Undertale Books for My Girls

At first my daughters were so fond of FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) Youtube videos. They would watch tons of videos all day without getting tired of it. They would come to me and talk about this game but of course I could not relate because I am not familiar with it nor do I care to watch the videos with them. So when they speak to me, I would just hear and nod as if I understand them.

Later on, when they have watched all of the video episodes of the game they moved on to another game called “Undertale”. They know all the characters in this game just like FNAF. They are so into it that they pretend and play like one of their fave characters of the game.

My first born would accuse her little sister that she has a crush on Sans… geezzz really girl? Anyway, one time my first born came to me and asked if I could buy her at least one Undertale book. I tried looking on Amazon briefly and told her that I’m gonna do it later and that if she can ask her dada to buy her one at a local book store. They went but could not find it there so he went online and bought more than what she asked for. Spoiled girl, she got four books!

Well, it’s good though since it’s summer and to get this kid to read. There is no excuse she wouldn’t read it since she is a big fanatic of the game!

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Lots of Books

I am not a crazy book reader myself but for the sake of my children, I will read them books as there are benefits to reading books to the children from ages 0-5. Fortunately, they love books but it is me who gets lazy sometimes and I ignore their request.

When I have some time to spare, I call both of my girls and let each child choose a book of their choice for me to read to them. My 7 years old girl knows how to read now but for some reason, she still wants me to read to her or she may just be too lazy to read on her own. My 4-year old doesn’t read yet but she loves every book I read to her.

Anyway, talking about books. We bought lots of books last weekend for they were really at deep discounts. We bought a couple and only cost us $21. 3 bibles for almost new at $3 each and the rest of children’s books are 3/$1. I love the price but sadly, the books I really wanted to buy that day were gone. I so wanted to by my sister all three copies of the Hunger Games books. ¬†First¬†picture below are all for my sister, hope she likes the ones I chose for her. They will not be shipped though until I come visit again to my home country in two years.

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Set of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Books at Amazon for Under $10

My little sister in the Philippines is an avid fan of Twilight. She has a dvd collection of the movie and have watched them several times over. That only say one thing, she is a fan! When I was in the Philippines, I have given her two of my books so that she can read it and add to her collection. She even asked me if I can buy her the two remaining books so it will be complete but then I refused as I was low on funds while being there.

She reminded me again of my promise to her recently and how could I say no to her? Yes, I searched for the book and found this set. I was not gonna buy all 4 but it is cheaper compared to buying individually. Fortunately, I found this set for just $8.84 plus it’s eligible for Prime shipping. These are used books but all pages are intact although the covers are showing signs of use.

Final amount I paid $2.62 for it since I used my remaining balance of my gift card in Amazon. You see, you don’t need to pay full amounts on things when you know you can get them for cheap prices. There are plenty of ways to save money when shopping, it just take time, patience and a bit of searching on the internet in order to find it.

I am happy of my purchase and sure my sister will be glad too.

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Bringing Mulligan Home Book has a Lot of Good War Stories

I am not a book worm, I am not an avid book reader either but once I feel like reading, rest assured I stick to a whole book until I read the entire thing. First book that got me to buy is what I am currently reading titled “Bringing Mulligan Home” by Dale Maharidge It has a lot of good war stories from World War II.

I don’t like history, it puts me to sleep. It is hard to memorize all the dates and people involved with it but this book got me into reading and I actually find it very interesting. I got curious if the author, the son of a WWII veteran (Steve – who couldn’t forget about his buddy). It was on Reader’s Digest when I read part of his story and bought the book itself so I would know if Dale was able to bring back the remains of Mulligan home.

All in all, it is a pretty good book, I should say. I am learning from it and enjoying it at the same time.

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