For the Gamer in Our House

These are the video games that my children received on Christmas. We just upgraded our PS3 to PS4 and so the husband had to buy them new games too. I hope the children won’t read this because they somehow still believe that Santa dropped off all the presents last night.

But anyway, Call of Duty game is something my first born could play and finish the entire game in no time for she likes to play a lot if I let her. She had an older version of this game and guess what? She finished the entire thing. Currently she is trying out the Plants VS Zombies, so far she is liking it and not letting her sister play with her. Nice, not nice!

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Nick Carter is a Big Turnoff For Me After His Arrest

“I am human and at times it can be a struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle. I’m not perfect and for that I am sorry,” Carter tweeted.

Nick Carter is now facing a lawsuit by a bouncer Skylar Carden after being arrested for allegedly “striking and choking” the employee at Hog’s Breath Saloon earlier in the month.  That morning the news had broke out the internet that he was arrested the night before was just very embarrassing to me as his ever great fan since I was 17. It is not an excuse for him to be human and he is not perfect, I know that, but being in an entertainment industry, much more a pop star, he should have been responsible and more careful not to mess up. He is idolized by thousands of people my age and younger but then there he was, he screwed up.

Not that I am perfect, but come on man, you are better than a drunken pop star. I have read reports on the internet about him caught drunk in the past that were resolved. Fine! Do I have to continue admiring Nick? I guess not. Things have changed and the way I see him as an “idol” since that night in Key West, FL.

Sorry Nick. It’s just my honest opinion. Such a big turnoff for me idolizing someone who went out, got drunk and assaulting people. Not an “ideal” man for me to continue being crazy about and for the young generation.


… photo not mine, courtesy by TMZ….
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Philippines Crowned as Miss Universe 2015

Wow it was such an amazing night for all of us, Filipinos! Facebook right now is having a fiesta celebrating the new crowned Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach! I am one proud Filipina here! Finally, we got the crown guys!

Steve Harvey made an honest mistake, read the wrong name instead of saying Miss Colombia to be the first runner-up, he uttered Miss Philippines. He crowns the wrong Miss Universe 2015. The moment was gone, it was all taken from the real winner. It could’ve been a lot thrilling when the host spoke the right name country of the contestant.

But anyway, he admitted his mistake and he apologized. It was shown on cameras THE PHILIPPINES IS TRULY THE WINNER. The crown was handed back to our lady Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach! WAY TO GO PIA, YOU ARE MAKING US VERY PROUD OF YOU!

That precious “shocked” reaction of Pia after Harvey corrected the mistake… wow girl! I wouldn’t know how to react too if I was you.

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Miss Tennessee was My Favorite in Miss America 2015

I know when I see someone who looks pretty and if I like the way a person looks, he or she does look good in my eyes. Watching beauty pageants on t.v is one of my cup of teas to do, Miss America is one of the shows I want to sit down and watch the entire show until the end.

Of all the girls on stage last night, I only found one girl to be stunning and that was Miss Tennessee, she looked like duchess Kate of England. She looked good in her hairdo and makeup, nice slender body especially the thighs. You see, not all of those ladies in the pageant last night were sexy at least in my opinion.

I loved how she looked in her golden yellow gown during the talent portion. Both of my girls exclaimed that she was Princess Belle, which I agree. Only I was not captivated with the way she answered her question. But, she was the only bet I had last night.

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Bachelor Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff Have Split

I was shocked one day when one of my favorite couples have split, Christ Soules and Whitney Bischoff  who got engaged in Chris’ barn in Iowa last March circled around the internet especially on Facebook. After just 6 months of being in a relationship, the two have come to an agreement to end the engagement. What a surprise for a die hard fan like me.

I may not know what’s the reason behind the split but, well, it’s their life and nothing I can do about it. For me, Whitney was too elegant/classy, has a great career to be stuck in a middle of nowhere farm of Chris. Wish them both good luck in their separate lives. I hope that Chris would not stop looking for love, for she might be somewhere in the corner nearby waiting to be found.

This couple are one of those who did not survive reality after the show. Just unfortunate of them!


Chris Soules Picked Whitney, I Liked Her

I love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows. Although for some, think they are fake. When I do like someone, I follow him or her. Chris Soules, I liked him as a person he is and I am glad he picked Whitney over Becca. He was smitten by Becca, yes but Whitney was all in and was ready for a big change of her life. She seemed genuine and sincere. All I can hope is that, their relationship will work out fine and be married for a long time just like my favorite couples in the past shows.

Couples I liked got married and are now happy in real life. These couples are Sean and Catherine, Desiree and Chris, Ashley and JP… hopefully, Chris and Whitney will be one of them who entered into the show and successfully found what they were looking for.

The couples I didn’t like were Juan Pablo/Nicky, Ben/Courtney, Emily/Jeff, Jake/Vienna, Andy/Josh all split up in just a matter of short period of time after the reality shows ended. Why? Because, these people I believe were fake and just for the publicity and fame’s sake why they got into the show. Also, strong and different personalities of the partners they chose to pick play a big factor as to why their relationships did not succeed.

The most shocking event I cannot forget and will never forget was of Andy and Josh, they were acting as if inlove, so into each other together during the Premiere of that event on t.v sometime in 2014 and then two days after they publicly announced that they have broken up. Yucks!

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“Two Wives” November 4 Episode Trended Worldwide

I am not much of a soap-opera person but I am following the only Filipino tv show “Two Wives” I am interested watching. This is the only thing I look forward to watching every afternoon even though it is thought-provoking series. As it goes on, I can’t help but be furious of the story especially last November 4 episode when Yvonne pleaded for her husband to come back and not leave her while she was down on her knees.

That is just unbelievable that directors and whoever they are behind this series, they make it look like the real wife is a loser and a martyr. This only shows a wife’s weakness instead the mistress should be the one pleading.

If I was the one who got betrayed by my husband in real life, there is no way I would do that like in the series, it is clear that once a husband cheated on his wife it means he doesn’t love her nor respect her anymore, so what’s the use of keeping him in my life?

MANILA – A pleading Kaye Abad in “Two Wives” stirred buzz online on Tuesday, making the primetime series a worldwide trend on Twitter.

In the November 4 episode of “Two Wives,” a desperate Yvonne (Abad) asked her husband, Victor (Jason Abalos), not to leave her and their son for Janine (Erich Gonzales), his mistress.

Kneeling at one point, Yvonne even asked forgiveness from her husband for saying hurtful things when she first found out about his infidelity. Unmoved, Victor left and sped off in his car. Yvonne ran after him, only to end up on her knees out on the street.

The dramatic scene drew strong reactions from viewers online, with some feeling sorry for Abad’s character and others expressing their anger at Victor. There were also netizens who said they could not wait for Yvonne’s transformation and revenge. You can read more and watch the video on ABS CBN link here.

Enjoying Season 4 of The Walking Dead

While most The Walking Dead viewers are enjoying the most exciting first episode of season 5, we, on the other hand are savoring season 4 episodes. Once we turn on Netflix and watch this show, the entire family including the children and the dog is assured to sit on the chair and crowding the t.v room. Yes, that’s how captivating it is for us!

I asked one night from the husband if we can watch one episode of it and he refused for he needed to finish that long boring movie on DVD of his first, besides, he doesn’t want to watch the rest of the unseen episodes of The Walking dad fast for he doesn’t want it to be over too soon. He has a point there. When I love the show very much, I want to watch it slow.

I just don’t understand Netflix why it would take them ages before they could put the next season soon. That would make us so far behind of what is currently showing. Sadly, we don’t have a cable tv service so we don’t have much of a choice but wait.

McLeod’s Daughters on DVD

When Netflix took off McLeod’s Daughters from streaming, I was dismayed big time! But then they made it available on DVD, I felt a bit better because at least I can still watch it without going through the hassle of searching the remaining episodes I haven’t watched on Youtube.

I have watched two dvds of this show already and is about to start the new Season of it. Getting McLeod’s Daughters on DVD is troublesome, I have to wait for it to come in the mail which takes three days at the most before it gets here. But what else can I do? I guess this is better than not having to watch it anymore.

Anyway, I am so excited watching Season 6 tonight, I wanna know if Nick is alive or was it just Tess’ dream?

So RUDE of Netflix for Removing McLeod’s Daughters from Streaming

McLeod’s Daughters is probably one of the nicest shows on Netflix that I have been watching. It’s not just me who loves it but a few of my friends as well. I am on Season 4, Episode 19 and was really looking forward to continue watching it only to be dismayed one night that Netflix removed it from streaming.

What the H is going on with this company? I can’t believe how rude they treat their customers are, we pay our monthly bills for good shows and this is what we get from them? I am kind of relieved after reading tons of disappointed customers leaving their sentiments on the website URGING Netflix to put it back on streaming.

I am not alone in this, together we can make the company bring our favorite show back. As one of the customers said,
“I spoke with a customer service rep from Netflix today. He said Mcleod’s daughters would return that the company was just doing general maintenance on the program. I tried to press him for a timeline but he refused. Hope it is soon. We love the show!!!” which I hope it is just temporary and that Netflix will LISTEN to us!

Little do they know that this good show is part of my evening, I watch an episode or two each night before going to bed and how come they just took it off just like that? I don’t get it!

Here, I attached a screenshot of some of the unhappy customers about what they had to say of the recent removal of McLeod’s Daughters.

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