Pencil Drawer

If there is one place in the house that is messy and has a lot of paper and all kinds of stuff scattered on the desk, it is in the study where my husband’s desk is. It is a multi purpose desk, our 6 year old girl also uses this desk for her drawing and cut out papers. Every time she does that, she leaves a big mess and pencils laying all over the place. We are using an ancient desk and therefore, needs an additional compartment like a pencil drawer to keep all pencils and pens in one place.

This pencil drawer is ideal for new desks you are making or retrofitting into an existing desk that does not have the convenience of a pencil drawer. It mounts directly to the bottom of the desktop with the 4 included mounting brackets. If you have a lip on the front of your desk, it may be necessary to block down so that the mounting point of the pencil drawer is flush with the bottom of the lip.

“Two Wives” November 4 Episode Trended Worldwide

I am not much of a soap-opera person but I am following the only Filipino tv show “Two Wives” I am interested watching. This is the only thing I look forward to watching every afternoon even though it is thought-provoking series. As it goes on, I can’t help but be furious of the story especially last November 4 episode when Yvonne pleaded for her husband to come back and not leave her while she was down on her knees.

That is just unbelievable that directors and whoever they are behind this series, they make it look like the real wife is a loser and a martyr. This only shows a wife’s weakness instead the mistress should be the one pleading.

If I was the one who got betrayed by my husband in real life, there is no way I would do that like in the series, it is clear that once a husband cheated on his wife it means he doesn’t love her nor respect her anymore, so what’s the use of keeping him in my life?

MANILA – A pleading Kaye Abad in “Two Wives” stirred buzz online on Tuesday, making the primetime series a worldwide trend on Twitter.

In the November 4 episode of “Two Wives,” a desperate Yvonne (Abad) asked her husband, Victor (Jason Abalos), not to leave her and their son for Janine (Erich Gonzales), his mistress.

Kneeling at one point, Yvonne even asked forgiveness from her husband for saying hurtful things when she first found out about his infidelity. Unmoved, Victor left and sped off in his car. Yvonne ran after him, only to end up on her knees out on the street.

The dramatic scene drew strong reactions from viewers online, with some feeling sorry for Abad’s character and others expressing their anger at Victor. There were also netizens who said they could not wait for Yvonne’s transformation and revenge. You can read more and watch the video on ABS CBN link here.

New on Ebola in Dallas

I heard this on the news this morning asap I turned on the t.v. Great news for everyone here in North Texas. Watching constant monitoring of this deadly disease scares people to their core. But hearing things like this is a change. Hopefully they are sending out the correct information with no relapse. I am praying too that those two nurses who contracted Ebola from taking care of Duncun will get healed from this illness and Ebola will vanish in this country.

Scary it is because I don’t want to die with this kind of disease without fighting. I’d rather be fighting with zombies and get bitten rather than contracting Ebola.

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One That Plays a Guitar

I call a person who can play a guitar or any kind of musical instruments is a talented person. Because, not all people were born to be given a talent like that although playing an instrument can be learned and studied. If you have a guitarist in your family or you know anyone who can play one, guess, one of his wishlists right now would be to own one of these EVH Guitars shown on the link provided. Start saving now for that very guitar you give out to the one that matters to you this Christmas!

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Enjoying Season 4 of The Walking Dead

While most The Walking Dead viewers are enjoying the most exciting first episode of season 5, we, on the other hand are savoring season 4 episodes. Once we turn on Netflix and watch this show, the entire family including the children and the dog is assured to sit on the chair and crowding the t.v room. Yes, that’s how captivating it is for us!

I asked one night from the husband if we can watch one episode of it and he refused for he needed to finish that long boring movie on DVD of his first, besides, he doesn’t want to watch the rest of the unseen episodes of The Walking dad fast for he doesn’t want it to be over too soon. He has a point there. When I love the show very much, I want to watch it slow.

I just don’t understand Netflix why it would take them ages before they could put the next season soon. That would make us so far behind of what is currently showing. Sadly, we don’t have a cable tv service so we don’t have much of a choice but wait.

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My Dream for My Girls

I had my TFC (The Filipino Channel) connected after eight years of residing here in the USA. I have not had any interest getting a paid subscription for it for I know I am not gonna sit in front of the t .v  for long hours but then my husband bought me an equivalent of one year subscription to TFC when we visited Irving, Texas during my Dual Citizenship application.

I have been watching Philippines’ variety show, national news and a bit of their soap operas. I see a lot of new FIL-AM talents rummaging the Philippine television. With that, I can’t help but also wish that one of my girls would be interested in acting/modeling in the Philippines someday. I believe in them and they are not different from those who are already finding their way to success in the Philippines.

I would say, my urge of them becoming one of the popular talents in my home country is getting stronger and I am determined to get them started by enrolling one of them in a dance class for exposure. Hopefully, when I open up to my husband about the idea, he would agree with me. For now, I am enjoying watching those  new talents that ABS-CBN has, a lot of fresh young faces I am seeing now.

My Cloudy Headlights Need to be Shiny Again

A nice, clean-looking and shiny headlights on an older car can greatly enhance the appearance of the car. Looking at the car I am currently driving, I really believe the headlights need replacement then my baby girl will be pretty again. I am actually on xtralights website right now browsing for xtralights headlights hoping I could find the ones that will fit perfectly in my car’s headlights, also prices are great consideration for me when it comes to shopping online. Xtralights broad collections and huge assortments of headlights have become increasingly popular as standard halogen headlights.

McLeod’s Daughters on DVD

When Netflix took off McLeod’s Daughters from streaming, I was dismayed big time! But then they made it available on DVD, I felt a bit better because at least I can still watch it without going through the hassle of searching the remaining episodes I haven’t watched on Youtube.

I have watched two dvds of this show already and is about to start the new Season of it. Getting McLeod’s Daughters on DVD is troublesome, I have to wait for it to come in the mail which takes three days at the most before it gets here. But what else can I do? I guess this is better than not having to watch it anymore.

Anyway, I am so excited watching Season 6 tonight, I wanna know if Nick is alive or was it just Tess’ dream?

So RUDE of Netflix for Removing McLeod’s Daughters from Streaming

McLeod’s Daughters is probably one of the nicest shows on Netflix that I have been watching. It’s not just me who loves it but a few of my friends as well. I am on Season 4, Episode 19 and was really looking forward to continue watching it only to be dismayed one night that Netflix removed it from streaming.

What the H is going on with this company? I can’t believe how rude they treat their customers are, we pay our monthly bills for good shows and this is what we get from them? I am kind of relieved after reading tons of disappointed customers leaving their sentiments on the website URGING Netflix to put it back on streaming.

I am not alone in this, together we can make the company bring our favorite show back. As one of the customers said,
“I spoke with a customer service rep from Netflix today. He said Mcleod’s daughters would return that the company was just doing general maintenance on the program. I tried to press him for a timeline but he refused. Hope it is soon. We love the show!!!” which I hope it is just temporary and that Netflix will LISTEN to us!

Little do they know that this good show is part of my evening, I watch an episode or two each night before going to bed and how come they just took it off just like that? I don’t get it!

Here, I attached a screenshot of some of the unhappy customers about what they had to say of the recent removal of McLeod’s Daughters.

 photo 02a472b4-92a8-40c0-bc6e-1d62cd3d8238_zpsdef15afa.png