No More Breaking Bad

Just two nights ago my husband and I finished the entire ┬áBreaking Bad tv show and until now I still can’t get over it and it saddens me the fact that we can no longer watch Breaking Bad. This show is sooooo good that my system craves for it every night.

The main characters became a part of our night that I actually miss them sometimes if we won’t be able to see it. Gosh man, that’s how good and addicting it is! I read people’s comments on Breaking Bad’s Facebook page and just like me, they want for more. They can’t get enough of the show. YES, WE WANT FOR MORE!

I personally say that it had ended the way all movies should end. Walter White killed all his enemies or people he dislike and I loved it, it was such a sweet revenge for him.

We didn’t know whether he died or not, right? Maybe, just maybe there will be season 6? Holly has to grow up first then we need to know what happened to Jesse Pinkman and the rest of the characters. Hope the people behind Breaking Bad will read this and hear people’s plea!

“I honestly think this is the best TV ever produced. 10/10 across the board – scripting, direction, acting, character development, photography.. It’s like watching a 60 hour box office movie in weekly hour-long chunks. Can’t get enough, can’t stop talking about it. Amazing.” – by Ella Wilkins, one of the Breaking Bad fanatics.

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  1. forsythea says:

    Nan-aw sad diay mo ani dai? hehe…Bag-uhay rami nisugod ug tan-aw ani after sa season finale sa The Walking Dead. I need something to occupy my mind kay dugay pa kayo next season sa Walking dead, inig fall pa puhon. Maong ni start ko watch sa Breaking Bad. Makaadik gyud! Nahuman na namo tan-aw all season! Goshhhh guol kaayo ko nga wala na! I hate gyud nga namatay si Heisenberg aka Walter White! ­čÖü Nagsugod napud ko balik tan-aw sa sinugdanan, I can’t get enough of it gyud! hahahaha..

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