Filipino Christmas Songs to Remember How We Celebrate Christmas in the Philippines

In past Christmases I avoided listening to Filipino Christmas songs for I know how they would affect me emotionally. They make me homesick and there is no cure to that except buying a ticket and visit home. While I may not have a problem for tickets but I just can’t do it in December, my kids are in school and I wouldn’t be happy leaving them while I enjoy my days in the Philippines. They like it there too and want to bring them with me, only not in December though.

Anyway, I am braving myself to listen to these songs these days, as expected it touched me and how I wish I could be with my little siblings this Christmas. While the songs touch me emotionally, at the same time they bring back lots of memories of my life while growing up poor. These songs used to be played over many times on radio stations when I was a child, they sure are soothing and relaxing to listen to.

One of the memories I have when I was  a child, I really believed that Santa was real and that he would come in our house one night. So, I hung my white sock outside the window and hopeful it will be loaded with sweet goodies when I wake up in the morning. But to my dismay, it was EMPTY! Like it was untouched in the same place exactly where I hung it that night. I was so disappointed and from then on, I did not ever wish to have a gift or someone would really give me something nice ever again.

Instead, I become a giver to my family and some relatives years later after I got married to my husband. It sure feels nice to give and see those children’s faces when I handed them candies/chocolates. Looking forward to going home next summer and see my little brother and sister again and hopefully visit my cousins in the province to hand out candies.

Classic or Electronic: Which Drum Set is Right for the Style of Music You Want to Play

Investing in a drum set is a big decision to make so you want to make sure you get one that’s perfect for you. Once you’ve decided this is your instrument of choice, the first dilemma you will be confronted with is picking between electronic and classic or acoustic drums. The type of music you want to place, the location in which you will be playing and the amount of space you have will all influence your decision.

Traditional vs electronic drums

But first, let’s distinguish between the two types of drum sets. As professional drummer and drum educator Simon DasGupta explains, acoustic drums are the traditional set wood shells and metal cymbals. Snare drums would have metal shells. On the other hand, electronic drums are pads, with rubber, plastic, or mesh drumheads. A small box called a sound module produces the sound and you can hear it through a headset or an amplifier.

Advantages and disadvantages of acoustic drums

The traditional drum kit is of course the most realistic in terms of sound and feel. Acoustic sets allow you to better perform drum rolls, buzz rolls, cymbal swells, hi-hat technique and cross stick. The superior stands of acoustic kits also allow for a greater range of adjustment. You are therefore able to get the angle and height that’s perfect for you.

It should be noted that acoustic drum kits are naturally loud and this can be a problem for neighbours or even the people you live with. Silencer pads will lower the volume drastically but the feel and sound will also be significantly diminished. Your housemates will thank you but you may not enjoy your jam session as much. Traditional drums will need head replacements occasionally and this can be quite costly. They also need to be tuned and you may need to get a professional to do the job. You should also bear in mind that acoustic drum kits can be heavy and they take up a lot of space.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric drums

Electric drums have a number of built-in tools which are perfect for beginners. These include metronomes and drum kit sounds which are ideal for experimenting with style and sound. If you’re in the market, check out an
electronic drums buying guide to help you make the best decision. Contrary to traditional drums, you can turn down the volume or practise quietly with headphones or ear phones. This may be what you need if you have noise-sensitive housemates or neighbours. It is also worth noting that you will never have to tune an electronic drum kit and they generally take up less space than their traditional counterparts.

On the downside, electric drums don’t feel or sound the same as acoustic ones, despite advances in technology. Maintenance can also be expensive since the kits eventually need replacement parts. You should pay attention to the fact that some electric drum kits can’t be fully adjusted in terms of height and positioning and may therefore be uncomfortable to use.

As you can see, there are both electronic and acoustic drum sets have their selling points and drawbacks. Ultimately, you’ll have the choose the one that’s best based on your circumstances and musical needs.

Have Those Girls Tested


A year ago, my friends and I got together for a mini-reunion. We went to college together and promised to stay in touch through adulthood, but you know life happens. We finally got to clear our schedules and agreed for a meet-up to catch up with all the gossip.

The first several hours were spent gossiping and catching up, and then as we sobered up and settled into our meal, Mary, one of us and an excellent science tutor, broke some shocking news. She had undergone surgery two years ago. Mastectomy, no less. We all gasped, knowing that she was pretty young. We were all in our mid-twenties, so why would such a young fall victim to a disease reserved for much older women? Well, Mary’s mom was only 32 when she died of breast cancer, and it turns out she was genetically predisposed to the disease.

It’s Never Too Soon

Every October the reserved breast cancer awareness month, we are reminded to check the girls for nodes and lumps. Well, that is a regular thing, but it naturally we could miss some things through this method of checking. When should you start going for mammograms?

When you are genetically predisposed to breast or ovarian cancer, you are more susceptible than a person who has no history of either. Genetic susceptibility comes from having a close relative being diagnosed with a particular disease and especially at a young age. It does not automatically mean you will get it, but your chances will increase tenfold.

Certain mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes expose you to breast and ovarian cancer, and so you are safer starting those mammograms as early as in your twenties. Regular screening will help catch the disease early if you ever get it. Additionally, knowing your susceptibility levels helps you make changes to your lifestyle soon enough.

While mammograms are the more popular test, MRI scans are said to be more effective for women under 40 years who are highly susceptible to breast cancer. Naturally, no want ants to spend their twenties (selfish years) thinking about breast cancer risks. Also, a mammogram or MRI scan at that age feels like such a heavy burden to carry for a party girl, but it could save a life. And a breast, or a pair.

MRI scans are not painful, and neither are they as scary as they sound. They get to the root showing everything that the doctor needs to know about your susceptibility level. For those not genetically predisposed, the risk of breast cancer begins at 50 or after menopause. So you should book that appointment too if you fall in that age group.

Naturally, the news of Mary’s diagnosis dampened our day, but her charm reassured us. She is in remission, and she will keep going for annual checks to ensure that she stays in this safe state. Every day above the sun is a good day, right? As I head drove home that day, I made a mental note to book an MRI. I am not genetically predisposed, but caution never hurt anyone.

Beautiful in White is Stuck in My Head

We cannot help it sometimes there is a song we just heard or is commonly played over and over again in airwaves and somehow it got stuck in our mind all day. All we gotta do is keep singing it, play the song and let it out in our mind! Though it is not a very bad thing to happen, it is indeed frustrating at times.

Beautiful in White revival by Shane Filan (one of the members of popular 90’s boy band, Westlife) is soothing. First time I heard this song when someone on my Facebook list posted a live video of Shane having a concert in their area and I got hooked by how he sung the song on stage.

So I went and bought Shane’s entire album called, “Love Always”. Now, I can listen to this wedding song as long as I like without worrying about losing it since it is stored in both ipod and iphone phone in my possession.

A lyrics for you all so you can sing along if you search the song on Youtube.


Not sure if you know this
But when we first met
I got so nervous
I couldn’t speak
In that very moment
I found the one and
My life had found its
Missing piece
So as long as I live I love you
Will have and hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now ’til my very last breath
This day I’ll cherish
You look so beautiful in white
What we have is timeless
My love is endless
And with this ring, I
Say to the world
You’re my every reason
You’re all that I believe in
With all my heart, I
Mean every word
So as long as I live I love you
Will have and hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now ’til my very last breath
This day I’ll cherish
You look so beautiful in white
And if a daughter’s
what our future holds
I hope she has your eyes
Finds love like you and I did, yeah
But when she falls in love we’ll let her go
I’ll walk her down the ailse
She’ll look so beautiful in white
You look so beautiful in white
So as long as I live I love you
Will have and hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now ’til my very last breath
This day I’ll cherish
You look so beautiful in white
You look so beautiful in white

Crochet Braids for a New Look

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Wigs have become popular in the entertainment and showbiz industry simply because artists can choose their look every performance they do. Imagine if you don’t have a choice of wigs and all you have is wear the same boring hairstyle you currently have?

With divatress, you have thousands of and hair care products to choose from. One of the best you can look at are
crochet braids. So many styles to look at from teeny curl, weezy curl and so many to mention. Length sizes vary with corresponding prices as well.

Not only people who appear on tv and concerts are so into wigs but also common people nowadays opted to wear wigs. Why? Women want to look their best going to work, mothers who are out for a group date with other mothers, students who want to feel confident in their presentation at school or those that go to night event and want to stand out in the dance floor.

Gladly companies like divatress exists to cater women’s needs for wigs. If you are looking for one and don’t know which style or color you should get, I would suggest to visit them on the link provided above and start searching according to category, featured items, clearance or on the top menu to narrow your search. Enjoy and be glad you find this awesome site for wigs.


I Got My Girls Hooked Into Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga is now in our household. It is an old movie way back when I was still new here in the US. Me and my friends watched the first movie and we all liked it, since then we looked forward when the new movie came out until we all finished all four. This was back before we had children, this brings back a lot of memories in our early years here in Texas.

Fast forward five years later or more, Twilight first movie became available on Netflix. I told my girls how nice this movie is and I want them to watch it, they had no interest at first but played it in front of them anyway. Little did I know, they got hooked with it and they felt disappointed knowing the second release isn’t available on Netflix yet so, I bought them the entire collection from Amazon!

Now that we have this, we all enjoy it and watch a movie each Saturday night. The set includes the Complete Saga and is worth ten hours of watching all the blu ray and digital features that’s in it.

These girls are lucky. During those times when I was addicted to this Saga, I did not even think of buying myself the dvds.



The Health of Your Air Conditioning Unit is More Important Than You Think

If you are experiencing a major heat wave both in and outside of your home, it’s time to take notice. The excess heat you are suffering from may be the product of a fault in your air conditioning unit. Some of its internal parts may be damaged or the filter may be in desperate need of a cleaning.

It may also be that the unit itself may simply need a tuning up in order to get it back up and running again. In the meantime, one thing is certain: If you’re feeling the heat and not doing anything about it, you are not only risking your own comfort but also the health of your family members and pets.

When Your Air Conditioning Unit Goes Down, You’ll Need to Act Fast

A quick Google search for AC Repair Tomball Texas will turn up the name and number of a professionally qualified air conditioner repair service that will soon have your unit operating back at peak efficiency. This is one area of your personal comfort and well being that you cannot under any circumstances afford to skimp or cut corners on, because it not only affects your own health but that of your loved ones as well.

The best thing to do under the circumstances is to bite the bullet and make the call. The problem isn’t going to get any better if you ignore it, so you may as well go for it. The recent wave of increased temperatures virtually guarantees a breakdown in air conditioning units all across the region. It’s an excellent idea to arrange for a check up for your unit in order to be fully prepared for such an occurrence.

This Is Not a Problem That You Should Attempt to Fix By Yourself

When your air conditioning unit begins to fail, this is not a problem that you should attempt to fix via a “Do It Yourself” approach. This would be a major mistake since, unless you are a qualified air conditioning unit repair tech, you very likely do not possess the actual skills and tools needed to complete such a job.

If the main reason that is keeping you from making the call to a professional air conditioning repair service is money, you shouldn’t worry. Most jobs can be completed in a matter of hours, sometimes even minutes. Prices for repair jobs are generally quite low.

Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services Are Available in Your Area

You should be aware that professional air conditioning repair services are available in your area for you to call on in your hour of greatest need. As soon as the call is received, a service tech will come to your house in order to ascertain the problem and make a quick estimate of just how much the repair job will cost.

This is a case in which you need to consider your alternatives. If you sit back and let the problem in your air conditioning unit get progressively worse, the eventual bill for the repair will simply grow larger as time goes by. Your best bet is to make the call to a professional air conditioning unit repair service in order to get it taken care of.

High Price Slow Internet Connection

We live too far out from the town proper, the price we pay for being out here is that our internet connection sucks! It is slow, sometimes it will take me five to ten minutes to open a website with limited gb. We are allocated only 50 gb per month and paying twice the price than what we are paying for in Fort Worth.

In the city, we pay $70 per month on unlimited 100 mbps internet service. You see there is a big change there when we decided to live out here. Although the place itself is quiet, peaceful and nice, guess, we just have to put up with slow internet service then.

I can best describe it the same as the third world country like the Philippines, I have gone home several times in the past and I wasn’t happy with how behind they are in terms of technology. Out here in the country though is understandable why it is slow. It is very expensive to get that superb connection for just a few families out here, so for now, that is what we’re getting. Pablo, from exede who provided us the service told us that in three or four months, we should have an increase of our gb to 150 once the company is able to establish a satellite from above. We shall see if it is true or if it is gonna happen.

The Ferberization Method – Here’s How it Works

Getting home with your first baby can be incredibly exciting. You’ve baby proofed the house and picked out the perfect stroller. Then, after a few sleepless nights you realize that you need a plan for getting the baby to sleep.

The Ferber Method or Ferberization is a training exercise invented by Dr Robert Ferber, which encourages your little one to cry himself to sleep. Please be assured that this is in no way as terrible as it sounds. There are a number of misconceptions about this training which are mostly unfounded as parents have embraced this strategy for decades.

It’s understandable that most new parents would have fears of allowing their babies cry for long periods of time but rest assured that your baby is on a learning curve and is perfectly safe.

Before embarking on this training, ensure you seek the advice of your baby’s doctor to be certain that your baby’s respiratory system is in top condition. This exercise for most babies involves crying, and some babies cry a bit more than others.

During Ferberization, you are allowed to check in on your little one at intervals without any physical comforting.Make sure your baby is well fed, is wearing comfortable clothing and is in a safe environment before commencing training. A baby with a full tummy would sleep much better.

The time durations to let your baby “cry it out” should range from 3 to 5 minutes with a 5 minute increase each night. But it is not meant to be rigid so you are allowed to alter the time intervals to suit your baby. This training could last for a few days or even up to weeks, depending on the temperament of your little one.

If your baby is still resistant to the training after several weeks then take a break for awhile before starting again. Practise makes perfect so be ready to give up some personal sleep time to help your baby during this learning phase.

For more information on Ferberization, here’s an infographic to help you understand it better:


Undertale Books for My Girls

At first my daughters were so fond of FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) Youtube videos. They would watch tons of videos all day without getting tired of it. They would come to me and talk about this game but of course I could not relate because I am not familiar with it nor do I care to watch the videos with them. So when they speak to me, I would just hear and nod as if I understand them.

Later on, when they have watched all of the video episodes of the game they moved on to another game called “Undertale”. They know all the characters in this game just like FNAF. They are so into it that they pretend and play like one of their fave characters of the game.

My first born would accuse her little sister that she has a crush on Sans… geezzz really girl? Anyway, one time my first born came to me and asked if I could buy her at least one Undertale book. I tried looking on Amazon briefly and told her that I’m gonna do it later and that if she can ask her dada to buy her one at a local book store. They went but could not find it there so he went online and bought more than what she asked for. Spoiled girl, she got four books!

Well, it’s good though since it’s summer and to get this kid to read. There is no excuse she wouldn’t read it since she is a big fanatic of the game!

 photo undertale_zpsmlhan9zr.jpg