interested in dressing up as soldiers. Combine themes so that you have a princess and pirate party. This can prove popular because not only the kids will be able to dress up in costume but you can encourage their parents and other guests to do the same, although you should consider the venue first.

Dress the room up as well as the guests. If you’re having a pirate party then hang pictures of desert islands, tropical trees, and even pictures from pirate boats. For princesses, you can create great looking castle towers on the walls of your home. A Mario party could utilise pipes and you could add pictures of Goomba on the walls as well.

It isn’t just the venue and people that you can theme either. Food, refreshments, and even the entertainment can be themed. There are many great children’s entertainers or you can even hire things like bouncy castles and soft play equipment. Create an adventure playground and treat your kids to the party that they dream of. Remember that some children will not want to get involved in all forms of entertainment so don’t get too carried away with extravagant and very specific games.

You can really let your imagination go wild when planning a kid’s party. Think back to your own childhood and consider the types of things you would have enjoyed doing at a party, ask your child’s friends for inspiration regarding what they might like to do, and ask your own son or daughter to ensure that you choose entertainment, food, and the theme that will appeal to them the most. Don’t forget your own fancy dress outfits either because you will be expected to join in.

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David writes about the changing world of how classic brands continue to offer the same range of successful products decade after decade and survive the ever changing storm in one of the world’s most competitive and fad-focussed consumer markets.

Popular Swiss Rolex Datejust Watches for Office Ladies

Office ladies can show their wonderful taste by not only carrying all kinds of luxury handbags but also wearing Swiss watches. One of the best selections is the Rolex watch which has been perceived as a synonym of personal wealth and refined taste. It is a fact that lots and lots of sumptuous Rolex watches for women have been released so as to satisfy different ladies¡¯ requirements. The following Rolex Datejust watches are indeed popular among working women who have good taste in luxuries.

 photo replica-rolex_zps90b415a1.jpg

The Oyster Perpetual Datejust Lady 31 made of fine materials such as the 18 ct yellow or Everose gold, 904L steel and platinum is a fantastic model loved by those ladies with the elegant temperament. Unable to resist the timeless beauty, so many women in the workplace have purchased the Rolex Datejust Lady 31. Another outstanding watch is the Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster released in 1992. Inlaid with emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and rubies, this Swiss watch oozes great charm. Every woman wears this Rolex Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster 29mm can effectively highlight her femininity and gracefulness. The Rolex Datejust Special Edition coming with the 34 mm case and striking motifs is also such an excellent version for office ladies. Its yellow gold and diamonds and glamorous style have caught attention. No doubt, this wristwatch is personalized and saleable.

Which Rolex Datejust watch for women do you want best? No matter which luxurious Swiss designer watch you tend to buy, you have to get ready to put a large amount of money in the first place. Doubtlessly, it costs so much if you buy a Rolex watch on sale. Try to purchase cheap watches, don¡¯t you? Take replica designer watches into account! On the Internet, replica Rolex watches including the Rolex datejust replica can for sure make you content.

I Got a Secret Reward From Victoria’s Secret Today

I had my “me” time at the mall today without kids in tow, just me and me alone. So nice to unwind without having to think of little creatures while choosing for items that I’d like to buy. One of the best buys I purchased today is a bra that cost me $21 plus including tax which is normally priced for $29.50. I got a $10 of a bra coupon plus I received a secret reward after checking out. If it is $10 that’s in the card then the bra will cost $11 final price.

I felt awful though when I tried looking on those bras from farther side of the store and they cost above $50 each. I felt so poor and as if I got burned with the prices so I head back near the entrance and bought me a Pink bra instead. I am happy of what I got because it fits me good plus it has a nice print in it.

Comfortable Nursing Scrubs

I think the most comfortable uniform that nurses can ever wear at work are nursing scrubs. Whoever started demanding nurses to wear scrubs on duty has made a good decision because at work, nurses have to be comfortable with their uniform plus these scrubs look friendly to the patients especially to children. Unlike the old traditional nursing uniform, the white ones, they look intimidating and kids will associate them as “evil” for they always remember once a person wears all white, she is a nurse and nurses love to poke needles a lot every time they enter the patient’s room.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Handbags with Top Quality and Exquisite Excellence

Your stylish handbag is the fashion accessory most probable to imprison your qualities, as well as you most likely has extremely definite flavor in fashionable handbags. Other than in case you desire to select modish handbags that not just say a bit regarding who you are, other than imitate fine on your sense of fashion, and have the funds to pay for one, you will have a tough time moving wrong with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte. Other than you require remembering that there are numbers of Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Handbags sold both online and offline mode, and you might very simply be roused into receiving one.
Earlier than you make a decision to move in look of your Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim handbags, you require taking a sensible look at your funds. A real current flavor Louis Vuitton fashionable handbag will frequently trade at approx 600 dollars or added, at the time shopped at a lofty end fashion vendor. In case that is additional than you can handle, you can appear for a pre-possess Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte at a good and famous boutique.

You will not at all move incorrect investing in the quality and superiority handbag, be it as of Louis Vuitton or a few of the additional appreciated accessory houses of the fashion. Other than in case you are required to resolve for Louis Vuitton fashionable handbags, you must still select one with the most excellent possible superiority, observance in the brain which they are hardly ever put through the similar rigorous class control analysis as the actual products. You can look at the inner side of any superior handbag you are paying attention in buying, and learn the edging of it is appears.