Knowing the Kind of Car Best Suited for Your Family

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Granted, there are so many vehicle models and types out there, it is easier to know what to buy when you are single. You just have to know what you want and the style appropriate for your lifestyle. However, when you are married and your family starts to grow, anticipating for a newborn to come will tremendously change everything! A four-door sedan might be okay at first but as the baby grows, the need for more space in the car to fit everything from stroller, diaper bags, groceries and luggage when you all decide to go out of town requires a much bigger trunk space.

Then, sooner you will have to think about upgrading your car to an SUV or minivan. Yes, right a bigger SUV to ensure it meets the criteria for the needs of your growing family. Take a look at this beautiful SUVs on I love this website for it provides an information a buyer should know before making a purchase. On their site alone, a potential buyer can watch videos and reviews, do an intensive research about cars and the prices of the new or used vehicles or he can very well have a choice to sell his current car to a dealer or sell it himself. Not only that, he can also find out his car’s worth.

There’s just so much good information about this website when it comes to cars that I highly recommend it to those who are looking to buy, sell or just want to know more about cars.

As for our family, we are now having a medium-sized SUV for our family and there is no regret we bought it because traveling 3-6 hours to the country or vice versa is so much easier and comfortable. Everybody is liking it and I am happy to share a picture to you all of our family vehicle below.

This is a picture of the late model Volkswagen Tiguan with 16 5-star reviews on it on Pretty isn’t it?

Then here’s our 2006 Lexus RX 330, we bought it used three years ago and we are still appreciating its comfort it gives us during our long road trip.

The Facts about Your Car’s Lifeblood

Your car, though it is a machine, requires vital fluids to keep it running, much like the blood that runs through your veins. Gasoline, motor oil, and antifreeze/coolant can be considered the lifeblood of your car’s system. If they are missing or badly degraded, your car will incur some costly repairs. In order to protect your investment, you need to know how to fill, check the quality of, and change these vital fluids on a regular basis. Click here for sites that can help you keep your car in excellent working order no matter what kind of performance you demand.


True or false: higher octane gas provides higher performance capabilities to your car’s engine. The answer is false, so you can stop fretting about paying even more at the pump than you already do. The owner’s manual will tell you the specific octane level on which your car runs best (and for most cars, that level is 87 for unleaded regular), and there is no need to exceed that level thinking that you’ll get better performance or that special additives will keep your engine cleaner. There are no advantages to paying more for higher octane fuel than your car requires. So quit pumping in premium gas when all you need is regular unleaded. You’ll save enough cash to buy a drink with every fill-up.

Motor Oil

New oil looks like a slightly milky, light colored fluid. As it does its job, which is to clean, lubricate, cool, and cushion moving engine parts, it also holds onto sludge and chemical contaminants in suspension, which turns the once light colored fluid more amber and opaque. At about 3,000 miles or so, the oil is very dark brown or black and needs to be changed. The dark color means that the oil is doing its job, not that something is wrong with your engine. However, if you don’t change the oil on a regular basis, your engine could definitely suffer as a result.

Oil facts: you most likely don’t have to change your oil with the seasons if you are using 5W-30 or 10W-30; and synthetic oils are great at taking care of your engine and last longer than conventional oil, though you will need to change the filters more often to remove contaminants.


Antifreeze/coolant protects your car’s engine from the ravages of extreme cold and heat. You can buy it pre-mixed for convenience and just top off the reservoir as needed. It is recommended that you get a complete flushing every two years because the fluid’s anti-corrosive and lubricating additives wear out, even if your engine is still protected from temperature extremes. Failure to get regular antifreeze/coolant flushes can result in excessive corrosion that leads to radiator damage, a clogged heater core, will ruin the thermostat, and can even cause the water pump to fail. By taking care of your car’s vital fluids, you can prevent many inconvenient and costly repairs. Click here to find a dealer that will help you maintain your car’s lifeblood.

Support Your Local Car Dealer

The world economy seems to have taken the wind out of the sails of the buy local movement. If everything is interconnected than why should anyone worry about where the stuff people buy comes from? The problem is that at the peak of the global economy, the world is ignoring the very real threat of peak oil. Buying local is the only good way to make sure that local businesses survive and can provide for your needs when transportation costs become too much for companies to bear. Chevy cars for sale in Wheeling, IL, are a good example of things that people should buy to benefit the local economy.

Chevy Cars

Chevrolet is a great American company, so even if the parts are outsourced, the profits come back to strengthen the American economy, and the infrastructure is in place so that the company can continue to supply cars to the dealers.

The Dealership

The dealership in Wheeling provides jobs for people who live in the area. Those people pay taxes, own homes or rent apartments, see movies, buy food and take in entertainment. Chances are that they also donate to local charities. Buying a car from your local dealer strengthens the local economy in those ways that have to deal with the people who work there and the shops they support.

Peak Oil

With Canadian companies looking to invest in oil sands development in the United States, people can already see that the fossil fuel industry is scraping the bottom of the oil barrel to supply the petroleum needed to sustain the developed nations’ lifestyles. Some experts believe that the peak of world oil production has already passed and that it will continue to decline until there is another energy source that can take its place. If you are in the market for a vehicle, your best bet is to look at Chevy cars for sale in Wheeling, IL, and to find the one that gets the best gas mileage. Choosing a hybrid or all electric may be your best choice for the future as you seek to hedge against rising fuel costs.

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