Nick Carter is a Big Turnoff For Me After His Arrest

“I am human and at times it can be a struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle. I’m not perfect and for that I am sorry,” Carter tweeted.

Nick Carter is now facing a lawsuit by a bouncer Skylar Carden after being arrested for allegedly “striking and choking” the employee at Hog’s Breath Saloon earlier in the month.  That morning the news had broke out the internet that he was arrested the night before was just very embarrassing to me as his ever great fan since I was 17. It is not an excuse for him to be human and he is not perfect, I know that, but being in an entertainment industry, much more a pop star, he should have been responsible and more careful not to mess up. He is idolized by thousands of people my age and younger but then there he was, he screwed up.

Not that I am perfect, but come on man, you are better than a drunken pop star. I have read reports on the internet about him caught drunk in the past that were resolved. Fine! Do I have to continue admiring Nick? I guess not. Things have changed and the way I see him as an “idol” since that night in Key West, FL.

Sorry Nick. It’s just my honest opinion. Such a big turnoff for me idolizing someone who went out, got drunk and assaulting people. Not an “ideal” man for me to continue being crazy about and for the young generation.


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Search for Guitar Center Near You

Everything nowadays can be looked up quickly on the internet. It’s like a virtual yellow pages, directory or just a book full with useful information. The only difference is that, it is easier and quicker to find information of any sort in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Looking for a guitar center? Why not click here and start looking for guitar center near me. If you live in the city, it should not take you long to find one. Good luck in your search!

Two Reality Shows that I Used to Watch are Now Boring to me

I used to watch every season and episode of American Idol and The Bachelor. I heard these two shows have started but boy, am I interested to watch? Heck no! I find them boring now especially the Bachelor. I don’t find him attractive or interesting so let other bored people watch the show. I could care less about it anymore. Same with American Idol, good thing it’s now in it’s farewell season. Hope they’ll bring in a new and exciting singing contest next year different from this plain old, same old same old production year after year.

For me, it is a complete waste of time watching shows like those mentioned above. Unless I want to kill my time, I could probably spend a little time on them but heck, I have other important things to do than watching boring shows on tv.

I have a different interest lately, watching Korean novelas, that is! I love how they always write their drama. Not much crying but lots of laughing at the same time you can learn from their language a little bit since it is played with complete subtitles!


The Stresses of Moving and the Easy Solution in Los Angeles

Let’s be straight and to the point: moving can be a pain. The loading of the moving truck, the packing of a seemingly endless supply of boxes, the tedious task of unpacking the boxes, and, of course, the arrangement of furniture to make your home suit who you are and your individual tastes.

Fox Business mentions a study where 44% of respondents said that they would rather go a week without Internet than move. Another 52% of respondents would choose going to a dentist over moving, and 15% said that they would go as far as getting a root canal rather than moving. They also suggest five tips to make the moving process easier.

  • Start early. The average time before a move is one month, so don’t wait until the last minute to begin packing.
  • Be prepared. Running for last minute supplies like boxes and packing tape is a sure fire way to increase the stress of moving. Know the amount of supplies you have, and plan accordingly.
  • Pack methodically. Set individual goals such as packing one room per day. Also, be sure to label boxes as you pack to avoid confusion and help you prioritize unpacking as well.
  • Consider a portable container. If you take the alternative route and rent a moving truck, make sure you get the right size. Nothing is more frustrating than boxing all your items, labeling them, and then realizing that your moving truck is too small to fit everything in it.
  • Time your move appropriately. Different seasons bring different prices on homes.

The process of buying a house is an enormous task, especially when you’re based out of Los Angeles. CNBC noted the rising costs of the Los Angeles housing market. The median price of a home in Los Angeles rose 5.8% from a year ago to $490,000. You’re investing years of work and money into buying a home, and the process isn’t easy. I discovered this company called Pure Moving. Based out of Los Angeles, all trucks are equipped with unlimited wrap to keep your possessions safe, unlimited tape to ensure that you’re not making any last minute runs to the hardware store, dollies for your bulky furniture, flat dollies for smaller items, moving pads for delicate items, toolkits for last minute repairs, wardrobe boxes for your favorite wardrobes, and cardboard boxes for everyday items.

As far as moving to Los Angeles from a distance? Pure Moving offers long distance services. Lack of motivation? Pure Moving has professionals to help with loading. Financials are one of the most stressful aspects of a move, and Pure Moving uses a clear and simple billing system. Their emphasis is on you, on making your move as stress-free as possible, so offering affordable pricing is a priority.

If you’re moving in the sweltering heat of a Los Angeles summer, they’ll work through the heat in the most efficient manner possible. If you have a truck of your own, they have no problem with helping you load your supplies. If your company is moving office spaces, they offer commercial moving services as well. If you have valuable items such as antiques and mirrors, their movers are not only efficient but careful to keep your most valuable items safe. Remember how Fox Business advised having a

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Music Gear Bag

If you are a musician and you have that very special instrument you bring with you wherever you perform, it is important that you handle it with care for it is the only thing you possess that is very important to perform your gig. Transporting it several times to different venues could damage parts or its body so it a must to have a gear bag to put it in intended only for that instrument.

If you are looking for one, you should just be able to click on the link above and takes you to an awesome gear bag or other products you ought to buy. Enjoy browsing and happy shopping!

Philippines Crowned as Miss Universe 2015

Wow it was such an amazing night for all of us, Filipinos! Facebook right now is having a fiesta celebrating the new crowned Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach! I am one proud Filipina here! Finally, we got the crown guys!

Steve Harvey made an honest mistake, read the wrong name instead of saying Miss Colombia to be the first runner-up, he uttered Miss Philippines. He crowns the wrong Miss Universe 2015. The moment was gone, it was all taken from the real winner. It could’ve been a lot thrilling when the host spoke the right name country of the contestant.

But anyway, he admitted his mistake and he apologized. It was shown on cameras THE PHILIPPINES IS TRULY THE WINNER. The crown was handed back to our lady Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach! WAY TO GO PIA, YOU ARE MAKING US VERY PROUD OF YOU!

That precious “shocked” reaction of Pia after Harvey corrected the mistake… wow girl! I wouldn’t know how to react too if I was you.

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Online Instruments Store

One week before Christmas yet a lot of people think they are still not done with their holiday shopping. I can very well attest to that when I go to the mall. The last three weekends I went there, boy it’s like chaos and exhausting. So traffic in the mall area, parking lot is full and when you are inside the mall, you will bump into thick number of people just so you can get to the merchandise you want to look at. So, never will I go back to the mall again unless the holiday is over.

I guess it is not just the mall that’s heavily crowded during this time but music and specialty stores as well. My greatest advice would be to shop online whether you are looking for musical instruments or anything to give to your loved ones. I would want you to visit this online instruments store if you are buying a guitar or a new accessory to the instrument your son already has.

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5 Seconds of Summer Graphic Tee for my Sister

My sister who is only fifteen and is an avid fan of 5 Seconds of Summer Aussie boy band got so excited upon showing her this graphic tee I bought online only for her. I am glad I saw this online on my favorite clothing store for over 70% off. It was free shipping so I did not think twice buying this tee. Perfect for that little girl in the Philippines who would be proud wearing the name of her favorite boy band.

Although she will not receive it any sooner but once it’s in my hands, it will surely get to her when the time is right.

I understand her infatuation deeply for I was once infatuated with different boy bands in the 90’s. They were my inspiration back then and somehow gave colors to my boring high school days. Anyways, anything that has 5SOS print on it, my sister loves to have it!

Your wish is my command there, if only big sissy don’t love you, I wouldn’t care to provide your wants.

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Four Considerations Before Turning Your Garage Into a Rental Room

Converting your garage into another room for your house is usually cheaper than adding a room, but there are many considerations for you to spend time thinking about. This is especially true if you plan on converting the garage into a room that you will lease. If you plan on renting this new room, there are several things that need to be done. There following are four of the things you need to think about before moving forward with a garage conversion project.

Building a separate entrance
If you already have a side door for your garage, this is probably not an issue. However, if you have a door going into your house, you will need to have this door sealed and another door constructed, so there is a separate entrance for your tenant. You may want to install a deadbolt lock for additional security for you tenant.

Plumbing and electrical work will be needed
You will also need to have plumbing installed. This includes a toilet, a shower, and a sink. Electrical wiring will have to be done as well. You probably have one outlet in the garage, but really, you will need at least one more. Overhead lighting is nice but optional. A new tenant can provide lamps to light the room, but again, electrical outlets are a necessity.

Install proper insulation
Garages are notoriously under insulated, if they have any insulation at all. You will need to make sure that the new room addition has proper insulation. This is important for your tenant in both the winter and summer seasons.

Heating and air conditioning
Environmental factors will vary depending upon where in the country you are living. It is possible to route your house’s heating and air conditioning to the new room, but you may also elect to keep the room separate from the main heating and air conditioning system. Keep in mind, that a tenant will need heat when it gets cold, so a floor heater will likely be used. Without AC in the summer, fans may be a good substitute, but you will need to make sure one or more windows are installed to keep the room cool.

Once you have an idea of what you need, you can then get a quotation for the cost. You can click here to get a fast quote online. Once you have this information, you will have a better idea of the economic feasibility of the project.

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A Review on L. Ron Hubbard’s Gun Boss of Tumbleweed

I received this book “Gun Boss of Tumbleweed by L. Ron Hubbard for free in exchange of my honest opinion. This book is written by someone who is labeled as “#1 New York Times Bestselling Author”. It is one of the stories from the Golden Age.

Before I proceed with my review, here’s a little information about me. I am 32 years old and I don’t read books that much but when I do really like what I’m reading, rest assured, I won’t stop reading the entire book until it is finished. However, if I find the book boring and less interesting, it would take me ages to finish it. I like reading romance novels and true to life stories or practical self help.

With that being said, I find Gun Boss of Tumbleweed is outside of my zone, while the Western or cowboy words he used in the book are interesting and I like it, I find the story to be plain and boring. Finishing the entire 4-chapter book is so hard that it is like a hard work to me, only very little part that made me thrilled. All in all, there was not even a part where a romance or something ever take place, something I anticipated in this book.

However, if they make a movie out of this book, I can see myself watching the movie since I also love watching Western movies, the guns, horses, the endless land that your eyes can see, the Western saloon and venue of the movie would be interesting.

As I said in the beginning of this entry, I was born in the 80’s and this book is probably a little too classic and too old for me.

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