5 Seconds of Summer Fever

This is my little sister, she is 15. She is holding a poster of her favorite Aussie boyband called “5 Seconds of Summer”. She and her two classmates I met during my vacation in the Philippines just this month were so head-over-heels to this band. That, I can only understand for I was once in their shoes when I was at their age.

I listened to the three girls a few times talking about 5SOS and how they dreamed about seeing them in person, I could not help but feel giddy for them. Imagine hearing them saying, they’d want to be ran over the vehicle where the band is riding so they can personally visit/bring the girls to the hospital. How crazy their minds can go when it comes to 5SOS?

When my sister asked me to buy anything that has a 5SOS on it, I did not hesitate to look for a merchandise for her because I knew that it would give her so much delight and excitement if she can get a hold of 5SOS. Luckily, we found magazines at a book store in SM mall in Cebu city. I bought her two and each has publications about the boy band and a few free posters in it.

You see, I am not that bad of a big sister after all. I care for those who respect and show love to me. Anything I will do for my little siblings, as long as they will respect me, that will be cool to me eyyy..

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Lots of Books

I am not a crazy book reader myself but for the sake of my children, I will read them books as there are benefits to reading books to the children from ages 0-5. Fortunately, they love books but it is me who gets lazy sometimes and I ignore their request.

When I have some time to spare, I call both of my girls and let each child choose a book of their choice for me to read to them. My 7 years old girl knows how to read now but for some reason, she still wants me to read to her or she may just be too lazy to read on her own. My 4-year old doesn’t read yet but she loves every book I read to her.

Anyway, talking about books. We bought lots of books last weekend for they were really at deep discounts. We bought a couple and only cost us $21. 3 bibles for almost new at $3 each and the rest of children’s books are 3/$1. I love the price but sadly, the books I really wanted to buy that day were gone. I so wanted to by my sister all three copies of the Hunger Games books.  First picture below are all for my sister, hope she likes the ones I chose for her. They will not be shipped though until I come visit again to my home country in two years.

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Annoying Pop-ups in My Computer

I am on the computer everyday of my life because it’s how I communicate with the outside world, Facebook it is! Other than that, I also work for a crowd-sourcing site that requires me to watch videos a lot and search for keywords. I am also working for swagbucks in order to earn money by watching videos and etc. But I don’t believe the malware which my computer got infected from is not from those websites but from Photobucket.

It is just so annoying how can a large website like Photobucket allows its users to suffer with their pop-ups. It’s where my computer got infected and grrrrrrrrr I have no way getting rid of this malware without bringing my computer to someone who knows about things. Not only it is annoying but it also imposes a risk of  acquiring my personal information and compromise my bank info as well.

There must be a way to eliminate this malware, we live in a world where information can easily be obtained on the internet, all I need is patience and the time to search the proper way on how to fix my computer.

Is anyone out there who experienced this too? Please feel free to leave your tips and ways how to do it as I am already fed up of this crap!

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Three Great Gift Ideas You Should Try

These days, many people are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one. If this is the case for you, you may find the shopping process overwhelming or irritating. To simplify your search for the perfect present, consider the following great gift ideas:

1. A Cookie Bouquet.

A beautiful bouquet of cookies is an excellent gift irrespective of the occasion. Whether it’s your loved one’s birthday or graduation, a delicious chocolate treat will brighten their day and satisfy their taste buds. If you’re looking for the perfect company from which to make the purchase, keep the professionals of Bisket Baskets in mind. Bisket Baskets has been in operation for over 15 years, and the company is known for offering exceptional products and services to all of the clients it serves.

2. Gift Cards.

Although we oftentimes assume we know what type of present our loved one would like, this is not always the case. For this reason, buying your friend or family member a gift card is almost always a good idea. This way, you won’t have to spend hours hunting through stores to find something you think they’d enjoy. Instead, you can just purchase a gift card from a store they frequent regularly and then leave the shopping to them.

3. A Night Out On The Town.

One final gift option you should consider is a night out on the town. In many cases, making wonderful memories with a loved one is more powerful and heart-warming than providing them with a present. To make your evening out perfect, make sure that you select a restaurant that serves food they love. Also be sure to bring a camera and buy beautiful frames so you can remember your night out for the rest of your lives.


If you’re currently searching for the perfect present to provide a friend or loved one, it’s important to note that doing so does not have to be an arduous task. To make it simple and fun, consider using one or more of the gift ideas outlined above. Good luck!

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Guitar Center

It is a parents’ dream to see their children become successful individuals whether it be a career, love life or anything of that matter. While some kids grew in a musical environment, there are others who learned playing musical instruments by taking a lesson. Once they can decide which specific instrument they love to play, that is then they will buy a beautiful piece of instrument that they can use forever. One best musical website that I can recommend is the guitar center for they have all kinds of instruments, accessories and other stuff with high-rating pieces from trusted customers. They also have great discount prices to look for. Please check them out!

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Bachelor Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff Have Split

I was shocked one day when one of my favorite couples have split, Christ Soules and Whitney Bischoff  who got engaged in Chris’ barn in Iowa last March circled around the internet especially on Facebook. After just 6 months of being in a relationship, the two have come to an agreement to end the engagement. What a surprise for a die hard fan like me.

I may not know what’s the reason behind the split but, well, it’s their life and nothing I can do about it. For me, Whitney was too elegant/classy, has a great career to be stuck in a middle of nowhere farm of Chris. Wish them both good luck in their separate lives. I hope that Chris would not stop looking for love, for she might be somewhere in the corner nearby waiting to be found.

This couple are one of those who did not survive reality after the show. Just unfortunate of them!


4 string tenor guitar

I am excited for our upcoming home country vacation. One of the plans I made already is to get my firstborn her guitar lesson from someone reliable who knows about guitars. I will be buying her a standard size guitar to learn and then hopefully, when she gets better at it. I will upgrade her guitar into a 4 string tenor guitar. I am anxious to find out whether she is going to love to play the guitar or not because I would wish for her to be playing a musical instrument.

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Be Active and Enjoy the Outdoors

In my mind, there is no reason  not to go out there and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Also not forgetting to mention the gorgeous weather that Spring brings! With that, I am taking advantage of the pleasant Texas temperature while it lasts. I go out for a walk around the neighborhood or drive to a nearby trail and bring my girls with me to have my walking exercise while they ride their bike and play in the playground afterwards.

We only have two months left before the temperature rises up to triple digit so better walk as often as I can. Being fit is a person’a choice and I  choose to be fit because I am growing older and I want to keep up with my children. Besides, high blood pressure runs in our family and I don’t want to acquire that disease for it hurts losing someone due to high blood pressure.

Exercise and eating healthy food (well maybe not at all times, a few sweet and carbs indulgence might not be bad as a treat for myself) is what we practice in our household. Most of our meals are 99% cooked in our kitchen. Hopefully, we will stay healthy and live longer. That is my only wish in this life.

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I Love Anything Western

It is when I arrived in Texas over nine years ago that I learned and appreciate anything Western whether it be boots, home decor, furniture, country music, clothing/outfit and etc. I wish we live in a Western part of the country so I will be heavily influenced by the people living in it. Somehow I would like to pretend I am one of those tough cowgirls complete with all Western clothing and accessories.

There is a stock show in Fort Worth that runs Jan-Feb 15 every year where people can come and experience a great stock show, shop and just hang out with other people. Events like this I am interested to come and dress up with my cowboy boots, jeans, a hat and of course a shirt.

With that said, I wish I can buy a new pair of cowboy boots like the one I am eyeing on at Eli Western Wear Women’s Cowboy Boots website. I already own two pairs but you know, a women can never have enough pairs of shoes, much more a boot. I got all sand-like and red/brown boot colors, a pink color for my third wouldn’t be bad just like the one in the picture below lifted from the link above.

 photo pink_zpsnanxwiik.jpg

I Won 26 Swagbucks Points, Join Now to Earn Money!

How do you like earning money while you search, watch videos, vote, shop online or just simply getting online on your computer? I do that a lot daily and I have been earning money every 2,500 points I save up! For that many points, it is worth $25 and you can choose how you withdraw it or should you prefer a gift card worth $25 or more. Click to JOIN HERE and you will get 150 swagbucks points instantly.

As you can see below, I earned 26 sb points just by surfing using their webpage. They keep track of your activity so you don’t have to worry about losing the times you searched. That is not the first time I won big but I guess that’s the highest points I have earned so far.

Don’t delay, join now by clicking the link above and start earning points! I promise this is legit. I have been a member of swagbucks since 2011.

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