Rachel Peters Philippines’ Miss Universe Representative 2017

I watched the Miss Universe beauty pageant live on Fox last night and I had a great time as usual. My two girls watched it with me too which I am glad, it’s a girl thing you know. Who knows one of my girls will be encouraged to become a beauty queen when they grow older. Would really be proud if I have a beauty queen child, haha. Wishful thinking.

Anyway, Rachel Peters is this years Miss Universe contestant representing the Philippines. She is pretty and as usual, half white. Maybe that’s what is the norm these days. They no longer pick someone of pure blooded Filipina to represent the country.

I was rooting for her the entire time, of course. We were happy she got included in the top 16 and 10. But wasn’t able to get in the top 5, which is okay. I still feel proud of her.

Miss South Africa became the Miss Universe 2017, Colombia was first runner up.



Knowing the Kind of Car Best Suited for Your Family

This is a sponsored post written by me.

Granted, there are so many vehicle models and types out there, it is easier to know what to buy when you are single. You just have to know what you want and the style appropriate for your lifestyle. However, when you are married and your family starts to grow, anticipating for a newborn to come will tremendously change everything! A four-door sedan might be okay at first but as the baby grows, the need for more space in the car to fit everything from stroller, diaper bags, groceries and luggage when you all decide to go out of town requires a much bigger trunk space.

Then, sooner you will have to think about upgrading your car to an SUV or minivan. Yes, right a bigger SUV to ensure it meets the criteria for the needs of your growing family. Take a look at this beautiful SUVs on Car.com. I love this website for it provides an information a buyer should know before making a purchase. On their site alone, a potential buyer can watch videos and reviews, do an intensive research about cars and the prices of the new or used vehicles or he can very well have a choice to sell his current car to a dealer or sell it himself. Not only that, he can also find out his car’s worth.

There’s just so much good information about this website when it comes to cars that I highly recommend it to those who are looking to buy, sell or just want to know more about cars.

As for our family, we are now having a medium-sized SUV for our family and there is no regret we bought it because traveling 3-6 hours to the country or vice versa is so much easier and comfortable. Everybody is liking it and I am happy to share a picture to you all of our family vehicle below.

This is a picture of the late model Volkswagen Tiguan with 16 5-star reviews on it on Cars.com. Pretty isn’t it?

Then here’s our 2006 Lexus RX 330, we bought it used three years ago and we are still appreciating its comfort it gives us during our long road trip.

Filipino Christmas Songs to Remember How We Celebrate Christmas in the Philippines

In past Christmases I avoided listening to Filipino Christmas songs for I know how they would affect me emotionally. They make me homesick and there is no cure to that except buying a ticket and visit home. While I may not have a problem for tickets but I just can’t do it in December, my kids are in school and I wouldn’t be happy leaving them while I enjoy my days in the Philippines. They like it there too and want to bring them with me, only not in December though.

Anyway, I am braving myself to listen to these songs these days, as expected it touched me and how I wish I could be with my little siblings this Christmas. While the songs touch me emotionally, at the same time they bring back lots of memories of my life while growing up poor. These songs used to be played over many times on radio stations when I was a child, they sure are soothing and relaxing to listen to.

One of the memories I have when I was  a child, I really believed that Santa was real and that he would come in our house one night. So, I hung my white sock outside the window and hopeful it will be loaded with sweet goodies when I wake up in the morning. But to my dismay, it was EMPTY! Like it was untouched in the same place exactly where I hung it that night. I was so disappointed and from then on, I did not ever wish to have a gift or someone would really give me something nice ever again.

Instead, I become a giver to my family and some relatives years later after I got married to my husband. It sure feels nice to give and see those children’s faces when I handed them candies/chocolates. Looking forward to going home next summer and see my little brother and sister again and hopefully visit my cousins in the province to hand out candies.

Classic or Electronic: Which Drum Set is Right for the Style of Music You Want to Play

Investing in a drum set is a big decision to make so you want to make sure you get one that’s perfect for you. Once you’ve decided this is your instrument of choice, the first dilemma you will be confronted with is picking between electronic and classic or acoustic drums. The type of music you want to place, the location in which you will be playing and the amount of space you have will all influence your decision.

Traditional vs electronic drums

But first, let’s distinguish between the two types of drum sets. As professional drummer and drum educator Simon DasGupta explains, acoustic drums are the traditional set wood shells and metal cymbals. Snare drums would have metal shells. On the other hand, electronic drums are pads, with rubber, plastic, or mesh drumheads. A small box called a sound module produces the sound and you can hear it through a headset or an amplifier.

Advantages and disadvantages of acoustic drums

The traditional drum kit is of course the most realistic in terms of sound and feel. Acoustic sets allow you to better perform drum rolls, buzz rolls, cymbal swells, hi-hat technique and cross stick. The superior stands of acoustic kits also allow for a greater range of adjustment. You are therefore able to get the angle and height that’s perfect for you.

It should be noted that acoustic drum kits are naturally loud and this can be a problem for neighbours or even the people you live with. Silencer pads will lower the volume drastically but the feel and sound will also be significantly diminished. Your housemates will thank you but you may not enjoy your jam session as much. Traditional drums will need head replacements occasionally and this can be quite costly. They also need to be tuned and you may need to get a professional to do the job. You should also bear in mind that acoustic drum kits can be heavy and they take up a lot of space.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric drums

Electric drums have a number of built-in tools which are perfect for beginners. These include metronomes and drum kit sounds which are ideal for experimenting with style and sound. If you’re in the market, check out an
electronic drums buying guide to help you make the best decision. Contrary to traditional drums, you can turn down the volume or practise quietly with headphones or ear phones. This may be what you need if you have noise-sensitive housemates or neighbours. It is also worth noting that you will never have to tune an electronic drum kit and they generally take up less space than their traditional counterparts.

On the downside, electric drums don’t feel or sound the same as acoustic ones, despite advances in technology. Maintenance can also be expensive since the kits eventually need replacement parts. You should pay attention to the fact that some electric drum kits can’t be fully adjusted in terms of height and positioning and may therefore be uncomfortable to use.

As you can see, there are both electronic and acoustic drum sets have their selling points and drawbacks. Ultimately, you’ll have the choose the one that’s best based on your circumstances and musical needs.

Have Those Girls Tested


A year ago, my friends and I got together for a mini-reunion. We went to college together and promised to stay in touch through adulthood, but you know life happens. We finally got to clear our schedules and agreed for a meet-up to catch up with all the gossip.

The first several hours were spent gossiping and catching up, and then as we sobered up and settled into our meal, Mary, one of us and an excellent science tutor, broke some shocking news. She had undergone surgery two years ago. Mastectomy, no less. We all gasped, knowing that she was pretty young. We were all in our mid-twenties, so why would such a young fall victim to a disease reserved for much older women? Well, Mary’s mom was only 32 when she died of breast cancer, and it turns out she was genetically predisposed to the disease.

It’s Never Too Soon

Every October the reserved breast cancer awareness month, we are reminded to check the girls for nodes and lumps. Well, that is a regular thing, but it naturally we could miss some things through this method of checking. When should you start going for mammograms?

When you are genetically predisposed to breast or ovarian cancer, you are more susceptible than a person who has no history of either. Genetic susceptibility comes from having a close relative being diagnosed with a particular disease and especially at a young age. It does not automatically mean you will get it, but your chances will increase tenfold.

Certain mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes expose you to breast and ovarian cancer, and so you are safer starting those mammograms as early as in your twenties. Regular screening will help catch the disease early if you ever get it. Additionally, knowing your susceptibility levels helps you make changes to your lifestyle soon enough.

While mammograms are the more popular test, MRI scans are said to be more effective for women under 40 years who are highly susceptible to breast cancer. Naturally, no want ants to spend their twenties (selfish years) thinking about breast cancer risks. Also, a mammogram or MRI scan at that age feels like such a heavy burden to carry for a party girl, but it could save a life. And a breast, or a pair.

MRI scans are not painful, and neither are they as scary as they sound. They get to the root showing everything that the doctor needs to know about your susceptibility level. For those not genetically predisposed, the risk of breast cancer begins at 50 or after menopause. So you should book that appointment too if you fall in that age group.

Naturally, the news of Mary’s diagnosis dampened our day, but her charm reassured us. She is in remission, and she will keep going for annual checks to ensure that she stays in this safe state. Every day above the sun is a good day, right? As I head drove home that day, I made a mental note to book an MRI. I am not genetically predisposed, but caution never hurt anyone.