Classical Acoustic Guitar

One of the many things I plan of doing when we are able to go for a vacation in my home country this year is to let one of my girls enroll to a music lesson, I contacted someone who can do it for her and hopefully, she will learn basic guitar. There is nothing like having a child that can play a guitar and buys her a classical acoustic guitar in the future. I have high hopes for my first born. She is smart, she learns pretty fast and learning how to play a musical instrument wouldn’t be a problem to her, I believe.

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Chris Soules Picked Whitney, I Liked Her

I love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows. Although for some, think they are fake. When I do like someone, I follow him or her. Chris Soules, I liked him as a person he is and I am glad he picked Whitney over Becca. He was smitten by Becca, yes but Whitney was all in and was ready for a big change of her life. She seemed genuine and sincere. All I can hope is that, their relationship will work out fine and be married for a long time just like my favorite couples in the past shows.

Couples I liked got married and are now happy in real life. These couples are Sean and Catherine, Desiree and Chris, Ashley and JP… hopefully, Chris and Whitney will be one of them who entered into the show and successfully found what they were looking for.

The couples I didn’t like were Juan Pablo/Nicky, Ben/Courtney, Emily/Jeff, Jake/Vienna, Andy/Josh all split up in just a matter of short period of time after the reality shows ended. Why? Because, these people I believe were fake and just for the publicity and fame’s sake why they got into the show. Also, strong and different personalities of the partners they chose to pick play a big factor as to why their relationships did not succeed.

The most shocking event I cannot forget and will never forget was of Andy and Josh, they were acting as if inlove, so into each other together during the Premiere of that event on t.v sometime in 2014 and then two days after they publicly announced that they have broken up. Yucks!

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88 MIDI Controller

You will be impressed with this 88 key midi controller shown on the link here, it received a five star from its first reviewer. For $650, you will get yourself a superior piece of musical instrument that you are going to love for long. The Studiologic SL-990 PRO features an 88-key weighted, velocity-sensitive, hammer-action keyboard with beautiful ivory finished keys and constant strike force action for true piano feel. Check it out!

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Join Swagbucks for Cash

Embedded screenshot below is probably the highest points I earned on Swagbucks. I earned this points by searching words or phrases using their toolbar.

If you want extra cash while staying at home, I would recommend you to join Swagbucks to earn points. The points will then be converted into cash to your Paypal account or gift cards of your favorite shopping store. I always prefer Paypal and use the earned money to send  to my family in the Philippines.

If you join the fun, for every 2,500 points you save up, it could give you $25 Paypal cash or gift card. What are you waiting for? Click on the links above and start earning points.

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I Get Cashback Shopping Online

It’s that time again when people start shopping for Black Friday deals. Hundreds of stores started their Black Friday sales a week early. If you are one of those who shop online, it is just wise for you to earn a cash back every time you purchase something on the internet, here you can use this link for ebates cashback online sign up. I have been using this website since 2011 and earned $146.87 total of cash back since I became a member.

Easy to make an account and it’s easy to use. When you think of shopping online, all you have to do is open the website and search for your favorite store, ebates will open a new window for you with your exclusive trace code, once the item has shipped, they’ll credit the cash back to your account.

Once you set up your account, DO NOT forget to check out through ebates to earn your cash back. It’s that simple. It is the only website I can recommend to you all to get paid when shopping. Who doesn’t want a cash back? I do very much!

As a proof that it is legitimate, I embedded a screenshot of my earning on ebates. I am a real customer and happy every time I receive my payment thru Paypal. You should sign up too and avail cash backs when you shop online. Most of the time, I prefer to just shop online when stores offer free shipping rather than going to the store, not only it saves me gas, it also gives me some money back.

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Pencil Drawer

If there is one place in the house that is messy and has a lot of paper and all kinds of stuff scattered on the desk, it is in the study where my husband’s desk is. It is a multi purpose desk, our 6 year old girl also uses this desk for her drawing and cut out papers. Every time she does that, she leaves a big mess and pencils laying all over the place. We are using an ancient desk and therefore, needs an additional compartment like a pencil drawer to keep all pencils and pens in one place.

This pencil drawer is ideal for new desks you are making or retrofitting into an existing desk that does not have the convenience of a pencil drawer. It mounts directly to the bottom of the desktop with the 4 included mounting brackets. If you have a lip on the front of your desk, it may be necessary to block down so that the mounting point of the pencil drawer is flush with the bottom of the lip.

“Two Wives” November 4 Episode Trended Worldwide

I am not much of a soap-opera person but I am following the only Filipino tv show “Two Wives” I am interested watching. This is the only thing I look forward to watching every afternoon even though it is thought-provoking series. As it goes on, I can’t help but be furious of the story especially last November 4 episode when Yvonne pleaded for her husband to come back and not leave her while she was down on her knees.

That is just unbelievable that directors and whoever they are behind this series, they make it look like the real wife is a loser and a martyr. This only shows a wife’s weakness instead the mistress should be the one pleading.

If I was the one who got betrayed by my husband in real life, there is no way I would do that like in the series, it is clear that once a husband cheated on his wife it means he doesn’t love her nor respect her anymore, so what’s the use of keeping him in my life?

MANILA – A pleading Kaye Abad in “Two Wives” stirred buzz online on Tuesday, making the primetime series a worldwide trend on Twitter.

In the November 4 episode of “Two Wives,” a desperate Yvonne (Abad) asked her husband, Victor (Jason Abalos), not to leave her and their son for Janine (Erich Gonzales), his mistress.

Kneeling at one point, Yvonne even asked forgiveness from her husband for saying hurtful things when she first found out about his infidelity. Unmoved, Victor left and sped off in his car. Yvonne ran after him, only to end up on her knees out on the street.

The dramatic scene drew strong reactions from viewers online, with some feeling sorry for Abad’s character and others expressing their anger at Victor. There were also netizens who said they could not wait for Yvonne’s transformation and revenge. You can read more and watch the video on ABS CBN link here.

New on Ebola in Dallas

I heard this on the news this morning asap I turned on the t.v. Great news for everyone here in North Texas. Watching constant monitoring of this deadly disease scares people to their core. But hearing things like this is a change. Hopefully they are sending out the correct information with no relapse. I am praying too that those two nurses who contracted Ebola from taking care of Duncun will get healed from this illness and Ebola will vanish in this country.

Scary it is because I don’t want to die with this kind of disease without fighting. I’d rather be fighting with zombies and get bitten rather than contracting Ebola.

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One That Plays a Guitar

I call a person who can play a guitar or any kind of musical instruments is a talented person. Because, not all people were born to be given a talent like that although playing an instrument can be learned and studied. If you have a guitarist in your family or you know anyone who can play one, guess, one of his wishlists right now would be to own one of these EVH Guitars shown on the link provided. Start saving now for that very guitar you give out to the one that matters to you this Christmas!

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Enjoying Season 4 of The Walking Dead

While most The Walking Dead viewers are enjoying the most exciting first episode of season 5, we, on the other hand are savoring season 4 episodes. Once we turn on Netflix and watch this show, the entire family including the children and the dog is assured to sit on the chair and crowding the t.v room. Yes, that’s how captivating it is for us!

I asked one night from the husband if we can watch one episode of it and he refused for he needed to finish that long boring movie on DVD of his first, besides, he doesn’t want to watch the rest of the unseen episodes of The Walking dad fast for he doesn’t want it to be over too soon. He has a point there. When I love the show very much, I want to watch it slow.

I just don’t understand Netflix why it would take them ages before they could put the next season soon. That would make us so far behind of what is currently showing. Sadly, we don’t have a cable tv service so we don’t have much of a choice but wait.