Why I am Not Interested Watching Andi – The Bachelorette Finale

Well, firstly, because I don’t like the two guys left she chose to stay at the very end. Nick is gross and Josh has a big playboy mouth! There’s a rumor that she chooses Josh but guess what? She is going to be like ¬†one of those previous bachelorettes that broke up the engagement not long after the show. Why? Because, they are too blind to see the sincere and stable men that were there right in front of them.

I have been watching the show for years now and guess what? It’s going to be my first time to NOT watch the finale. I simply don’t like those two, period. My bets were sent home and it’s Andi’s BIG LOSS. With Josh, how is she going to manage between two clashing families in the future? Like Josh’s sister said during her hometown visit that there’s going to be a fight as to who’s going to be the priority.

My prediction would be, there’ll be hard times, plenty of it coming on their way and Andi would get tired dealing with the fights and will just call it quit!

Those that are successful and stayed in their relationship after the show is because they CHOSE the right person for them. For example, Ashley and JP, JP is a mature man and is right for her. Good thing she wasn’t blind letting JP go during her time and yes, he was one of my bets for her too.

Marcus Could be the Next Bachelor

Whoever is watching the love show on ABC called “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” can very well follow me here. The Bachelorette is on for Andi Dorfman right now and has sent home one of the two bets I have for her, Marcus of Dallas, Texas.

He got booted out of the show last Monday after hometown visit. I understand Andi isn’t there yet as Marcus loved her so much, she may have stronger feelings for the three guys and the best decision she could make was to send this gorgeous photo below.

He is a sweetheart as other fans call him which I agree. He may be out of the show now but he is loved by many viewers for his caring heart and gorgeous physique. I hope that he could be the next Bachelor and will find the love of his life. He deserves someone who can reciprocate his genuine love and surely there’ll be many will apply to date him next season. I can’t wait to find out though if he’s going to be the next bachelor. If that happens, that only means I could be seeing more of him on t.v. Yeehaw!

 photo marcus_zpse0aa3cd5.jpg

A Nice Birthday Present

If you are looking for something to give for a birthday celebrant, this Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder could make a great gift if he or she is a musician. He would greatly appreciate it and will be very delighted to receive one from you. Please search for it and get one here. With 37 keys and 128 user-rewritable programs, the Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder is perfect for the musician looking for a serious yet affordable synthesizer. It provides powerful synthesis with the same dual-oscillator DSP synthesis engine found in the MS2000, and offers a wider selection of waveforms than most other modeled synths. It also has an 8-band vocoder with many advanced features, a full range of effects, and a flexible arpeggiator. 2 audio inputs let you process other instruments through it. Also serves as a compact MIDI controller. Comes with its own microphone.

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Summer Show: McLeod’s Daughters

It was when we had our sleepover at a friend’s place two weekends ago that I found McLeod’s Daughters existed. Irish would stay up late every night to watch the show. While we were there for two nights, she couldn’t take a pause watching it at the same time throwing a conversation with me. I watched it wit her and I couldn’t follow the story yet I found it interesting. McLeod’s Daughters is filmed on a working property located in the Light Regional District, between the townships of Gawler and Freeling, one hour north of Adelaide.

The property, Kingsford, is surrounded by 135 acres (55ha) of farming land, which Posie Graeme-Evans refers to as “our very own backlot”.

Two things that got me interested to this show are the countryside life of the characters and the Australian accent and slang. So, when I went home after the sleepover, I began to watch it myself too starting from the very first episode on Netflix. I am still on Season 1, episode 15, way too behind from the rest but I am taking my time watching it. I should say, I am hooked now and it has now became a part of evening routine just before I go to bed.

It only got three stars on Netflix but who cares anyway? I love it a lot! Those who have plenty of spare time in the summer, I’d suggest to watch this series and see if you don’t get hooked too.

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Miss USA Candidates in their Bronze-Colored Skin

I chose to take a shot of our t.v screen last night during the Miss USA pageant in their swimwear to actually see how these American beauties look gorgeous in their bikini. White swimwear against the bronze-colored skin just matches perfectly. However though, it would have been awesome if their color was natural. As we all know, they are all just being tan-sprayed in order for their skin to look even and attractive to the eyes of the audience and to the world.

This is very much the opposite of the women in my home country. People there especially women in the Philippines view themselves as “beautiful” when they have fairer or whiter skin. Filipinos are naturally brown skin but you know, human beings seem not happy and not very much appreciative of what God has given them so they opt to use something that could change their physical appearance a little bit to the point of injecting glutathione into their body to achieve that so-called “white skin” they ever wanted.

Americans, however, spend money on getting their skin tanned. Three ways that I know to achieve tan skin is to bask themselves for long hours under the sun, get a tan spray or lay down in a tanning bed which could expose yourself to skin cancer.

I am lucky to have naturally tan skin, that I way I don’t need to do all those things mentioned above. I am also not dreaming of having that white skin for I am fairly happy in my own skin even if it means being scrutinized by my own people when I get to visit my home country, the Philippines.

 photo missUSA_zps7cbe9560.jpg

Looking for a Condo in Miami?

Are you looking for a condo, home or commercial spaces to rent in Miami, Florida? Please from here to start browsing for properties now in the Miami area. You can start searching through the most expensive homes/condos in Miami or searching by interactive map. Another option is going to their Miami Real Estate by Area on their page, that way, it makes your search easier and fast for you. You may also use their featured listing option or browse for latest pre-construction condos in Miami. Take a tour now and hope you’ll find that perfect place for you.

I Can Type 74 Words Per Minute

For the first time, I had my first test tever at how fast I can type. I am on the computer a lot all day doing surfing the internet and most of all typing/blogging. Computer has been a part of my life for over a decade now and yes, I learned my typing skill during my chatting days.

I thought, I should type fast so that I don’t waste my time spending a couple pesos for an hour use of the computer/internet time at a cafe. My firstborn once told me that I type really fast which I agree. Doing this entry right now is so easy, all I do is come up with the words to type and put them into words here without the need to look at the keys on my laptop.

So, my typing speed resulted to 74 words per minute. The normal speed a person can type is 40-47 words per minute and I exceeded that. Weehaw. I honestly find typing to be an easy job, the problem is, the words are hard to come up especially when I blog and my brain is not cooperating.

Are you curious how fast can you type? Copy the link below and paste it on your browser.

 photo type_zps610525c6.png

Renting a Photo Booth for Your Bash

If you are looking for a unique and fun way for your guests to have a good time and enjoy your party, a photo booth rental in Utah can liven up any event that you are throwing.

It’s Picture Perfect

When hosting or throwing a bash, your number one goal is to make sure that all of your guests are entertained and having a blast. Some parties can get very boring, especially if there is nothing to do or if the entertainment seems old and dull. If you are a bold and adventurous person and you have friends that live life just the way you do, rent a photo booth for your next big event. Your family and friends will be amazed at how much fun they will have, and it will keep everyone entertained and in a good mood for hours.

Please Say Cheese

A photo booth rental can be placed in any area of your party. It may be a good way for guests to mingle and get to know one another at the beginning of your bash, so the front entrance is a good spot. Guests can climb into the booth, pull the curtain, and make as many funny and crazy faces as they can imagine. At the end of the session, they will have the chance to look at and keep a copy of their pictures. You can also have a set of funny smiling faces that you know. Messages can also be written on the back of the pictures so that you can place a name with a face or feel giddy while reading a wonderful note from someone that you care about. This is a great piece of equipment to have at a wedding reception or at a birthday party. Your guests can take time to pose and smile just how they want to. Most rentals are quite affordable and everyone will have a great time using it.

A Bright Flash

Before you hire a band or singer for your next large event, think about a photo booth rental in Utah. This will entertain you and your guests for hours and everyone can have fun while snapping silly and memorable photos for you.

Too Classic, Too Old and It’s Not for Me

Somebody just shared this on to her Facebook wall, that’s how I see it and listened the entire Visayan classic love song. It is titled “Balik Intawn Akong Pinangga” in English “Come Back to Me Love” by Rosalie Robles. Although it may sound very good to the ears but I can’t stand listening to it again and among other old and classic Visayan love songs because they make me feel homesick. And when I get homesick, I get crazy. The only cure for it is to fly and visit my hometown in the Philippines.

Yes, I am that expensive once homesickness attacks me, so as much as possible I try to dodge songs like this. I can listen to other songs that are fun to listen like the collection I have on my ipod by Max Surban. His songs always make me laugh again and again whenever I start playing it.

Max Surban’s songs were popular when I was growing up due to its funny lyrics that everybody can relate, people of all ages love listening to him on the radio every Sunday. I for one! If you are looking to download Max Surban’s Yoyoy’s and other comedian singers, you may very well search for them on itunes for that’s where I bought mine.

… video not mine. I don’t own it. I am just sharing it here so my readers can relate.

My New Walking Companion, a Digital Pocket Pedometer from Ozeri

Here is a new item I received from an awesome company called Ozeri to review for an exchange of my honest opinion about the product. It is with pleasure letting my readers know what I am about to say with my new walking companion, an Ozeri 4x3motionTM Digital Pocket Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology which I have used twice already. I am very pleased with it, actually.

It came in a nicely packaged box. It also came with a user’s manual and a free neck strap. This is the first digital pocket pedometer I own and boy I am pleased with how this little thing works. I never had any idea how many steps did I make every time I go out there and do my walking exercises and not to mention the calorie I burn whenever I do that. But with the help of this high-tech pocket pedometer, I can now keep track how many steps I have taken and the calories I burned.

I should say, it is a must-have item for everybody for it encourages us to do more exercise and most of all enjoy the outdoors. I am not a runner myself but I sure do appreciate this thing and for me it is very helpful to me so that I can keep a record of the work I’ve done.

If you are looking to buying a pedometer of this kind, you can check it out at Amazon. Currently sells for $15.95 and eligible for PRIME members free shipping.

Ozeri digital pocket pedometer is easy to set up and use. Once you are ready to go out and run or walk, hang it in your neck and it starts counting your steps as soon as it detects your movement. It also is very smart for it goes to sleep when you put it down or when there are no movements detected or it stops recording steps when you stop.

Please check out Ozeri.com for more awesome digital products you might like. Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of lifestyle digital products for the modern home.

 photo step_zps6b4a0c34.jpg
…… here’s a record of my steps until I am done and the date I did this morning.

 photo step1_zps1c70160b.jpg
… photo above is the total number of calories burned. Not a significant number but I strive to do my walking exercise as often as I can in order to be fit and to feel good.
 photo step2_zpsb78ee49e.jpg

… it was so beautiful that the temperature/weather motivated me to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Thanks to my companion my secondborn and our cute dog for walking with me too.