Rachel Peters Philippines’ Miss Universe Representative 2017

I watched the Miss Universe beauty pageant live on Fox last night and I had a great time as usual. My two girls watched it with me too which I am glad, it’s a girl thing you know. Who knows one of my girls will be encouraged to become a beauty queen when they grow older. Would really be proud if I have a beauty queen child, haha. Wishful thinking.

Anyway, Rachel Peters is this years Miss Universe contestant representing the Philippines. She is pretty and as usual, half white. Maybe that’s what is the norm these days. They no longer pick someone of pure blooded Filipina to represent the country.

I was rooting for her the entire time, of course. We were happy she got included in the top 16 and 10. But wasn’t able to get in the top 5, which is okay. I still feel proud of her.

Miss South Africa became the Miss Universe 2017, Colombia was first runner up.



Beautiful in White is Stuck in My Head

We cannot help it sometimes there is a song we just heard or is commonly played over and over again in airwaves and somehow it got stuck in our mind all day. All we gotta do is keep singing it, play the song and let it out in our mind! Though it is not a very bad thing to happen, it is indeed frustrating at times.

Beautiful in White revival by Shane Filan (one of the members of popular 90’s boy band, Westlife) is soothing. First time I heard this song when someone on my Facebook list posted a live video of Shane having a concert in their area and I got hooked by how he sung the song on stage.

So I went and bought Shane’s entire album called, “Love Always”. Now, I can listen to this wedding song as long as I like without worrying about losing it since it is stored in both ipod and iphone phone in my possession.

A lyrics for you all so you can sing along if you search the song on Youtube.


Not sure if you know this
But when we first met
I got so nervous
I couldn’t speak
In that very moment
I found the one and
My life had found its
Missing piece
So as long as I live I love you
Will have and hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now ’til my very last breath
This day I’ll cherish
You look so beautiful in white
What we have is timeless
My love is endless
And with this ring, I
Say to the world
You’re my every reason
You’re all that I believe in
With all my heart, I
Mean every word
So as long as I live I love you
Will have and hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now ’til my very last breath
This day I’ll cherish
You look so beautiful in white
And if a daughter’s
what our future holds
I hope she has your eyes
Finds love like you and I did, yeah
But when she falls in love we’ll let her go
I’ll walk her down the ailse
She’ll look so beautiful in white
You look so beautiful in white
So as long as I live I love you
Will have and hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now ’til my very last breath
This day I’ll cherish
You look so beautiful in white
You look so beautiful in white

I Got My Girls Hooked Into Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga is now in our household. It is an old movie way back when I was still new here in the US. Me and my friends watched the first movie and we all liked it, since then we looked forward when the new movie came out until we all finished all four. This was back before we had children, this brings back a lot of memories in our early years here in Texas.

Fast forward five years later or more, Twilight first movie became available on Netflix. I told my girls how nice this movie is and I want them to watch it, they had no interest at first but played it in front of them anyway. Little did I know, they got hooked with it and they felt disappointed knowing the second release isn’t available on Netflix yet so, I bought them the entire collection from Amazon!

Now that we have this, we all enjoy it and watch a movie each Saturday night. The set includes the Complete Saga and is worth ten hours of watching all the blu ray and digital features that’s in it.

These girls are lucky. During those times when I was addicted to this Saga, I did not even think of buying myself the dvds.



Say Goodbye to Your Corded Magic Sing Karaoke System

A revolutionary microphone that changed the way people sing and get entertained at home or wherever. I proudly introduce to you this cordless bluetooth microphone or karaoke system that I just bought on Amazon! You can have fun and begin singing in less than a second once you turn it on. All you have to do is charge it first and once done, go turn on your phone, connect it through your phone’s bluetooth.

Select a song of your choice on Youtube (at least that is how I find my fave songs with lyrics) and sing along with it. No more tv and karaoke set up for you that takes a long time to be done! No more flipping through songbooks and no more dangling of cords!

I am amazed of this little thing here because even when I am cooking, I can easily turn it on and sing! My 5 year-old girl can also use it conveniently anytime she wants and just enjoy using the mic for herself. If she gets tired of it, she can turn off the power button and put it aside! There are plenty of types and features of microphones of this kind on Amazon, you just have to search for the one that best suits you.

As for me, I am pleased with mine so far!


 photo mic_zpsx502lxe3.jpg

For the Gamer in Our House

These are the video games that my children received on Christmas. We just upgraded our PS3 to PS4 and so the husband had to buy them new games too. I hope the children won’t read this because they somehow still believe that Santa dropped off all the presents last night.

But anyway, Call of Duty game is something my first born could play and finish the entire game in no time for she likes to play a lot if I let her. She had an older version of this game and guess what? She finished the entire thing. Currently she is trying out the Plants VS Zombies, so far she is liking it and not letting her sister play with her. Nice, not nice!

 photo games_zpsiazisfvv.jpg

Nick Carter is a Big Turnoff For Me After His Arrest

“I am human and at times it can be a struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle. I’m not perfect and for that I am sorry,” Carter tweeted.

Nick Carter is now facing a lawsuit by a bouncer Skylar Carden after being arrested for allegedly “striking and choking” the employee at Hog’s Breath Saloon earlier in the month.  That morning the news had broke out the internet that he was arrested the night before was just very embarrassing to me as his ever great fan since I was 17. It is not an excuse for him to be human and he is not perfect, I know that, but being in an entertainment industry, much more a pop star, he should have been responsible and more careful not to mess up. He is idolized by thousands of people my age and younger but then there he was, he screwed up.

Not that I am perfect, but come on man, you are better than a drunken pop star. I have read reports on the internet about him caught drunk in the past that were resolved. Fine! Do I have to continue admiring Nick? I guess not. Things have changed and the way I see him as an “idol” since that night in Key West, FL.

Sorry Nick. It’s just my honest opinion. Such a big turnoff for me idolizing someone who went out, got drunk and assaulting people. Not an “ideal” man for me to continue being crazy about and for the young generation.


… photo not mine, courtesy by TMZ….
 photo nick_zpsmqltyujf.jpg

Philippines Crowned as Miss Universe 2015

Wow it was such an amazing night for all of us, Filipinos! Facebook right now is having a fiesta celebrating the new crowned Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach! I am one proud Filipina here! Finally, we got the crown guys!

Steve Harvey made an honest mistake, read the wrong name instead of saying Miss Colombia to be the first runner-up, he uttered Miss Philippines. He crowns the wrong Miss Universe 2015. The moment was gone, it was all taken from the real winner. It could’ve been a lot thrilling when the host spoke the right name country of the contestant.

But anyway, he admitted his mistake and he apologized. It was shown on cameras THE PHILIPPINES IS TRULY THE WINNER. The crown was handed back to our lady Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach! WAY TO GO PIA, YOU ARE MAKING US VERY PROUD OF YOU!

That precious “shocked” reaction of Pia after Harvey corrected the mistake… wow girl! I wouldn’t know how to react too if I was you.

 photo MissU_zpsw1zcppdq.jpg
 photo MissU1_zpsuwlye0x2.jpg

Miss Tennessee was My Favorite in Miss America 2015

I know when I see someone who looks pretty and if I like the way a person looks, he or she does look good in my eyes. Watching beauty pageants on t.v is one of my cup of teas to do, Miss America is one of the shows I want to sit down and watch the entire show until the end.

Of all the girls on stage last night, I only found one girl to be stunning and that was Miss Tennessee, she looked like duchess Kate of England. She looked good in her hairdo and makeup, nice slender body especially the thighs. You see, not all of those ladies in the pageant last night were sexy at least in my opinion.

I loved how she looked in her golden yellow gown during the talent portion. Both of my girls exclaimed that she was Princess Belle, which I agree. Only I was not captivated with the way she answered her question. But, she was the only bet I had last night.

 photo TN_zpsk8pe3ttf.jpg

Bachelor Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff Have Split

I was shocked one day when one of my favorite couples have split, Christ Soules and Whitney Bischoff  who got engaged in Chris’ barn in Iowa last March circled around the internet especially on Facebook. After just 6 months of being in a relationship, the two have come to an agreement to end the engagement. What a surprise for a die hard fan like me.

I may not know what’s the reason behind the split but, well, it’s their life and nothing I can do about it. For me, Whitney was too elegant/classy, has a great career to be stuck in a middle of nowhere farm of Chris. Wish them both good luck in their separate lives. I hope that Chris would not stop looking for love, for she might be somewhere in the corner nearby waiting to be found.

This couple are one of those who did not survive reality after the show. Just unfortunate of them!


Chris Soules Picked Whitney, I Liked Her

I love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows. Although for some, think they are fake. When I do like someone, I follow him or her. Chris Soules, I liked him as a person he is and I am glad he picked Whitney over Becca. He was smitten by Becca, yes but Whitney was all in and was ready for a big change of her life. She seemed genuine and sincere. All I can hope is that, their relationship will work out fine and be married for a long time just like my favorite couples in the past shows.

Couples I liked got married and are now happy in real life. These couples are Sean and Catherine, Desiree and Chris, Ashley and JP… hopefully, Chris and Whitney will be one of them who entered into the show and successfully found what they were looking for.

The couples I didn’t like were Juan Pablo/Nicky, Ben/Courtney, Emily/Jeff, Jake/Vienna, Andy/Josh all split up in just a matter of short period of time after the reality shows ended. Why? Because, these people I believe were fake and just for the publicity and fame’s sake why they got into the show. Also, strong and different personalities of the partners they chose to pick play a big factor as to why their relationships did not succeed.

The most shocking event I cannot forget and will never forget was of Andy and Josh, they were acting as if inlove, so into each other together during the Premiere of that event on t.v sometime in 2014 and then two days after they publicly announced that they have broken up. Yucks!

 photo whitney_zpsekwajbcr.jpg