I Love My Studded Rhinestone Bling Iphone Case

I know I already have 3 other cases for my Iphone yet I can’t seem to stop buying more. I have an otter defender case with built-in screen protector yet I am not using it. I used it for a while and got tired of it so I bought another one and another one…

The latest purchase is this Studded Rhinestone Bling Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Defender Protective Case because it is so stinky cute! I love the color combo as well as the cute owl design on the back. Another plus is that it has a round opening on the back that does not cover the “apple” logo of the original casing of the phone.

I also bought a glass screen protector to provide extra protection for my phone for I know full well I am gonna drop this phone in the future due to clumsiness. It is just right that to get the protection it deserves for I bought it with my own money from my own hard work.

For just $8 on Amazon, I got me the cutest iphone case cover on earth!

 photo cp_zpso6ggwcah.jpg

 photo cp1_zpsxy8u1myq.jpg

My 8th Free Victoria’s Secret Panty

It wasn’t long ago when I shopped at the Victoria’s Secret store at the mall and here they are again sending me another freebies. It is going to be my 8th free panty from them, another $10 off a bra plus a free V-neck tee if I shop from April 24-30. Awesome!

V.S has been the only store I shopped for panties or bras. It’s the only store that I will be interested shopping for these particular items because of their great comfort, good quality materials used in their bras or clothing, fun and colorful prints in bras and panties and most of all the FREEBIES. How about you people, what store do you usually shop for underwear or lotion? Do you find Victoria’s Secret store fun to shop?

My 7th Free Panty From Victoria’s Secret

Awwwww jumping up and down for this new free panty coupon from Victoria’s Secret that arrived yesterday and take note a $5 tote this time. I would definitely get the tote when I’ll be able to go visit their store at the mall. This is gonna be my 7th panty from them. Coooool! Oh, I almost forgot I have that secret reward card too maybe I can use it to grab other items at VS rather than just claiming the free item.

Baseball Equipment

Summer season is coming up. I so look forward to it for I have enough of the cold temperature. My body yearns for a change in temperature. I bet Spring is coming soon since we are now in the third day of March so it should be here soon. After Spring, people, athletes, players and others that are so into sports like baseball are getting ready for the upcoming baseball games. For sure they are all excited to buy or gather all the Baseball Equipment they need to complete the fun in playing this game.Baseball is as popular as football I shall say. People or family would gather together in one house to watch the game all together on t.v. which is cool. This way they get to create a bond together only them can. For some, they prefer to watch baseball with friends for it is a lot of fun make some loud noise, cheering for their favorite team.As for me, I do watch baseball game but I am not so addicted to it. I only watch it when I got nothing else on t.v. I would rather watch this sport than listening or tuning in to political news. Just not my cup of tea eh no matter how my husband convince me to at least be aware of the political on goings.

Wedding Favors

Are you getting married soon? Have you decided what color your wedding motif is going to be? If yes then you can now choose your Wedding Favors that match your desired motif. Weddingstar has the perfect wedding favors, wedding decorations and wedding cake toppers to make your wedding day uniquely special and the most memorable one. Choose from over 658 wedding favor items on the website and try to compare prices. Look closely which one you like best that has the best price of all. You can either choose from traditional to contemporary.As we all know today’s brides continue to search for unique Weddingstar wedding accessories that reflect their personal style for the last 25 years and for that the company is striving hard to provide its clients the beautiful accessories they can never find elsewhere.One best example wedding favor I found eye catching to me is the picture attached above. It is a Miniature Clear Blown Glass Heart Vase as low as $3.98 USD. It is a beautiful token of your wedding indeed, right?
These clear glass heart-shaped vases make a perfect take-away favor for your guests. Will serve as beautiful table decorations and then further enjoyed at home,long after your big day.