5 Seconds of Summer Graphic Tee for my Sister

My sister who is only fifteen and is an avid fan of 5 Seconds of Summer Aussie boy band got so excited upon showing her this graphic tee I bought online only for her. I am glad I saw this online on my favorite clothing store for over 70% off. It was free shipping so I did not think twice buying this tee. Perfect for that little girl in the Philippines who would be proud wearing the name of her favorite boy band.

Although she will not receive it any sooner but once it’s in my hands, it will surely get to her when the time is right.

I understand her infatuation deeply for I was once infatuated with different boy bands in the 90’s. They were my inspiration back then and somehow gave colors to my boring high school days. Anyways, anything that has 5SOS print on it, my sister loves to have it!

Your wish is my command there, if only big sissy don’t love you, I wouldn’t care to provide your wants.

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Four Considerations Before Turning Your Garage Into a Rental Room

Converting your garage into another room for your house is usually cheaper than adding a room, but there are many considerations for you to spend time thinking about. This is especially true if you plan on converting the garage into a room that you will lease. If you plan on renting this new room, there are several things that need to be done. There following are four of the things you need to think about before moving forward with a garage conversion project.

Building a separate entrance
If you already have a side door for your garage, this is probably not an issue. However, if you have a door going into your house, you will need to have this door sealed and another door constructed, so there is a separate entrance for your tenant. You may want to install a deadbolt lock for additional security for you tenant.

Plumbing and electrical work will be needed
You will also need to have plumbing installed. This includes a toilet, a shower, and a sink. Electrical wiring will have to be done as well. You probably have one outlet in the garage, but really, you will need at least one more. Overhead lighting is nice but optional. A new tenant can provide lamps to light the room, but again, electrical outlets are a necessity.

Install proper insulation
Garages are notoriously under insulated, if they have any insulation at all. You will need to make sure that the new room addition has proper insulation. This is important for your tenant in both the winter and summer seasons.

Heating and air conditioning
Environmental factors will vary depending upon where in the country you are living. It is possible to route your house’s heating and air conditioning to the new room, but you may also elect to keep the room separate from the main heating and air conditioning system. Keep in mind, that a tenant will need heat when it gets cold, so a floor heater will likely be used. Without AC in the summer, fans may be a good substitute, but you will need to make sure one or more windows are installed to keep the room cool.

Once you have an idea of what you need, you can then get a quotation for the cost. You can click here to get a fast quote online. Once you have this information, you will have a better idea of the economic feasibility of the project.

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A Review on L. Ron Hubbard’s Gun Boss of Tumbleweed

I received this book “Gun Boss of Tumbleweed by L. Ron Hubbard for free in exchange of my honest opinion. This book is written by someone who is labeled as “#1 New York Times Bestselling Author”. It is one of the stories from the Golden Age.

Before I proceed with my review, here’s a little information about me. I am 32 years old and I don’t read books that much but when I do really like what I’m reading, rest assured, I won’t stop reading the entire book until it is finished. However, if I find the book boring and less interesting, it would take me ages to finish it. I like reading romance novels and true to life stories or practical self help.

With that being said, I find Gun Boss of Tumbleweed is outside of my zone, while the Western or cowboy words he used in the book are interesting and I like it, I find the story to be plain and boring. Finishing the entire 4-chapter book is so hard that it is like a hard work to me, only very little part that made me thrilled. All in all, there was not even a part where a romance or something ever take place, something I anticipated in this book.

However, if they make a movie out of this book, I can see myself watching the movie since I also love watching Western movies, the guns, horses, the endless land that your eyes can see, the Western saloon and venue of the movie would be interesting.

As I said in the beginning of this entry, I was born in the 80’s and this book is probably a little too classic and too old for me.

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5 Seconds of Summer Calendar at Fry’s

If there is one thing that could connect my girls to their little aunt, that will be their enthusiasm to buy items that has anything to do with 5 Seconds of Summer printed on it. It was their auntie who influenced them to like this specific boy band from Australia during our vacation in the Philippines last July.

Whenever they see a merchandise of 5SOS, they’d ask me to buy it for auntie Alex. For instance, this lovely calendars they are holding shown in the photo below, we saw it at Fry’s electronics store a couple of weeks ago but I did not buy one for it is only good for 2016 and I couldn’t go on a vacation in two years. By then, the calendar will be too old to give to her.

I am sure there will be many many products we will see in the future and as long as it is low priced, I am sure I am getting her more products to feed her addiction.

 photo 5soscalendar_zps9pkmwqgx.jpg

Pens to Promote Your Company

If there is one thing a business would need in order to advertise its name and promote their products or services, giving out sample pens like these color wrap pens at PenFactory.com to every person that comes in their office or store will be a great idea, since we all need pens to write wherever we go, this can make a powerful tool to expose your business’ name and be able to reach more potential customers in the long run. For anything you need with relates to pens, Pen Factory is your one stop shop for pens. Pens that are proudly made and assembled in America you can be proud of to hand out to your customers.

If you should think other gifts or items, you can also check out their drinkware, bags, pencils, keychains, 4 color dome products and a whole lot more. I would suggest you browse and take your time on their online store and find that very products that best suited your taste and your budget as well as each item has a different pricing on them.

Miss Tennessee was My Favorite in Miss America 2015

I know when I see someone who looks pretty and if I like the way a person looks, he or she does look good in my eyes. Watching beauty pageants on t.v is one of my cup of teas to do, Miss America is one of the shows I want to sit down and watch the entire show until the end.

Of all the girls on stage last night, I only found one girl to be stunning and that was Miss Tennessee, she looked like duchess Kate of England. She looked good in her hairdo and makeup, nice slender body especially the thighs. You see, not all of those ladies in the pageant last night were sexy at least in my opinion.

I loved how she looked in her golden yellow gown during the talent portion. Both of my girls exclaimed that she was Princess Belle, which I agree. Only I was not captivated with the way she answered her question. But, she was the only bet I had last night.

 photo TN_zpsk8pe3ttf.jpg

Just How Important Your USB Accessory is?

Have you ever thought of that one thing you cannot live without? For once in your life, have you ever experienced losing something that is so small yet very useful? Everybody nowadays rely mainly on our gadgets, electronics, portable hard drives and or extra storage like the usb accessory but once losing any of these things, we are all in panic especially if that thing contains all of our important files and information. That is why, we need to be very careful handling our things and don’t lose them, otherwise, we’re in for big trouble.

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5 Seconds of Summer Fever

This is my little sister, she is 15. She is holding a poster of her favorite Aussie boyband called “5 Seconds of Summer”. She and her two classmates I met during my vacation in the Philippines just this month were so head-over-heels to this band. That, I can only understand for I was once in their shoes when I was at their age.

I listened to the three girls a few times talking about 5SOS and how they dreamed about seeing them in person, I could not help but feel giddy for them. Imagine hearing them saying, they’d want to be ran over the vehicle where the band is riding so they can personally visit/bring the girls to the hospital. How crazy their minds can go when it comes to 5SOS?

When my sister asked me to buy anything that has a 5SOS on it, I did not hesitate to look for a merchandise for her because I knew that it would give her so much delight and excitement if she can get a hold of 5SOS. Luckily, we found magazines at a book store in SM mall in Cebu city. I bought her two and each has publications about the boy band and a few free posters in it.

You see, I am not that bad of a big sister after all. I care for those who respect and show love to me. Anything I will do for my little siblings, as long as they will respect me, that will be cool to me eyyy..

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Lots of Books

I am not a crazy book reader myself but for the sake of my children, I will read them books as there are benefits to reading books to the children from ages 0-5. Fortunately, they love books but it is me who gets lazy sometimes and I ignore their request.

When I have some time to spare, I call both of my girls and let each child choose a book of their choice for me to read to them. My 7 years old girl knows how to read now but for some reason, she still wants me to read to her or she may just be too lazy to read on her own. My 4-year old doesn’t read yet but she loves every book I read to her.

Anyway, talking about books. We bought lots of books last weekend for they were really at deep discounts. We bought a couple and only cost us $21. 3 bibles for almost new at $3 each and the rest of children’s books are 3/$1. I love the price but sadly, the books I really wanted to buy that day were gone. I so wanted to by my sister all three copies of the Hunger Games books.  First picture below are all for my sister, hope she likes the ones I chose for her. They will not be shipped though until I come visit again to my home country in two years.

 photo books1_zps07mlwf1k.jpg
 photo books_zpsjkbxrplx.jpg

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Annoying Pop-ups in My Computer

I am on the computer everyday of my life because it’s how I communicate with the outside world, Facebook it is! Other than that, I also work for a crowd-sourcing site that requires me to watch videos a lot and search for keywords. I am also working for swagbucks in order to earn money by watching videos and etc. But I don’t believe the malware which my computer got infected from is not from those websites but from Photobucket.

It is just so annoying how can a large website like Photobucket allows its users to suffer with their pop-ups. It’s where my computer got infected and grrrrrrrrr I have no way getting rid of this malware without bringing my computer to someone who knows about things. Not only it is annoying but it also imposes a risk of  acquiring my personal information and compromise my bank info as well.

There must be a way to eliminate this malware, we live in a world where information can easily be obtained on the internet, all I need is patience and the time to search the proper way on how to fix my computer.

Is anyone out there who experienced this too? Please feel free to leave your tips and ways how to do it as I am already fed up of this crap!

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