So RUDE of Netflix for Removing McLeod’s Daughters from Streaming

McLeod’s Daughters is probably one of the nicest shows on Netflix that I have been watching. It’s not just me who loves it but a few of my friends as well. I am on Season 4, Episode 19 and was really looking forward to continue watching it only to be dismayed one night that Netflix removed it from streaming.

What the H is going on with this company? I can’t believe how rude they treat their customers are, we pay our monthly bills for good shows and this is what we get from them? I am kind of relieved after reading tons of disappointed customers leaving their sentiments on the website URGING Netflix to put it back on streaming.

I am not alone in this, together we can make the company bring our favorite show back. As one of the customers said,
“I spoke with a customer service rep from Netflix today. He said Mcleod’s daughters would return that the company was just doing general maintenance on the program. I tried to press him for a timeline but he refused. Hope it is soon. We love the show!!!” which I hope it is just temporary and that Netflix will LISTEN to us!

Little do they know that this good show is part of my evening, I watch an episode or two each night before going to bed and how come they just took it off just like that? I don’t get it!

Here, I attached a screenshot of some of the unhappy customers about what they had to say of the recent removal of McLeod’s Daughters.

 photo 02a472b4-92a8-40c0-bc6e-1d62cd3d8238_zpsdef15afa.png

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  1. Alaine Phillips says:

    I agree my mom and I love that show we would watch two shows every night and we are a little disappointed as well I hope the bring back the McLeod daughter back on Netflix streaming

  2. Derek Baggs says:

    I didn’t see any warning anywhere. I finished season 3 and tuned in today and couldn’t find the show. I noticed Netflix have released the series DVD. Why give it for free when you can pay extra. Netflix is just like all the rest money, money,money.

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