I Love My Studded Rhinestone Bling Iphone Case

I know I already have 3 other cases for my Iphone yet I can’t seem to stop buying more. I have an otter defender case with built-in screen protector yet I am not using it. I used it for a while and got tired of it so I bought another one and another one…

The latest purchase is this Studded Rhinestone Bling Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Defender Protective Case because it is so stinky cute! I love the color combo as well as the cute owl design on the back. Another plus is that it has a round opening on the back that does not cover the “apple” logo of the original casing of the phone.

I also bought a glass screen protector to provide extra protection for my phone for I know full well I am gonna drop this phone in the future due to clumsiness. It is just right that to get the protection it deserves for I bought it with my own money from my own hard work.

For just $8 on Amazon, I got me the cutest iphone case cover on earth!

 photo cp_zpso6ggwcah.jpg

 photo cp1_zpsxy8u1myq.jpg

I Found an Old Coin

I found this coin in my first born’s school ground last Thursday. I picked it up simply because it is money and I don’t normally see lost coins in the streets of America. It is money by the way! I was amazed to find out that it is from 1965 which existed 48 years before I was born in this world.

I am keeping this coin and separate it from the rest. 1965 coin is heavy compared to the new ones today. You don’t feel them like real coins anymore. If you would look at them, they are almost like the “play coins”, are very light too! I thought I beat my husband for the oldest coin but guess not. He had found coins in the 1940’s and are keeping them in the safe.

I didn’t really value old coins, didn’t care too much about them until I found one and that is when I realized that someday they can make a good collection and somebody would want to buy them from us with a pretty good amount of money.

 photo coin_zps1084775c.jpg