So RUDE of Netflix for Removing McLeod’s Daughters from Streaming

McLeod’s Daughters is probably one of the nicest shows on Netflix that I have been watching. It’s not just me who loves it but a few of my friends as well. I am on Season 4, Episode 19 and was really looking forward to continue watching it only to be dismayed one night that Netflix removed it from streaming.

What the H is going on with this company? I can’t believe how rude they treat their customers are, we pay our monthly bills for good shows and this is what we get from them? I am kind of relieved after reading tons of disappointed customers leaving their sentiments on the website URGING Netflix to put it back on streaming.

I am not alone in this, together we can make the company bring our favorite show back. As one of the customers said,
“I spoke with a customer service rep from Netflix today. He said Mcleod’s daughters would return that the company was just doing general maintenance on the program. I tried to press him for a timeline but he refused. Hope it is soon. We love the show!!!” which I hope it is just temporary and that Netflix will LISTEN to us!

Little do they know that this good show is part of my evening, I watch an episode or two each night before going to bed and how come they just took it off just like that? I don’t get it!

Here, I attached a screenshot of some of the unhappy customers about what they had to say of the recent removal of McLeod’s Daughters.

 photo 02a472b4-92a8-40c0-bc6e-1d62cd3d8238_zpsdef15afa.png

Robin Williams’ Death

Just when you thought a popular comedian and a good actor who entertained thousands from all over the world as well as the soldiers overseas was funny and happy person only you found out that news broke out all over the internet due to apparent suicide, just sent a big shock to everybody to those who love him, know him and fans of him.

I saw one of the hashtags shared by someone on Facebook yesterday of Robin’s words saying, “the saddest part of life is to end with people who make you feel alone”. How awful huh? He was known to give good laughs to people but no one knew he needed it himself and he kept it inside. Depression kills. No matter how successful people are in terms of career, financially and etc.

From the country where I came from, you wouldn’t hear suicides too often because, even though Filipinos are poor, they somehow find a way to entertain themselves. Besides, we have families, friends, peers who we can talk to with problems. You would see they always wear that smile on their faces despite of the financial crisis they face everyday. Something that I don’t see here in America.

People are busy with their work everyday that they forget how to enjoy life. Other reasons people are depressed are; they isolated or cut off from their own family, they do most of their interaction through social networks, no real face-to-face talk with their friends. Professionals, popular actors/actresses/models or not, people from all walks of life commit suicide simply because they are depressed. Where is the justice there?

People who suffer depression would go to a therapist and then be prescribed  antidepressant drugs that don’t cure the illness, they are just temporary relief  of the symptoms! Drugs make people dependent on them and make them worse!

Anyway, may you rest in peace, Robin!

                                                               (…. photo not mine… courtesy by Photobucket)

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Musical Instruments You Can Think of

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Why I am Not Interested Watching Andi – The Bachelorette Finale

Well, firstly, because I don’t like the two guys left she chose to stay at the very end. Nick is gross and Josh has a big playboy mouth! There’s a rumor that she chooses Josh but guess what? She is going to be like  one of those previous bachelorettes that broke up the engagement not long after the show. Why? Because, they are too blind to see the sincere and stable men that were there right in front of them.

I have been watching the show for years now and guess what? It’s going to be my first time to NOT watch the finale. I simply don’t like those two, period. My bets were sent home and it’s Andi’s BIG LOSS. With Josh, how is she going to manage between two clashing families in the future? Like Josh’s sister said during her hometown visit that there’s going to be a fight as to who’s going to be the priority.

My prediction would be, there’ll be hard times, plenty of it coming on their way and Andi would get tired dealing with the fights and will just call it quit!

Those that are successful and stayed in their relationship after the show is because they CHOSE the right person for them. For example, Ashley and JP, JP is a mature man and is right for her. Good thing she wasn’t blind letting JP go during her time and yes, he was one of my bets for her too.

Marcus Could be the Next Bachelor

Whoever is watching the love show on ABC called “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” can very well follow me here. The Bachelorette is on for Andi Dorfman right now and has sent home one of the two bets I have for her, Marcus of Dallas, Texas.

He got booted out of the show last Monday after hometown visit. I understand Andi isn’t there yet as Marcus loved her so much, she may have stronger feelings for the three guys and the best decision she could make was to send this gorgeous photo below.

He is a sweetheart as other fans call him which I agree. He may be out of the show now but he is loved by many viewers for his caring heart and gorgeous physique. I hope that he could be the next Bachelor and will find the love of his life. He deserves someone who can reciprocate his genuine love and surely there’ll be many will apply to date him next season. I can’t wait to find out though if he’s going to be the next bachelor. If that happens, that only means I could be seeing more of him on t.v. Yeehaw!

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A Nice Birthday Present

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Summer Show: McLeod’s Daughters

It was when we had our sleepover at a friend’s place two weekends ago that I found McLeod’s Daughters existed. Irish would stay up late every night to watch the show. While we were there for two nights, she couldn’t take a pause watching it at the same time throwing a conversation with me. I watched it wit her and I couldn’t follow the story yet I found it interesting. McLeod’s Daughters is filmed on a working property located in the Light Regional District, between the townships of Gawler and Freeling, one hour north of Adelaide.

The property, Kingsford, is surrounded by 135 acres (55ha) of farming land, which Posie Graeme-Evans refers to as “our very own backlot”.

Two things that got me interested to this show are the countryside life of the characters and the Australian accent and slang. So, when I went home after the sleepover, I began to watch it myself too starting from the very first episode on Netflix. I am still on Season 1, episode 15, way too behind from the rest but I am taking my time watching it. I should say, I am hooked now and it has now became a part of evening routine just before I go to bed.

It only got three stars on Netflix but who cares anyway? I love it a lot! Those who have plenty of spare time in the summer, I’d suggest to watch this series and see if you don’t get hooked too.

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Miss USA Candidates in their Bronze-Colored Skin

I chose to take a shot of our t.v screen last night during the Miss USA pageant in their swimwear to actually see how these American beauties look gorgeous in their bikini. White swimwear against the bronze-colored skin just matches perfectly. However though, it would have been awesome if their color was natural. As we all know, they are all just being tan-sprayed in order for their skin to look even and attractive to the eyes of the audience and to the world.

This is very much the opposite of the women in my home country. People there especially women in the Philippines view themselves as “beautiful” when they have fairer or whiter skin. Filipinos are naturally brown skin but you know, human beings seem not happy and not very much appreciative of what God has given them so they opt to use something that could change their physical appearance a little bit to the point of injecting glutathione into their body to achieve that so-called “white skin” they ever wanted.

Americans, however, spend money on getting their skin tanned. Three ways that I know to achieve tan skin is to bask themselves for long hours under the sun, get a tan spray or lay down in a tanning bed which could expose yourself to skin cancer.

I am lucky to have naturally tan skin, that I way I don’t need to do all those things mentioned above. I am also not dreaming of having that white skin for I am fairly happy in my own skin even if it means being scrutinized by my own people when I get to visit my home country, the Philippines.

 photo missUSA_zps7cbe9560.jpg

Looking for a Condo in Miami?

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I Can Type 74 Words Per Minute

For the first time, I had my first test tever at how fast I can type. I am on the computer a lot all day doing surfing the internet and most of all typing/blogging. Computer has been a part of my life for over a decade now and yes, I learned my typing skill during my chatting days.

I thought, I should type fast so that I don’t waste my time spending a couple pesos for an hour use of the computer/internet time at a cafe. My firstborn once told me that I type really fast which I agree. Doing this entry right now is so easy, all I do is come up with the words to type and put them into words here without the need to look at the keys on my laptop.

So, my typing speed resulted to 74 words per minute. The normal speed a person can type is 40-47 words per minute and I exceeded that. Weehaw. I honestly find typing to be an easy job, the problem is, the words are hard to come up especially when I blog and my brain is not cooperating.

Are you curious how fast can you type? Copy the link below and paste it on your browser.

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