The Ferberization Method – Here’s How it Works

Getting home with your first baby can be incredibly exciting. You’ve baby proofed the house and picked out the perfect stroller. Then, after a few sleepless nights you realize that you need a plan for getting the baby to sleep.

The Ferber Method or Ferberization is a training exercise invented by Dr Robert Ferber, which encourages your little one to cry himself to sleep. Please be assured that this is in no way as terrible as it sounds. There are a number of misconceptions about this training which are mostly unfounded as parents have embraced this strategy for decades.

It’s understandable that most new parents would have fears of allowing their babies cry for long periods of time but rest assured that your baby is on a learning curve and is perfectly safe.

Before embarking on this training, ensure you seek the advice of your baby’s doctor to be certain that your baby’s respiratory system is in top condition. This exercise for most babies involves crying, and some babies cry a bit more than others.

During Ferberization, you are allowed to check in on your little one at intervals without any physical comforting.Make sure your baby is well fed, is wearing comfortable clothing and is in a safe environment before commencing training. A baby with a full tummy would sleep much better.

The time durations to let your baby “cry it out” should range from 3 to 5 minutes with a 5 minute increase each night. But it is not meant to be rigid so you are allowed to alter the time intervals to suit your baby. This training could last for a few days or even up to weeks, depending on the temperament of your little one.

If your baby is still resistant to the training after several weeks then take a break for awhile before starting again. Practise makes perfect so be ready to give up some personal sleep time to help your baby during this learning phase.

For more information on Ferberization, here’s an infographic to help you understand it better:


Princess Pop Star- The New Favorite Movie to Watch

My second born is just a month away from turning two years old. Yes, she is that big now. She has grown so fast that I didn’t even know it. At her age, she knows what she wants, she now starts to scribble, distinguishing colors, shapes and learning slowly her ABC’s. When it comes to movies or shows, plenty of kiddie shows on Netflix that she likes or even in local channels but there is this one movie that she recently loves to watch called Princess Pop star by Disney.

It is a dvd that my sister owns in the Philippines that I asked to bring here in the US since both of my girls, the feeling princesses girls of mine love the movie so much. Last night, Megan have watched it for three times and if it wasn’t time for bed, she wouldn’t stop watching it. Even I, the adult loves this particular Princess movie. It has a lot of singing that I can’t help but sing along. It is a pretty movie to watch for girls.

 photo 1057944_10152004722654517_795490191_n_zpse47bbbe0.jpg

Baby Bump #2

It’s my first time to post my baby bump today. These were taken yesterday by the garden for people who are curious how big my belly is. I will be in my 4 months pregnancy this 24th so this is how I biad biad na gamay buyag tawn. Gender will be revealed in 4 weeks time. I am anxious to know what my baby number 2 is gonna be… Any bet out there?

Something Is Going On

I’ve been trying to train my big girl to poop in the toilet for almost a week now but she doesn’t seem cooperating with me. I no longer allow her to use pull-up pants or diaper so she would be encouraged to relieve herself in the bathroom but no matter how I try, she keeps on pooping in her pants. If I have to tell her several times that it’s good to always use the bathroom, I will do it. I just have to be patient with her until that day comes she will finally defecate in the proper place.
Photo above is showing something is up with her. She wouldn’t wanna walk for she was afraid something would fall off her pants. Can you guess what she was doing or just did in this picture?? Silly girl just being stubborn and always resisting with mommy.

You Tube(ing)

Here’s what to be the usual scene back home in Fort Worth during my baby’s normal hours. She spend most of her time on the computer you tube(ing). What she does on you tube? She loves watching cartoon movies like chip and dale with donald duck and mickey mouse. Browsing for online videos is her favorite thing to do these days and she does it with passion, lolz. I caught her so focused and serious on her video that she didn’t know I was behind her taking a snap… and then there’s the sound of clicks and flash that caught her attention and turned her head to mommy for more photos.

Smart Girl

My big girl knows how to adjust the volume of her computer now. She somehow saw me  I turned the volume down one time and she remembers it, knows exactly what button or icon to click in order to do it. I kept wondering why for some reason her computer gets too loud at times because I don’t remember I raise the volume of the computer up to 100. It would always just be in the middle of the bar or lower.
This morning she did it in front of me which concluded that she is the one who adjusted the volume whenever she uses her computer. I was asking myself, how could this baby so smart? She has a brain of a sponge, it absorbs quickly and once the information is there it will never go away. Imagine a two and a half year old knows what’s loud or low volume, turning on and off her computer and most of all she manage to watch cartoon videos on youtube without me helping her.

Eating Hipon or Shrimp Paste

Jadyn has no problem living in the Philippines for she is pretty much adapted to Filipino foods. The moment she was introduced to solid foods up ’till now, all I am giving her is my own cooking or anything that is Pinoy. Her favorites are shrimp paste or hipon and dried fish. There are times when she wakes up and the first thing she could utter is “buwad or dried fish”, she would say mommy give me buwad.
Nothing is more flattering than my American baby patronizing my stinky foods rather than American foods. I tell you what she cannot even swallow a single bite of french fry. She also doesn’t like eating deep fried foods like chicken nuggets. What have I done to my baby? Nyaaahaha

Crying Baby

I posted all three photos of Jadyn crying like that in the picture on Facebook and many said she looks cuter when she cries. I agree with them, she does look cute indeed. I like it when she cries like because I find it entertaining. I like teasing my own baby when I am bored, thankfully I have someone to be fooling around here when I have nothing else to do. Poor girl, so helpless couldn’t even defend herself from a monster mommy.


Please is the word that my Jadyn can easily say these days when she wants something. Whatever this something is, the magic word please is always there at the end of her words that makes my heart jump for joy for she is showing sign of respect to adults at her tender age. Jadyn is a smart girl and I find her easy to learn when I teach her something new. As you all know, she already knew her alphabet letters before she could turn two and now she is good at identifying each letter although she can’t sing the song. Aside from that, Jadyn knows the basic or primary colors, numbers from 1-5, the different basic shapes and most all she likes one specific song she’d like me to sing for her in bed, Five Little Monkeys. I am going to share a video of the song in my next post so you all can sing this to your little monkeys too.

Now A Little Talker

What happen to my newborn that used to just cry when she needed something? She just grew so fast and I didn’t know it. From crying U-H-A newborn now a toddler that says a lot of words is what my Jadyn has become. My baby girl just never stop surprising me!
She tickled my veins when earlier this morning I let her play outside. She was there for maybe half an hour and when it was time for her to go inside for a nap, I went outside only to find her sitting on a dirt under the trees way beyond the fence part of the backyard.
I came to her and said Jadyn let’s go inside now. You know what she replied at me people? She was saying “bye, see you wrayter!” While saying that she actually WAVED HER HAND! Huh? I was like, wowwwwwwwww my Jadyn really is big now! I thought she was the cutest kid I’ve seen after she said those words to me.